In the swamp, the mud was swirling stronger than before. Everyone was alert. Under Little Ye Tian’s command, NalanPureSoul and his magic team prepared to cast magic while LordAsked, Zhang Zhengxiong, and the others stood in a line, preparing for any battle.

“It’s a slime…” VastSea saw how a dark brown slime broke out from the mud.

Ye Cang was interested when he knew it was a slime. He immediately identified it.

Fallen Oil Swamp Slime (Slime - Elite): An oil swamp slime which was created from a polluted source. The polluted source is unknown. Weakness unknown. But there is one thing - don’t use fire especially hellfire. Hehe. You wouldn’t want to know why.

“Other mages enter into the middle stage of casting. The fire elemental mages enter into the final stage and prepare to launch your attacks!” NalanPureSoul tossed the rotating rings of hellfire.

“Wait…” Ye Cang was stunned when he saw a sky of fire magic bullets flying towards the slime. “...for a second.”

NalanPureSoul looked at him in doubts. “What’s wrong?”

“Well...I think we can’t use fire on this slime…” Ye Cang said softly when the fire magic bullets almost landed on the group of slimes.

“......why didn’t you say so earlier?!” NalanPureSoul’s chest felt heavy.


As the flames landed on the slime, the entire swamp exploded into a sea of fire as if someone put fire on a sea of oil. The slime who was originally moving at a very slow pace suddenly got its speed increased. Also, its body was burning with flames and its eye was shining red. The slime was like a demon coming out from a sea of hellfire, rushing towards them with its mouth opened wide.

“Except for earth and mud elemental mages, others stop casting! Including thunder, wind, and water!” Little Ye Tian shouted the order. The fire is too strong! We must not add wind and water! This slime is already hard to deal with. If wind and water mixed in, they would be helping it to burn more! And it would be total chaos!

*Bang!* LordAsked was knocked away. He backflipped in mid-air and stabbed his sword in the ground as he landed. Looking at his health points which were less than half of what it was, he was shocked. F*ck! This slime would explode when it dies! The destructive power and area are not small too! “Stay away from those dying slimes!”

Once again, Ye Cang identified it.

Fallen Hellfire Swamp Slime (Slime - Abyss - Advanced elite): A swamp slime which was ignited by hellfire. Its damage is very high! Besides, it would explode when it is about to die. Its burning eyeball is a rare material as it is useful in many ways. The stronger the flame, the higher the quality. A little tip: plucking its eyeball when the slime prepares to explode is the best way to guarantee the best quality.

Ye Cang then kept his guns, took out his cooking knife and activated tactics ability - Pursuit and Powerful Attack. He began to pick those slimes which were about to explode. With his extraordinary speed and dexterity, he managed to pluck most of the burning eyeballs before the slimes exploded. Among the eyeballs he collected, some were filled with flames inside it as if it was a precious material which was about to explode.

LordAsked was amazed when he saw Ye Cang’s refined cutting skills. With a pull and flick, Ye Cang immediately got himself an eyeball burning with flames. The dismantling skill he has is totally insane. 

Because of Ye Cang, the frontline’s pressure was greatly reduced. Yet, the flames on the swamp did not seem to be fading. Instead, they seemed to be burning even stronger. Little Ye Tian then noticed that the slimes who were about to come out from the flames retreated. The dark brown swamp once again started to swirl, turning into a vortex. Suddenly, a giant burning eyeball popped out from the vortex and the surrounding burning swamp was moving towards it.

Fallen Eye of Hellfire - Evansrosas (Half slime assimilation - Abyss - Leader - Special field): The Eye of Hellfire. A dangerous creature which exists in hell. Specialized in many hellfire magic. Half slime assimilation. Literally what it means. Having other species being assimilated by the slime isn’t something rare. For example, the crystal slime absorbs crystals and assimilates them. Meanwhile, half slime assimilation means the slime might not be able to absorb it but it would live symbiotically with the other species.

Ye Cang sent the boss’ information to Little Ye Tian who swiftly analyzed all kinds of possibilities. If it is the complete Eye of Hellfire, it wouldn’t be assimilated half by the slime. If so, this must be the hidden - pollution source. It must be sleeping in some ‘sealed/limited’ status. The flames and hellfire ‘awaken’ it. Upon thinking about it, Little Ye Tian frowned. According to the information in the library, Eye of Hellfire is a dangerous hell creature. Its strength is even stronger than the Hellhound - Dudosa’s, the boss we met while helping NalanPureSoul on his class quest.

The giant slime's eye in the vortex of flames made everyone shiver. Pretty sure this shit is troublesome.

“Wind, fire, water, and thunder mages use arcane spells temporarily! Prepare to cast!” NalanPureSoul immediately gave orders to the magic team. On the other side, Ye Cang saw how the archers’ arrows were all burned by the flames when they hit it, dealing no damage at all. This boss’ physical resistance is very high. Worst still, the identification doesn’t show its weakness. Unless we can freeze it. But if the water elemental magic couldn’t reach a certain volume, it would basically be adding oil to the fire. 

However, ThornyRose noticed something weird which was the boss’ reaction was slightly slow. Most of the time, its attacks were launched later than they should be.

Little Ye Tian frowned. The boss' reaction isn’t slow. It is because it is still getting used to the environment as if a disabled person suddenly knew how to walk. The body needs some practice for a while. Its physical damage reduction is too high. Casting water elemental magic would only aid the flames to burn more. Now what to do then? We are currently relying on Brother A’Xiong and the others to resist it. Yet, only a few main close-combat players could attack it and retreat for healing. The others would be dead if they go in. Besides, it is starting to cast magic. Looks like we would lose many men. *Sigh* Should not have lighted this oil swamp in the first place. She heaved a deep sigh and looked at the sky through the stalagmites. It is getting dark. Father’s tactics ability should be cooling down soon. We can only use this ability and try to launch a full water elemental attack. If not… we would be stuck here temporarily.

As the crescent moon rose up to the sky, a beautiful woman with a blue veil laid on a chair made out of blue moon crystal. The entire place was filled with moon crystals but it was extremely quiet. She was staring at the water crystal as it showed how helpless the people were. The crystal then showed Ye Cang’s face. The idiotic three sisters are trying to become second-ranked as they regain their powers. To become a second-ranked goddess is only a matter of time for them. She then recalled the time when she had a drink with Sister Anya who was in trouble. Through Anya, she got to know that there was this guy called PaleSnow who came out with the Mankind Great Sage plan. Moreover, through Anya’s drunk voice, she knew how respectful she was to the Great Sage. There was even a slight fear. Staring at Ye Cang’s calm smile while wearing the wolf head hood, she had a thought. He should be someone that is good to communicate with. She had decided. Since the idiotic three sisters are getting famous, I, as the Goddess of HalfMoon among the two moons could not continue to remain at third-ranked. I must regain my glory!