Standing behind Ye Cang, NalanPureSoul stared afar and sighed deeply. That’s just him. Talking bad about people in front of them. 

Ye Cang immediately upgraded two levels of his acid spray with his skill points to advanced level. He then obtained a new skill, - acid rain.

Minor Acid Rain (Abyss - Beginner Level):  Shoots out an massive acid rain to the target in a large area, dealing a continuous corrosive damage every second. It reduces target’s armor and corrodes it. Has to chant 3 phrases and 1 verse. The magic needs to be guided.

Knowing that he had a few skill points left, Ye Cang ground his teeth. This skill might be useful in the future. He then continued to upgrade three levels of it. The Minor Acid Rain turned into Deadly Acid Rain.

Deadly Acid Rain (Abyss - Master): Shoots out massive concentrated acid rain to the target in a large area, dealing continuous corrosive damage every second. It corrodes the target’s armor. Has to chant 2 verses. The magic needs to be guided.

Ye Cang sighed as he used 5 skill points all at once. Looking at his remaining skill points, he felt that the amount was small. 10 skill points left. Yet, he did not know that even NalanPureSoul, CloudDragon, and the others did not have that many extra skill points.

On the other hand, Little Ye Tian returned to the front lines and waved at CloudDragon and LordAsked. They backed off to meet with her. However, they were furious when they were informed to buy the acid. That motherf*cker! He still wants to trick my money in such a situation! CloudDragon seemed to be angrier than LordAsked as he had not been rich ever since the beginning of the season. Most of his money was spent at those three idiots who were entitled emperors. Yet, upon thinking about his shares in Happy Firmaments’ property and the bonus he would be receiving, he chose to buy it. LordAsked did the same too. 

The two of them bought 100 bottles each and handed them over to their core members, preparing to battle.

“Wait for father’s skill. He is guiding it. Once he has used his skill, the effect would be more effective. Don’t rush it.” Little Ye Tian returned to her second line of defense and acted as the knight commander.

LordAsked and CloudDragon nodded gradually. They felt more comfortable talking to Little Ya Tian rather than to Ye Cang because Little Ye Tian’s planning ability and analytical skill are No.1 in the league. The results she showed was incredible.

“We have Shaking Bear. The tankers still can withstand for a period of time.” CloudDragon saw how Zhang Zhengxiong and Little Tadpole were assisting each other. 

“The number of stacks of aura he has is totally...” LordAsked smiled bitterly. He had only two auras but when he entered into HeavenShakingMight’s aura coverage, he received an extra six auras. WTF! He is totally a mobile fort and the King of Auras. He then turned to look at Lin Le who was killing the ogres casually. He is indeed the No.1 Heavy Weapon Assault player in the current league. Heavy weapons are very hard to use. Not to mention using it to PK. Now, everyone is hoping for him to surpass Angelite. That bottle of acid must be made by him.

LordAsked seemed to remember something and asked Little Ye Tian. “Will the guided skill cause an accident?”

Little Ye Tian kept silent for a second. CloudDragon who was about to dash towards the boss immediately backed off and informed VastSea about it. 

Little Ye Tian sighed. “Don’t ask them all to retreat. We still need a lot of people to restrain it from moving.”

Dark green waves started to swirl in Ye Cang’s hand and he started chanting. The clouds above Barla turned green and dark green rain droplets fell down. The extremely corrosive rain droplets were corroding Barla’s skin. On the other hand, clouds of green smoke rose from hundreds of tankers in the front line. They were the decoys. However, they still tossed the bottles of acids at it. One after another. With the naked eye, everyone could see Barla’s skin was corroding at a fast speed.

Barla let out a loud cry especially when a few bottles of acid hit his eye. It stomped and swung its stick which was filled with qi. Players who were in a semi-circular area in front of him were instantly knocked away and died. 

Ye Cang then finished his part.

“Let’s go!” Little Ye Tian started to cast her magic.

The main tankers and Lin Le’s assault teams once again charged. Their attacks were effective and the boss was getting exhausted.

“Dance of Holy Judgment!” Zhang Zhengxiong activated the enhanced version of Holy Judgment. Sounds of cracking bones were heard as his giant war hammer hit the boss. Lastly, with VastSea’s three continuous shield attacks, they knocked down Barla with his last smash. Seeing the battle was entering into the besieging stage, Ye Cang sat down and drank his water He turned to look at NalanPureSoul, pointing at his crotch with a smile. “Back to our topic.”

“There’s always a chance but not now.” NalanPureSoul simply answered him.

Ye Cang threw his ballista to ElegantFragrance and got up to warm up. He mumbled, “It’s my turn to shine. I could smell the divine artifact already. You guys have to believe me this time! I’m not joking!”

The two of them were stunned for a second. ElegantFragrance gasped and shouted. “Frontline be careful! Team leader is about to touch the boss! Code black! Code black!”

“What?!” ThornyRose was alert. She took a few steps back and stared at Ye Cang who was about to dash. “Don’t you dare to move! This is everyone’s f*cking effort! Not to mention that we have lost a lot of core elite members!”

“Are you serious?! Code black?” LordAsked pouted and looked at CloudDragon. CloudDragon nodded with a bitter smile. “If he really touches it, I bet you would feel like dying instead. Up until now, I have never seen him getting any equipment, including from chests and boss’ corpse that guarantee you would get something.”

LordAsked gasped. “Then why the f*ck does he still want to touch?!”

“Father is extremely stubborn when it comes to touching the corpse, chest, and even lottery tickets.” Little Ye Tian sighed while healing the players.

“And most importantly is that he thinks he is a super duper lucky star. He is so confident at his own cooking skills until an extent where he is always right and the ingredients and those who eat are wrong.” Wu Na retreated from the entrance.

“......” LordAsked stared at Ye Cang who was about to dash, especially his bloody look.

“He turns invisible.” CloudDragon shouted when he saw Ye Cang disappeared after dashing.

FrozenCloud smiled bitterly. Fighting a boss is already very tiring and now we still need to defend it from team leader. She then dropped low, preparing for anything.

CloudDragon raised his eyebrow. He is here!

LordAsked noticed his presence first and immediately activated Charge Attack, forcing Ye Cang to appear. The sword reached Ye Cang’s throat. Surprisingly, the sword casually chopped Ye Cang’s head off. Seeing streams of blue liquid flowing out, LordAsked pondered. Shit! It’s his Shape-changing Ability! The water substitution exploded, knocking LordAsked back a few meters. CloudDragon then sprinted to the right side and swung his leg. With a Rising Dragon Kick, he forced Ye Cang to appear.

“Get away! Don’t you guys want a divine artifact too?! I could feel the resonance of my divine hand and the body! I guarantee that we would get divine artifacts!” Ye Cang raised his arms.

CloudDragon rolled his eyes. “I’m not that stupid!”

Upon saying, CloudDragon dashed like a swallow and Ye Cang drew his sword. The two of them were battling intensely. Zhang Zhengxiong sprinted to assault Ye Cang but Ye Cang blinked to VastSea’s side with Shadow Step. Yet, what came to Ye Cang’s surprise was that VastSea countered it with his shield. Instantly, he turned into multiple shadows, dashing towards the boss.