“Hehe, I’m just kidding. Nevermind then since we are friends of swordfighting. Sometimes, nothing can be turned into something and something can be turned into nothing…” NalanPureSoul was not very happy about what Ye Cang said. Yet, he heaved a sigh of relief as he managed to skip the topic.

“It is invisible right?” Ye Cang suddenly asked and NalanPureSoul’s legs felt weak and he fell down. Ye Cang went to help but it ended up with NalanPureSoul sitting on his laps. The two of them were looking at each other. Just then, ThornyRose was curious. What is that low life doing? He should have recovered most of his mana by now! As she turned around, she was so angry as if a volcano was about to erupt. Motherf*cker! I’m using my life to fight these One-eyed Ogres and yet you are flirting with girls behind me?! Wait, no. You’re f*cking flirting with a guy! She then immediately shouted. “Quick! Support them! Don’t take your own sweet time there!”

The two of them were still staring at each other as if they were isolated from what was happening in their surrounding. They looked like some couples who totally ignored the battle situation and stared at each other lovely. FrozenBlood helped ThornyRose to chop the leg of the ogre and said with a sad tone. “Just how confident are you to fight Ye Cang’s love with NalanPureSoul? If the opponent is always you, then everything is so easy… *sigh*” 

ThornyRose was so pissed that she could not even say a thing.

NalanPureSoul blushed and immediately got up. Ye Cang also slowly got up embarrassedly. As waves of water current swirled at his palms, Ye Cang started to cast one of his ultimate - Healing Tide. LordAsked suddenly felt that the floor was getting wetter. Just when he was about to retreat, Zhang Zhengxiong shouted. “It’s my brother’s healing skill! Charge!”

With a flying kick, CloudDragon hit the chin of the elite ogre. In mid-air, he used the momentum to flip and landed in Ye Cang’s skill’s coverage area like a swallow flying back to its nest. He slightly stomped the bubbles below his feet. It’s here! However, he remembered how evil Ye Cang was as Ye Cang often used his own allies as bait and killed both enemies and allies together. Hope this idiot isn’t tricking us this time.

As Ye Cang raised his palms, light blue waves flowed out. The tides were splashing everyone in a circular way.

LordAsked felt that his health points were recovering and the ogres were splashed away by the waves. What a skill that damages enemies and healing oneself. Its area is quite wide too.

After finished casting, Ye Cang quickly took out his ballista, turning himself into a long-range shooter. As the ballista was loaded, he shot the eyes of the ogres. He was indeed the giant hunter. Because the guns did not have enough armor penetration to fight against these monsters, it would be better to use the ballista.

The battle was slowly stopped and most of the ogres were killed. Staring at the ice lotus and the sea of flames at the entrance, ThornyRose had a thought. When the ice lotus is completely broken and the ice mages could not hold them back anymore, we would be ready for the second wave.

Staring at the entrance, Zhang Zhengxiong had a bad feeling about it. He who was originally on his stomach immediately got up. “Retreat!”


The iced lotus was instantly shattered into numerous pieces. Some of the frozen ogres were knocked away and a 30-meter giant One-eyed Ogre rushed out. It had a light blue eye and sharp teeth. Its skin was brown in color like some hard leather. In its hand was a giant mineral stick which was almost as long as his height.

Ye Cang immediately identified it.

King Kong  Ogre - Barla (Special field - Abyss - Leader): King Kong Ogre, the royal bloodline among the ogres. Born with godly strength and extreme hunger for blood. Its skin is even harder than metal and could withstand most of the assaults. It has an excellent magic resistance as it could resist most of the low-level magic and some middle-level magic. It’s an extremely scary creature. However, it has the same weakness as most of the One-eyed Ogres. Its eye is its only weakness. But, friends, it is not easy to attack its eye yo~

Ye Cang frowned. He quickly shot at its light blue eye when it had not yet landed. 

It could be seen that Barla’s pupil contracted and the arrow flew away as soon as it hit. Ye Cang then realized how hard it was. As long as its pupil contracted, the density of its eyes would change. Whenever creatures sense danger, their pupils would subconsciously contract. It is almost impossible to hit his eye before it contracts unless the attack is traveling at a speed where its eye could not detect it. He knew that this battle was going to be hard when he saw numerous magic bullets and arrows were shot but made no effect. It was impossible for them to break, not to mention, they did not even cause a scratch on it. Looks like it could block all the skills of a mage.

Seeing the shadow which was as high as a mountain landing on the ground, Zhang Zhengxiong immediately ran away. LordAsked chose to retreat too.

“Alusa!” Barla shouted loud, holding its giant stick above its head.

“Scatter away!” Just when CloudDragon finished saying his sentence, the giant stick hit the ground. The ground within half a meter was cracked and numerous sharp rock pillars shout out from it. Instantly, it killed thousands of people. ThornyRose who was lucky to dodge it gasped. Just how difficult is this season?!  The previous season was already hard enough. Yet, compared to this season, it is as cute as my father who keeps his own private money. 

Even though many lives were lost, the frontline recovered very quickly, trying all ways to stop it. However, they did no effect against it as they could not break its armor. When CloudDragon slammed at its eyeball, it also seemed to have caused no damage. Reluctantly, he backed off and observed carefully, trying to find its weakness. Meanwhile, LordAsked was moving around slashing but he did no damage too. Seeing that CloudDragon’s and Acting Emperor’s attacks did not work on its eyeball, LordAsked knew that they could only break through its armor by some weird conditions. But, to break through its armor? How? Magic doesn’t affect it Maybe some chemical stuff? I don’t have any good corroding skills.

“Retreat?” NalanPureSoul sighed as his fire elemental magic did not cause much damage. Its recovery was way faster than the damage dealt.

Ye Cang kept quiet and Little Ye Tian retreated to him. “Father, we can ask Lele to throw some corrosive acid! You can also try to use some corrosive magic.”

Ye Cang then ordered Lin Le to come over. “Lele, go and sell everyone some corrosive acid. 10 gold coins for one bottle. Little Tian, go with him, I’m scared those people would die.”.

“......” NalanPureSoul was soaked in cold sweat. Indeed, he is an expert in making money. At such moments, he didn’t even forget to fish in troubled water.

“Then, the Freedom Alliance…” Little Ye Tian asked while staring at NalanPureSoul who was standing behind Ye Cang.

“Oh yeah, Little swordfighting is already a member of Happy Firmaments. *sigh* But the people there are not smart and rich. Most of them are idiots. It would be a waste if we don’t trick their money. *sigh* Nevermind, sell them at 9.5 gold coins per bottle.” Ye Cang’s words made Little Ye Tian once again stare at NalanPureSoul’s speechless face.

“About that...father, he is behind you.” Little Ye Tian whispered.

“I know. But my back is facing against him. It’s alright. Quick.” When Ye Cang finished his sentence, Little Ye Tian went to notify them.