Lin Hai. Ye Cang’s little house by the beach.

Lin Le was excitedly explaining how Ye Cang and he helped OldWang to gain Little Jade’s heart and how grateful OldWang and Little Jade were to them. Fang Ci and SpyingBlade were smiling bitterly, guessing that OldWang and Little Jade wanted to die. 

“Let’s get online.” Ye Cang logged into the game.

The preparation to attack Thousand Peak Mountain were completed. Ye Cang then gathered all the forces from Black Rock and White Stone City to Goddess City. At the Goddess Square, the three goddesses descended upon Ye Cang’s request. 

“Warriors! The time to liberate Thousand Peak Mountain has come!” The three goddesses shouted together. Three types of energy then combined into one spiraling green light beam and shot right into the sky. Moments later, it turned into rain and poured upon them. 

“Congratulations, you’ve received the goddess’ blessing. All attributes +25%, nature resistance +30%, Defence +50. Health and mana recovery speed are greatly increased!”

CloudDragon took a look at his status. This status can last for 5 days, the type of status that would still remain after death. He then felt reassured. 

“For the glory of goddesses! Our target! Thousand Peak Mountain! Let’s go!” Ye Cang drew his cooking knife out and pointed at the Thousand Peak Mountain.

ThornyRose sighed. This fella is just responsible for instigating the crowd, logistics, and some supply affairs. Other than that, he doesn’t care. Who on earth would use a cooking knife as the commander’s weapon to initiate the signal? *Sigh*

Staring at the large size of the army, MaroonRed was shocked. There are too many incredible players. So, China is this strong?

Ye Cang ordered the people of Familia tribe to lead the way since they were more familiar with that area. Following the army, Ye Cang, Lin Le, Zhang Zhengxiong, and the others did not forget their original career in the game. They then started to earn money. The handcart had turned into a mobile shop. Ye Cang was creating ingredients, Zhang Zhengxiong was promoting crystal inlaying while Lin Le was holding some dangerous chemicals that looked like beverages and shouting people to buy. Meanwhile, FrozenCloud and Little Ye Tian were hitting pots and pans to promote their items. They looked like some sales sisters. In order to improve her talent, Wu Na also joined the promoting team. On the other hand, Fang Ci and SpyingBlade were sticking to each other like a gay couple. Yet, OldWang and AV were the ones who had nothing to do. They stared at SpyingBlade and Fang Ci.

“I feel pity for sister-in-law Gongsun Qian.”

“Who doesn’t” 

“By the way, I heard that you and Little Jade f*cked together?”

“God damn it! Is this how you describe others?! What do you mean by f*cked together?! Anyway, OldAV, mind sponsoring your brother which is me a little…” 

“Eh? I think boss is calling me. I better go and have a look!” 

In a flash, AV ran away.

“This son of a b*tch.” OldWang rolled his eyes. Looks like I can only rely on senior Yu’er.

OldWang wiped his sweat as he saw people fainting one by one at Ye Cang’s side. As the army moved forward, ‘corpses’ were lying on the floor one after another. When the ‘corpses’ which fainted at the beginning woke up, they immediately chased after the large troop. The cycle continued. Thank God that the Pork Ball’s effect still lasts.

The entrance of Thousand Peak Mountain.

After killing the One-eyed Ogre in the outer area, they started to establish their tents. Then, they launched the final attack when they were done with the logistics. As they got deeper into the Thousand Peak Mountain, the number and difficulty level of One-eyed Ogres increased. Even many of the deep abyss elite-ranked tribes appeared. CloudDragon and the others were cautious. After many discussions, they came to a conclusion. When the final attack started, Zhang Zhengxiong and Little Ye Tian must be prepared with their auras and blessings. Meanwhile, the long-ranged troops would be constantly finding a covered place or high grounds to launch their attacks.

Ye Cang assigned Little Blue Feather to fly in. Through the Eagle Eye, he observed the overall landscape. Because of the multiple stalactites in the cave, his view was mostly blocked. 

Seeing that there were tens of green giant One-eyed Ogres carrying sharp rock pillars as if those were spears, he quickly ordered Little Blue Feather to fly back. Dodging all the spears, it safely escaped the dangerous place.

Ye Cang briefed them about the situation inside and NalanPureSoul and the others considered about it. They thought that the landscape was messy. Once the battle started, it would be chaotic and the attacks could not be accumulated together. Yet, there were some advantages of the messy landscape. There were many obstacles for them to take cover. The tankers could block the routes and would not scatter easily. Hence, the tanker would be the frontlines. Mad War and Lord’s Reign had the most tankers. With Shaking Bear, VastSea, and LordAsked leading the team, it would be fine. However, there was more than one route in it so LordAsked suggested dividing the army. Meanwhile, CloudDragon felt that the army could at most be divided into two. Yet, NalanPureSoul did not agree with dividing the team.

In the strategy meeting, Ye Cang did not have much to say as he only watched them argue. ThornyRose’s opinions were more or less the same as NalanPureSoul’s. However, at this time, it would be best if Ye Cang could say something because he was the most qualified one to make a decision. FrozenBlood then pushed ThornyRose’s waist. “Hasn’t your husband anything to say?” 

ThornyRose almost fell off from the chair. Damn it! Can you not be so shameless? I don’t even f*cking dare to call him in that way. Who are you to say it so calmly? She rolled her eyes against FrozenBlood and whispered to Ye Cang. “Your opinion?”

Everyone then stared at Ye Cang and the others.

Lin Le who was happily counting his bonus earned from the cart lost count as he was being stared at by them. He then pouted and looked angry. “What are you guys looking at?! Didn’t you guys see Brother Le was counting money?! Because of you guys, I lost count! Now, I need to recount!”

“......” Everyone was speechless.

“I agree with Lil’swordfighting’s suggestion. Don’t divide the troop. There are too many things which we don’t know. Take it slow. Worst case scenario would be that we retreat and attack again.” Ye Cang said.

LordAsked pouted but he did not reject the decision. Since the experience gained from fighting alone had not much difference with distributing evenly, it would be safer to not divide the troop. 

The other troop leaders had no objections too. They then went to prepare as they would launch their final attack at dawn. 

At the camping area, Ye Cang stared at the fire, daydreaming. Lin Le was still counting the money. Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong, OldWang and the other were talking about some disgusting topics. FrozenCloud was rolling her eyes against them. These perverted fellas. She then turned around to see sparks of love between SpyingBlade and Fang Ci as they had been sticking to each other for around 24 hours. SpyingBlade and Fang Ci felt something was not right and they looked at FrozenCloud. She was staring at them with an aww-so-lovely expression. They could not describe how they felt. What does that expression suppose to mean?

“About the matters with WarSoul, I have an idea!” Fang Ci put his arms around SpyingBlade and whispered in his ears. Their actions were so cringy.

ThornyRose also noticed. Doubtfully, she thought. Sister Qian, your loved one… *Sigh* She turned to see Ye Cang staring at the fire, daydreaming. Just when she was about to confront him, FrozenBlood hugged Ye Cang around his shoulders. “Darling.”

Ye Cang nodded calmly. “Honey.”

“......” ThornyRose was speechless.