The Eye of Hellfire which was heavily damaged was suddenly stunned. Flames started to leak out the ice surface as it got angry and started struggling. However, with Little Ye Tian’s order, massive water, ice, and earth elemental magic covered it.

Little Ye Tian was happy. As long as we can keep it in this way, it is almost impossible for the boss to make its flames stronger. The temperature would be reduced as it evaporates when the water covers it. Besides, with the earth elemental magic acting as a barrier, our chances of winning would be increased.

Facing Zhang Zhengxiong and the others who were rushing towards it, the boss divided a part of its body and turned it into burning oil swamp slimes to put up a defence. On the other hand, its pupils started to contract, turning dark red.

“Stop it!” LordAsked shouted. He was still quite a distance away from the eye. He then turned around to see Lin Le taking off his pants and peeing into the gap between the ice. His chest felt heavy and he shouted. “I don’t literally mean extinguish the fire with pee!”

“God damn it! Say so earlier! Idiot! Are you stupid?!” Lin Le shouted back.

LordAsked was speechless as he was not good at dealing with these kinds of people. He did not know whether to laugh or cry but he still continued to climb towards the top.

Lin Le unequipped the fire crystals and changed all the crystals on the Crystal Drive to water elemental ones. As he swung his giant blade, chills were radiating from it. He then took out a few gold coins and crashed them. He also activated Berserk and the powerful attack on the ring and hopped on tigerkin Little Ren’s back. With a few jumps, Little Ren headed towards the giant eye. At an instant, Lin Le’s Crystal Drive glove on his left hand was shining with blue light and chills were surrounding his sword.

Just when Lin Le’s giant blade was about to hit the giant eye, a fire red shield suddenly appeared to protect it. The chilling slash and the fire shield clashed together. It was hard to differentiate who was stronger. Little Ren also helped to attack the shield by swinging its swords.

In addition, CloudDragon also attacked the shield with Collapsing Fist and the shield started to crack. LordAsked used his shield and Zhang Zhengxiong used Holy Judgement Dance to increase the crack. CloudDragon’s heart sank for a moment. With these attacks, we still can’t break the shield? Seeing the shield recovering and the cast that was almost done, he felt helpless. 


A spiraling shooting star and a small ballista arrow hit the place where they attacked just now. The shield immediately cracked into a hole. A flash of lighting instantly flew into the hole and pierce at the eye. The eye was screaming in pain. Seeing the spear that pierced at the eye was flowing with an electric current, CloudDragon turned around to look at Ye Cang. Ye Cang reached out his hand and the lightning lance returned to it. After that, he put it at a side and refilled his ballista.

Lin Le then jumped off Little Ren. He turned around and pulled out the giant sword from behind his back. Knowing that the giant eye was paralyzed by the lightning lance, he grabbed the sword with two hands. Returning Dragon! Surging Dragon! Rising Dragon! Whirlwind Strike! Armed Destruction! Lin Le who had entered into a berserk mood was slashing non stop like a mad warrior. Just when everyone was about to attack it, Lin Le got hold of his handcart and slammed. The handcart hit directly at the giant eye and separated it from the slime gel. The eye flew outside of the mud swamp. LordAsked and the others felt helpless. It is already hard to climb all the way up here. We just hit it a few times and now, we need to risk our lives going down again. Meanwhile, SpyingBlade, FrozenBlood, and the others who just reached the spot felt even more speechless. We didn’t even get to touch it. However, Zhang Zhengxiong rode on Little Tadpole and jumped towards where the eye would land. 

Swiftly, Ye Cang changed his lightning lance into water spear. Bubbles started to flow out from where the giant eye landed. Suddenly, a violent gush of water shot out, causing it to be knocked-up and stunned. Little Ye Tian quickly dashed towards the giant eye. Seeing that it was about to regain consciousness, she hit it with her scepter in order to prevent it from casting some sudden magic. A strong light once again blinded it. Ye Cang jumped backwards, took out the water spear and started shooting in madness. Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong who just landed hit it with Thunder Strike and Wu Na attacked with her frozen spear. BlackIce also shot a number of ice spears. The other players at the side were stunned at a series of combos but they immediately came back to their senses and started besieging the boss. Just when everyone heaved a sigh of relief as they saw how the boss started to fade, a strong light flashed from the core of the giant eye. With a Shadow Step, Ye Cang got closer and pulled out his cooking knife. Darkness Single Strike! A simple, fast and yet smelly black slash flashed through. Its life was cut off by the black flash but its heat remained.

“Congratulations, you’ve defeated the Eye of Hellfire - Evansrosas! You’ve received 19000 exp. Skill point +1, class talent +1.”

Ye Cang then wanted to use this opportunity to touch the corpse. Yet, ThornyRose saw it and her heart sank for a moment. Shit! We can’t stop him at this distance! Suddenly, the mud covered Ye Cang completely. Recognizing the sick face of Ye Cang before he used Shadow Step, OldWang had prepared a trap long before. He shouted. “Quick! It would only last a few seconds!”

Everyone was staring at OldWang gratefully. CloudDragon could not help but wipe his cold sweat and ThornyRose felt reassured. This fella is really unpredictable. In order to be more secure, the anti-black team hugged Ye Cang who was trapped inside the mud giant. Lin Le then touched the corpse.

Once again, Ye Cang stared at the giant eye’s corpse with sorrowfully. He then turned to glare at OldWang, shook his head and put on a forgiving smile. “Meet you at your school next week.”

OldWang instantly shivered. “Team leader! I...I…”

“Is alright. Your reaction was very good just now. Not bad.” Ye Cang patted OldWang’s shoulders and sighed without changing his smile. “Sigh, you shouldn’t let me know where you live.”

“......” OldWang felt like dying. Wu Na then hit Ye Cang’s waist with her elbow. “Hey, don’t threaten Lil’Wang. Damn it. He did it for the sake of our team.”

“Uneducated b*tch! If you guys really think about the team, you guys should let me touch it. Do know that my hand is the divine hand! I could get a divine artifact anytime…” Not waiting for Ye Cang to finish his sentence, Wu Na rolled her eyes against him. “Ya ya ya ya.”

Upon finishing her sentence, she ran to Lin Le. “Lele, what good stuff do we get here?”

“*Sigh*” Seeing Wu Na and ThornyRose surrounding Lin Le excitedly, Ye Cang sighed deeply. If it was me who touched the corpse, you guys would be more excited than this when we got a divine artifact. He then turned to look at OldWang who was staring at him. “Team leader, I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“No worries, you know I’m not those people who bear grudges.”

“......” At the side, Little Ye Tian pouted as she touched her face which still had the scar of teeth biting her.