“Lele, it’s on you.” Ye Cang whispered. 

Lin Le nodded and looked serious as he started to dance the Little Bear’s Cha-Cha Dance.

Ye Cang roughly knew the conditions of Lin Le helping one to roll a high number were complicated. First, Lin Le must participate and get disqualified in the process. Only then, would the one replacing him get the blessing of ‘Infinite Luck’. Now, all the requirements were met.

Staring at Zhang Zhengxiong, NalanPureSoul had a bad feeling about it. It was as if he saw the shadow of God of Gamble, smirking at mankind.

“I’ll go first.” CloudDragon tossed the dice casually and he got 98. LordAsked was touching his nose. WTF! How could this @$$hole be this lucky?! His heart sank for a moment. Thinking that he would not have much chance, he tossed. 99. LordAsked was shocked. I guess I can’t stop my luck from coming.

“Brother, what happened to you?! How could you get 99? This is the first time though. All these years, you’re stuck at 20.” Ji Xiao knew he was going to be beaten after he said it. Yet, LordAsked did not do so as his mood was great. “Shut up! Luck always come to me at crucial moments.”

“Then, back in Year 2 of your uni life, when you decided to chase after Senior Xie Lisa, you bet with Fat Sun to see who should give up…” Not waiting for Ji Xiao to finish his sentence, LordAsked punched him and dragged him to the bushes at the side to continue the beating.

“Sometimes, I felt pity for him. But, if it was me, I wouldn't resist too…” NalanPureSoul took the dice and toss with a bitter smile.


NalanPureSoul was dumbfounded when he saw that he got a 1. He then immediately turned to look at Ye Cang and Ye Cang was surprised. What?

Then, NalanPureSoul sighed. Looks like I’ve been polluted too.

Zhang Zhengxiong rubbed his hands and then shouted. It was an 1 when the dice landed on the floor. LordAsked was laughing. However, the dice was not stable and flipped to the other side. 100. LordAsked who was laughing suddenly froze.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Zhang Zhengxiong then took away the second graded guild upgrading disk.

Seeing everyone’s shocked expressions, ThornyRose knew what was going on since she too was once fooled by them. This small team is almost as tricky as Chrysanthemum Emperor. 

NalanPureSoul saw Ye Cang did not have the intention of selling it. Well, reaching second graded guild with emperor rank sounds pretty fine to everyone. He then looked at CloudDragon and LordAsked. They don’t seem to have the intention of fighting to buy it too. That’s great. One unnecessary fight is avoided.

“Quickly distribute the remaining stuff. Each guild takes one. But which to take...Brother Lil’White, what do you think?” Ye Cang did not feel weird when LordAsked addressed him in that way because he was already used to that form of address.

“A’Xiong’s life decided the surviving rate of the front line, so we would take the King Kong Skin. As for the rest, you guys can decide among yourself.” Ye Cang was not interested in the platinum equipment with the silver dragon logo. 

LordAsked and VastSea were hoping to get the King Kong Skin but they agreed that the longer Zhang Zhengxiong remained standing, the lesser the pressure as he provided the auras. Ye Cang then assigned Little Ye Tian to distribute the remaining three equipments. At last, CloudDragon took the Terrifying Roar, LordAsked took the Massive Shockwave Splash and the mask was given to NalanPureSoul. He directly gave it away to NalanMoon.

Not long after, Ye Cang swiftly dismantled the corpse. CloudDragon and the others were amazed by his refined technique. Ye Cang sorted out the most valuable parts in such a short period of time. Then, he chopped off those limbs crazily. Seeing Lin Le’s handcart, everyone wondered how many crazy and weird stuff were kept in it. Only a few people knew how big Lin Le’s handcart’s storage is. Even OldWang and AV did not know as it was upgraded again and again.

On the other hand, ThornyRose was amazed by the rewards of such a big special field boss. Those who participated in killing it got one skill point and some talents. Besides, they also contributed a lot to the guild points. Exchanging the equipment from the guild storage should be possible now. 

The entire camp then entered into a relaxed mood. Waves of laughter were everywhere to be heard. CloudDragon stared at the total silent entrance. We just passed one gate. The real show starts when we are in there.

At midnight, recovering was the best choice as most of them chose sleeping to recover. Lin Le stabbed two giant swords on the ground to act as the pillars. Then, he made a hammock beside the fire. Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong closed his eyes to recover his energy in the Reclining Buddha[1] pose. 

Once in awhile, Ye Cang would throw two matches into the fire to keep it burning. Staring at the flames, his mind drifted away. Through the flames, he saw how he was born. He was staring at the starry sky with curiosity while lying in the cradle at the riverside. His grandmother who brought him up was washing clothes beside the river. He recalled why he had the surname, Ye. He shared the same surname with his grandmother’s partner who was dead. His grandmother told him that long ago, Ye family was a big family in the Imperial capital which was up to par with the Li, Qin, and Ji family. A few prime ministers were from their family. However, because of an incident, Ye family was hated by everyone and was almost eliminated. Ever since then, it was kicked out of the great 10 families.

“Don’t you want to rest for a while?” NalanPureSoul sat beside Ye Cang.

“Thinking about life and self-reflecting is also a kind of rest.” Ye Cang replied softly.

“......” NalanPureSoul pouted. Why does it sound like…

“Little swordfighting, if one day you would be gone forever, what would you do before that happens?” Ye Cang continued to stare at the fire.

“If you insist, I would confess to the one I loved and ask my loved one not to forget about me. Then, I would leave quietly. That’s it.” NalanPureSoul then wondered. “Why did you ask?”

“Philosophy topics.” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders. NalanPureSoul suddenly remembered about it and asked this philosophy student the same question. “What about you?”

“Make sure everything would be fine before that day comes.” Ye Cang turned to look at him with a smile. With the fire burning beside them, the warm smile of Ye Cang made NalanPureSoul’s heart racing. He slowly looked down as he blushed. “The same question but everyone has a different answer. Why did you choose to study philosophy in the first place?”

If ThornyRose heard NalanPureSoul’s question, she would definitely answer ‘because he can act!’.

Ye Cang was stunned for a second, thinking of how to answer. I can’t tell him that I saw the friendly senior’s button at her breast was opened when I was choosing what to study. He then sighed and stared at the sea of stars. With much sorrow, he said. “Just to understand the significance of one’s life.”

“......” NalanPureSoul was soaked in cold sweat. If I didn’t know how this fella normally acts, I would immediately believe him. Well, he is indeed one in the entertainment industry. 


  1. ^ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reclining_Buddha