ThornyRose was pissed when she saw FrozenBlood shamelessly fell into Ye Cang’s embrace, especially when Ye Cang called her ‘honey’.

Immediately, ThornyRose pulled FrozenBlood away. “Be careful.”

Then, she made her sit beside her. 

Everyone was chit-chatting around the fire. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

“Let’s eat some supper.” Ye Cang’s words instantly ruined the mood.

“Never mind, it is alright. Don’t waste your ingredients. We still have the buff!”

“That’s right. That’s right.”

Everyone quickly rejected his offer. Ye Cang thought that everyone was being polite so he shrugged his shoulders. “Alright then…”

Not finishing his sentence, Ye Cang suddenly frowned. He stood up and stared at the cave. He then summoned Little Blue Feather and connected its vision to his. Deep inside the pitch-black cave, at high ground, there was a pair of eyes opened wide. It was shining with blood-red light as if it was a lighthouse.


As the thunder-like roar sounded, Ye Cang felt dizzy. He quickly canceled the vision connection and shouted. “Prepare for battle! They are going to attack us! Just now that roar meant charge!”

ThornyRose immediately passed down orders.

The entire camp had entered into emergency status. Zhang Zhengxiong, LordAsked, VastSea, ThornyRose, and the other tankers were standing in front of the entrance, waiting for the enemy.

LordAsked shouted as he felt the tremble on the ground. “Be prepared! Quick! Those whose ultimate is the status-enhancing kind, activate it now! We must not lose the first wave!”

“Plant users! Flower users! Summoners! Mages! All those who can summon creatures, start summoning!” On a high hill behind the troop, NalanPureSoul who led the magic team gave out the orders while summoning his Flame Demon.

At the right wing, Lin Le and his small team were prepared to create a sea of fire to block their routes.

On the other hand, Little Ye Tian cast blessing on Zhang Zhengxiong and the others. She was staying with the second team, preparing to activate the Tide of Moon. Meanwhile, Ye Cang was standing in the middle of the troop and raising his hand high to prepare to launch his tactics abilities. 

Tens of sharp rock pillars were shot out from the cave. With a roar, Zhang Zhengxiong knocked off one with his arms. Yet, the rock pillar flew away and hit ThornyRose. She was instantly killed. The remaining assassins and mages gasped. He could even block such an attack? Just how strong is he?! However, LordAsked and VastSea were dodging the pillars by moving left and right or blocking with skills.

“Here they come!” LordAsked raised his eyebrows. Upon finished saying, tens of 10-meters tall elite One-eyed Ogres rushed out to the bombarding area.

“Toss it!” In madness, Lin Le threw everything at the entrance like a terrorist. Instantly, the fire covered the whole entrance. Staring at Lin Le who was hiding on the rock pillars, LordAsked gave it a thought. The three brothers, none of them can be left out. The explosive items made by this fella are really useful.

Despite the fire burning, the One-eyed Orges were still dashing out crazily. Not long after, they had reached the army.

“Hold it! We must not let them break our defense and kill the ones behind! Don’t you guys f*cking dare take a step back!” LordAsked shouted as he moved forward, holding his shield. He took a side step and dodged the giant’s hand attack. With a swift motion, he turned around and hit its knees. The One-eyed Ogre which was dashing suddenly slipped and LordAsked jumped to its back. Aiming at its brain, he pierced right into it with the sword filled with qi.

“Slam!” Zhang Zhengxiong clashed with it, roaring out loud. The monster was knocked down to the ground and Zhang Zhengxiong swung his head after taking a few steps back. Then, he continued to block the other ogres.

“Tactics - Pursuit - Powerful Attack!” Ye Cang activated his tactic abilities. Zhang Zhengxiong, LordAsked, CloudDragon, and the others felt strong at an instant.

“Tide of Moon!” Little Ye Tian finished casting.

The clouds in the sky scattered and a bright clear moon appeared. The bright moonlight shined upon them and the sound of a water droplet was heard. All their attributes were increased! The next hit was critical!

At an instant, the summoned tanky creatures played a useful role. OldWang’s mud giant blocked a few ogres with its mud art while the treant’s veins managed to create a defense that blocked their dash.

On the other side, Lin Le and YellowSpring looked at each other. Together, they led the assault team and entered the battlefield from the wings. With a leap, Lin Le stepped on the ogre’s shoulder and swung his giant blade. Finishing strike! Successful! With the critical hit from Tide of Moon, he chopped the ogre’s head away. YellowSpring was dumbfounded. WTF was that damage?! FrozenBlood, SpyingBlade, and the other assassins came to the second line of defense, preparing to block those that managed to slip through the first line of defence so that the long-ranged people could constantly fire at the entrance.

Ye Cang was observing the situation. Looks like we need to stop their attack from the entrance so that we can clear this wave off and get ready for the next. “Nana and the Black whatsoever, get a team of ice elemental mages who have landscape creating skills. Bring them to create ice pillars and walls to delay their attacks. FrozenCloud, take a team of men to cover them. Besides, Brother PureSoul…”

As their eyes met, it was as if waves of electric current sparked between them. They looked at each other deeply. At the side, Wu Na didn’t feel right when she saw it. BlackIce wanted to sneer at Wu Na. But then, when she saw the two of them staring each other deeply and lovely, she shivered. “Let’s go! Delay no more!”

Wu Na followed up.

Under NalanPureSoul’s commands, rain of fire shots was launched at the entrance. He reached out his hands and clenched. A second massive explosion occurred and numerous cries and screams were heard. Meanwhile, those that managed to run out were blocked by the ice mages’ ice pillars and walls. As the blizzard was unleashed, Ye Cang also clenched his palms in thin air. The ice exploded like a gigantic ice flower. It was beautiful and mesmerizing. 

Even though the skills were strong, their mana costs were proportional to the size of the attack. The bigger the area, the greater the mana used. The two of them instantly lost most of their mana. They then sat down and started drinking the magic water, chit-chatting.

Seeing the fire and ice explosion, CloudDragon smashed his hands in an ogre’s eye as if his hands were blades. He then saw Ye Cang and NalanPureSoul were recovering mana. Looks like those two skills cost a lot of mana. 

“Little swordfighting, tell me the truth.” Ye Cang put down the Water Source Tortem and continued to drink his water. 

“What truth?” NalanPureSoul slightly raised his eyebrow and continued to drink the water as well.

“How big is your d*ck?” Ye Cang’s words almost cause NalanPureSoul to split the water out. “*Cough* *Cough*”

“It is none of your business.” NalanPureSoul replied frustratedly.

“We still need to swordfight in the future. So, it is better to know each other more as it is beneficial. You have seen my one-meter weapon but yours is still mysterious. I couldn’t help but keep thinking about it.” Ye Cang said as if he was righteous. 

“......” NalanPureSoul’s mouth was opened wide because he did not know what to answer anymore. He then decided to remain silent. “Can we skip this topic?”

“Nope.” Ye Cang shook his head. 

Just how lame are you?! NalanPureSoul rolled his eyes. Yet, he blushed upon thinking about Ye Cang’s body. “Okay. Okay. Let’s not talk about this anymore. The first and second line are battling now. The people behind were also exhausted as they were recovering. Shouldn’t you help them out?”

“Don’t try to change the topic.” Ye Cang pointed at NalanPureSoul’s crotch.

“......Er…” NalanPureSoul.