With his arms crossed, Ye Cang was wondering. Our attacks are useless, at least with the attack power for now. If we can’t break through the flames, we would be stuck here.

“Owkass! Anubasya!”

“The boss finally said something. He said ‘You filthy worms, it’s time to receive the punishment from the Eyes of Flame!’ I think he is about to unleash some skills.” Ye Cang who was standing behind the army translated the sentence calmly as if it had nothing to do with him.

“Scatter around! It is about to use its skills!” NalanPureSoul shouted.

By hearing the sound from the burning eyes, LordAsked and the others knew roughly what kind of skills it was going to unleash. They immediately dispersed. Just then, a vortex of fire engulfed the entire ground. It was moving at a speed so fast that LordAsked and the others in the front line could not dodge. They were all engulfed by the hellfire, suffering the burn. Zhang Zhengxiong quickly activated Desperate Prayer to protect them. Yet, their health points were still dropping at a rapid pace. He then used the Desperate Prayer stored in his ring. LordAsked shouted. “Full power healing!”

“Cannot! The nature elemental healing skills are all canceled by the fire! We can only rely on holy elemental magic!” Little Ye Tian shook her head as she saw AV’s nature healing did not work against the fire. An idea flashed through Ye Cang’s head. He swiftly took out a few fire elemental ingredient and fire crystals, the secret sauce, and Dudosa’s meat to cook. He then ordered the archers to pierce one piece of meat at their arrows and shoot them to Zhang Zhengxiong and the others.

Suddenly, LordAsked felt a pain at his back. Who the f*ck shot it at me?! Looking at the burnt arrow piercing a thing that looked like barbeque meat, he knew whose making it was due to the smell. The smell is still so strong even in such great fire. He ground his teeth and at it. The fire resistance he got from the food reduced his pressure against the fire as the damage received was reduced by 70%. Instantly, he heaved a sigh of relief. “They are sending fire resistance food! Grab it and eat it immediately! If there is any extra, pass it to those around you!”

Ye Cang also heaved a sigh of relief. This is just temporarily. Good ingredients that aren’t cooked correctly are basically rubbish. *Sigh* As he waved his arms, a sky of arrows flew over to the frontline. Even though some people were accidentally killed by this, at least they managed to keep those core players alive. The healers behind the troop could now manage to heal them. 

On the other hand, CloudDragon dashed at the boss. Just when he wanted to step on its body and attack its eye with Swallow Attack, his leg was stuck in the sticky mud.

CloudDragon’s heart sank. Just how troublesome is this boss? He then noticed that a few close-combat players were also swallowed by the mud. It is so hard to attack its eye. Worst still, attacking this mud doesn’t cause any damage. His body was slowly sinking and he sighed. Suddenly, there was something holding his waist. He turned over to see Little Tadpole who wrapped him with its tongue.

Little Tadpole pulled CloudDragon back and activated Holy Light Arts. Even though Little Tadpole was suffering, it was constantly healing himself and the others around it as it had mastered a few holy spells. LordAsked stared at the grey-white skinned Little Tadpole which was wearing armor. It has this much mana?! It never stopped using its skills though.

Seeing that Little Tadpole’s mana was left at 60%, Zhang Zhengxiong did not bother to limit it.

Long before the fire reached him, Lin Le had already activated the skill gained from the five level 4 fire elemental crystals on his Crystal Drive - Fire Source Barrier. He pulled out his giant sword and stabbed it in the ground to unleash the barrier, allowing Little Ren, SpyingBlade, YellowSpring, Ji Xiao, NalanMoon, and the others to avoid the fire elemental damage temporarily.

“Lele, don’t change the crystal yet. Wait for an opportunity.” SpyingBlade reminded him when he noticed the consequences CloudDragon got from attacking the boss, knowing that Lin Le’s Crystal Drive could only change the crystal once a day. We must protect our lives first. We would be f*cked up if Lele suddenly changes the fire elemental to water elemental. 

“How long do I need to wait? Lele is so bored. Why don’t we play a round of X-hero card game?” Lin Le pouted and then sat on the ground.

SpyingBlade was stunned for a second and smiled bitterly. Just how intolerant can Lele be? He sighed and sat down too. “Give out the cards then.”

YellowSpring was soaked in cold sweat. Are we really going to play cards? Speechlessly, he sat down. Screw it! Let’s just play!

“I’ll join too! But with such standards, you guys are no match for me. I’m…” Ji Xiao had not finished his sentence when Lin Le punched him right into his face. Lin Le then continued to punch him. “Don’t feel like playing anymore! Let’s beat him!”

Not long after, the others followed Lin Le’s lead to besiege Ji Xiao. NalanMoon was wiping her cold sweat at a side, staring at FrozenBlood. “You don’t join in?”

FrozenBlood shrugged her shoulders. “I got bored of beating him since young.”

“......” NalanMoon did not know what to reply.

In the meantime, Little Ye Tian was biting her lips. Even though father’s plan solved the problem temporarily, the frontline still has a lot of casualties… Staring at the Eye of Hellfire which was filled with mockings, Little Ye Tian wondered. Do we seriously need to give up and start all over again? 

Just then, the burning eye started to sway with the mud on its body, making a lot of sounds.

“‘Oh, the god of Hellfire Demon.’ And then all bullshits...I don’t really understand but it seems like unleashing some skills.” Ye Cang continued to translate.

NalanPureSoul was shocked. The situation is already chaotic. As the Eye of Hellfire hissed, the mud below its body was all shot into the sky, turning into many fire bullets. Then, it rained upon everyone.

“Dodge it! Everyone take cover! Scatter around!” Little Ye Tian as the commander in the middle of the troop shouted.

As the fire bullets landed, they caused quite a big explosion. In a blink of an eye, players in the middle and the back of the troop were all damaged. The entire situation turned more chaotic. Ye Cang activated Healing Tide but most of the players were instantly killed. He then chose to activate Tactics - Retreat.

Just when Ye Cang was about to raise his arm and activate the tactics ability, a blue shooting star flashed through the sky and landed behind the Eye of Hellfire. A breeze of chilling wind suddenly blew at everyone. The flames that were burning the frontlines instantly turned into ice and that breeze of cold wind purified the negative effect of the hellfire.

Moreover, the Eye of Hellfire was half-frozen and the flames on half the mud were extinguished. 

LordAsked was stunned at what had just happened. Even though he did not know what was going on, he knew he must grab this opportunity to attack. If we don’t use this opportunity, we would have to start all over again. Besides, with that boss’ full power, we might have to be stuck here for a very long period of time! “Everyone attack! Even if you pee on it! We must not let the fire to get any stronger!”

“Water! Earth! Mages start casting! On my count!” Little Ye Tian immediately activated Tide of Moon and Ye Cang swung his right arm to give orders. “Tactics ability! Pursuit! Powerful Attack!”

Zhang Zhengxiong, CloudDragon, LordAsked, and the others stepped on the half frozen mud and rushed towards its eye as if they were climbing to the mountain top.

On the moon crystal chair, the Goddess of Halfmoon brushed her long blue hair. She looked pale. Without the support of the believers, my strength is so weak. It’s draining my energy even with such small magic. Looking at the boy wearing a wolf head hood through the crystal, she smiled.