Ye Cang turned around to see NalanPureSoul napping. He then continued to stare at the fire. Through the flames, he saw Xinxue’s smile. Yet, it disappeared and faces of ThornyRose and Wu Na appeared. Ye Cang was lost in his thoughts. Can I really walk this path in the future? Do I have the rights to do so? Will Xinxue blame me? His eyes were filled with doubts and sorrow. Moments later, he closed his eyes to recall the incidents after her death, especially when he discovered that he was actually a scary creature, existing in this world after not being able to save Xinxue. 

“What’s wrong?” ThornyRose put her arms around Ye Cang shoulders.

“I felt depressed, thinking that I was raped by you that night…” Ye Cang wiped the tears at the corner of his eyes.

“......” ThornyRose was frustrated. Motherf*cker, does it harm you to speak something human?! Staring into Ye Cang’s eyes, she could feel his sorrow. Her heart ached as she thought of the things they had been through together. Even though he is annoying, he is truly a reliable one. Suddenly, she turned Ye Cang around and kissed him.

Ye Cang’s eyes were opened wide. Feeling ThornyRose’s tight hug, he felt warm inside and started to have some feelings towards her. Ye Cang was shocked. Impossible! I’ve already lost…

Ye Cang started to lose consciousness. 

“Cang, our meeting would end here. From here onwards, it is an ending of a chapter but also the beginning of another chapter. A’Cang, I really wanted to kiss your face in the morning again, to wake you up from bed, to stare at the sunflowers and let our minds drift away and also to become your wife...but… our journey has reached its end. Don’t be so stubborn anymore. Sometimes, hope appears when you let it go. You’re a strong man. I hope you would understand. I leave A’Xiong to you. I’m so worried about him…”

Similarly, she hugged Ye Cang and kissed him.


In front of the Pond of Reincarnation, Ye Cang’s eyes were filled with tears as he saw Xinxue was drowned. The Underworld’s guards were surrounding him with hostility.

“No!!! Ahh!!!”

Ye Cang frowned. He could not remember what happened after that, especially when he was daydreaming at the River of Forgetting after he lost consciousness.

“Have you kissed enough?” Ye Cang rolled his eyes against ThornyRose who was kissing him deeply, signaling her to stop.

Awkwardly, ThornyRose let go of Ye Cang and ran away with a blushed face.

FrozenBlood saw what happened as she flipped through the tent. She was biting her nails. This rose really went all out. It is totally… No. I must think of something. She has the official fiancée title while I’m just a side-chick. How can I upgrade myself?

Ye Cang sighed deeply. Why can’t they just leave me alone? He then casually took out an eyeball skewer which was made out of eyeballs of One-eyed Ogres, swamp toads, slimes, giant sinkholes bats, and the others. Not long after, he added something on them and started grilling.


“Brother Lil’White! It’s smelly!”

“Father! This smell is so special!”

“Stupid Ye Cang! Can’t you stop cooking in the middle of the night?! Look at what you got at your skewers. All are eyeballs! Disgusting as hell!”

“Team leader, Fang Ci said he would like to be the first one to eat!”

“Boss, I could justify that what he said is true!”

“ guys.”

“In this good night, having some supper sounds is not bad. We should have some wine too.” Ye Cang then took out a specially made jar of wine. “Okay, okay. We’ll share the food. The eyeball of One-eyed Ogre is A’Xiong’s, it’ll give you more strength. Lele will take the toad’s eyeball, it’ll help you jump higher. The bat’s eyeball belongs to SpyingBlade. It will help to improve hearing. The fishman’s eyeball is for Wu Na as it increases water elemental magic power. Lil’Wang and AV, you two will eat the wormman’s eyeball. The effect...whatever, You guys are just going to eat that. Also, MaroonRed, you’ll eat…”

“......” Everyone was more than awake. Staring at the eyeball skewers, they were soaked in cold sweat.

As dawn had come, the red bright fireball rose from the east between the mountains. On the other side, members of Ye Cang’s team were helping each other. They looked like they were having constipation and were drunk, watching the sunrise. OldWang and AV who were supporting each other cried as if they were touched.

LordAsked had goosebumps as he saw the remaining food. Indeed, they were those who are entitled emperors. Eating these kinds of disgusting food every day. The determination alone isn’t something everyone has.

Except for the logistics and building players, the army entered into the Thousand Peak Mountain. As the sunlight shined through the gaps between the rocks, it was magnificent. ThornyRose felt lucky that the landscape inside the mountain was still okay. There is only one main route. As for the mini routes, we’ll talk about it later. The Europe side has launched their attack at the special field boss. China must try to get the first kill. If not, the guild would not be able to influence others. We must build a solid foundation. At least I must put all my energy and resources on these three fellas. She then turned to look at the three of them. 

“Brother, when this is over, should we go somewhere for vacation? I’m bored to death.”

“That’s right. That’s right.  We should have a group vacation or something. How about going to a hot spring? Sauna? Massage? Or whatsoever. We got all to choose.”

“Good idea, call Uncle Flashy and the others too. But where should we go? The weather is quite cold so we better go to some warm place.”


“Brother, I heard that there were a lot of dung beetles. It could be found when you put your hands into the pockets in the morning.”

“Then, what about island nation?”

“The population there is too large. It feels so crowded there and they almost dig until the core just for their underground subway.”

“Then where to go?”

ThornyRose stopped and took a few steps backwards to where they were. “Go Hawaii. It is best to go there in this season.”

Ye Cang then entered into his one-second thinking mode and clapped. “Not bad, Lil’crazy b*tch. Can’t believe you can provide some normal ideas.”

“Who the heck are you calling Lil’crazy b*tch?!” ThornyRose immediately hit Ye Cang and Ye Cang blocked. The two of them then fought in the middle of the army. With a sigh, Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le continued the discussion as they walked.

As the attacking team cleared the One-eyed Ogres and new One-eyed Slimes, Ye Cang was happily collecting the slime gel and eyeballs.

A pool of swamp came into view. There were hot bubbles in the swamp and there were only two narrow routes to pass through it. CloudDragon asked everyone to stop. “Be careful. These kinds of landscape don’t appear for no reason. There must be something.”

“It should be the final boss since we came here through one route. There is a 20% chance that it might be a One-eyed Ogre boss, 50% is a slime, 20% is an Ogre boss and 10% is an unknown species. In short, we shouldn’t pass through the two paths.” LordAsked and CloudDragon became alert as they heard what Little Ye Tian said.