Upon returning to the hot spring, the four of them were about to change into pajamas. Doubtfully, she stared at Ye Cang’s naked back.

When they returned to their rooms, Xie Yu’er’s mind was drifting away as she accompanied the two of them to watch a midnight XX show. Yet, seeing Ye Cang playing with the ring on his chest, she asked. “Team leader, to be honest, in your eyes, where is my level?”

“Hmm...not too bad. Almost the same as Zhao Xinru but slightly stronger.” Ye Cang raised his head and answered after giving it a thought.

“That’s not what I meant. I’m not asking for a comparison. If you use your full strength, I…” Ye Cang then interrupted Xie Yu’er sentence with a smile. “You won’t wish to see my full strength. Okay, that’s it. Don’t think too much. Watch the drama. Little Mi is about to trick her sisters to get promoted.”

Words were about to blurt out from her mouth but she stopped. He is right. It is useless to think so much. She yawned as Lin Le’s voice was heard. “Help me to scratch my butt. It is itchy.”


At  midnight, Ye Cang switched off the television as the two of them fell asleep. He covered them with a blanket and stood at the balcony, watching the night scenery of Imperial city. Even though it was midnight, the lights were still on as if it was an endless neon dragon. He opened a can of beer and started drinking while enjoying the colorful night scenery. Just then, there was a light faraway which caused Ye Cang to raise his eyebrows. With a leap, he disappeared in the night sky.

In the industrial area, Qing Yun was covering a wound on her shoulder. With a face filled with blood, she was exhaustedly retreating. She sighed as she stared at the red man-like beast slaughtering, shooting red giant stings and killing numerous people. Never thought that it would be an S ranked mutant blood beast. This is unexpected. Looks like I’m about to die here. I should have asked white-haired to come along.

Seeing the giant beast was about to head to the market area, Qing Yun used her last energy to lift her hand. An ice spear pierced right into its back. She then exhaustedly leaned against the wall, panting really hard. Streams of blood were running down her cheek, painting her eyes red. As she saw the giant beast stomping towards her angrily and the incoming bloody mouth of its, she gradually closed her eyes. I’m just hoping to delay for as much time as possible.

In her mind, scenes of her happy childhood and the partners she had lost after joining the Dragon Group flashed through. She even recalled how frightened she was when she carried out her first infiltrate mission. As she thought about it, a stream of warm flow surged through her body all of a sudden. A familiar voice appeared out of nowhere. “Falling asleep?”

Qing Yun tried very hard to open her eyes. Yet, what she saw was Ye Cang preventing the mouth from closing while him being inside. Blood was everywhere on his body and there was a hole at its mouth. She could not describe how shocked she felt.

As the beast hummed angrily, a strong wind blew up Qing Yun’s long hair. Seeing the thin and skinny shadow, she did not know why but felt safe. 

Ye Cang walked out of the mouth and in a flash, he turned around and kicked the beast. The beast was sent flying and sounds of bones cracking were heard when he hit it.

With the beast flying like a bullet, Ye Cang tilted his head and reached out his hand as if he was grabbing something in thin air. The giant beast then stopped moving and floated in mid-air. Slowly, Ye Cang clenched his hand. Qing Yun saw the beast was somewhat being squeezed by an invisible hand in mid-air.

As Ye Cang’s hand turned into a fist, the giant beast instantly exploded into meat patties, splattering everywhere. Staring at the flash on the floor, he knocked his hands and pouted. Now, I’ve tried Psychokinetic Squeeze. Indeed, it doesn’t suit me. It isn’t as effective as slashing it directly. It is draining energy too.

Qing Yun was dumbfounded. Deep down inside, she knew how great Ye Cang's killing ability was. Yet, when she saw how scary the Psychokinetic Squeeze was, she did not know how to react. All she could do was just smiling bitterly at Ye Cang who was in his pajamas. When she thought of the numbers of comrades she lost in this battle, she felt sorrow. To this man in front of me, it was just something simple. I have seen many slaughterers but none like him. He gives one a calm feeling instead of a hunger for blood and killing.

Ye Cang helped her to get up and started to heal her with the change of energy. Qing Yun gasped. She who was losing her consciousness was now energetic. Yet, the bone-piercing pain made her biting her own purse, not wanting to scream out loud.

As the wounds got better, Ye Cang let go of Qing Yun.

Qing Yun was covered in sweat but felt relaxed. Her purse fell as she opened her mouth. Swiftly, Ye Cang took all the stuff inside except for her identification card. Without being noticed, he placed it back to the trajectory where it was falling. The purse then continued to fall on her legs. “Since everything was alright, I should be going. Tell Ren Long that he owes me another favor. Oh yeah, I found a fragment of the Key of Void in one of 10,000 Souls’ hideout. Hehe. So lucky.”

Upon finishing his sentence, he left. Qing Yun smiled bitterly. She was aware that the fragment of the Key of Void has been lost. She then reported the battle situation and the Key of Void’s matter to Ren Long through a call. Ren Long facepalmed. “God damn it! I knew something was not right when I heard nothing from 10,000 Souls. Can’t believe he took it. But you’re lucky that you met that idiot white-haired.”

“His psychokinesis is incredible. The blood beast was…” Ren Long swung his hands, stopping Qing Yun from continuing to talk. “We’ll talk about it when you return.”

Ren Long canceled the call. He then recalled the first time he met Ye Cang. He was covered with blood while slashing the soulstealer - Marlo into pieces. Again and again. Every time the soulstealer was killed once, his combat ability increased while it also became thinner after every death. White-haired’s regeneration ability was so strong that it was scary. He could even recover those meat patties at a fast speed as if he was a vengeful spirit which never dies or distinguishes. At last, he crushed the soulstealer. Upon thinking about it, Ren Long sighed. The scene of Ye Cang hugging a girl who was tortured by the soulstealer and crying out loud was still fresh in his mind. 

Red Dragoness then sighed and called Ye Cang. “Return?”

“Not returning.” Ye Cang laughed.

“Then, keep it properly.” Red Dragoness ended the call. Maybe this fragment is safer with him. Upon arriving at the bathroom, she stared at the scar in the middle of her chest. It was so obvious as if someone used a blade to open her chest in the past. She touched the scar. That fella is indeed horrible.

As the call was ended, Ye Cang stared at the ring at his chest. The Key of Void. He felt something was surging through his body as if it was part of his body, giving out a kind of resonance. He grabbed the ring in his palms and turned around to look at the wonderful Star of Wishes that was about to touch the sky. (It is a landmark in Imperial city. A light energy tower. It was the centered Star of Accumulating Energy, designed by Atlantis. It supplies energy to the entire city. The other light energy towers are smaller than this.) The diamond-shaped floating crystal was as if a gigantic and shining eye of crystal was staring at the entire Imperial city in the sky.