As the chief commander of all troops, Ye Cang received the things Lin Le handed over. His chest was heavy for a moment. Two second grade guild upgrading disk. WTF?! Two at once! Can’t even trick them. With a sigh, he gave them to NalanPureSoul and the others. “Share among yourself.” 

Ye Cang then took out the best quality equipment. It was a silver dragon platinum scepter. The Eye of Flames was burning beautifully on top of the scepter. The scepter was covered with lava cracks, gorgeous and magnificent.

Eye of Evansrosas (Silver Dragon - Platinum - Abyss - Special field boss)
Category: Scepter
Requirements: Wisdom 260, Will 220
Damage: 40-47
Eye of Flames Shot (its basic attack causes magic damage, requires very little of mana): 66-110 basic flame damage. The final damage dealt depends on the attributes.
Wisdom +100
Will +100
Constitution +100
All attributes +20%
Spell power +70
Fire spell power +100
Spell power +15%
Recover 2% of mana every 10 seconds

The stare of Evansrosas (passive): Increases fire magic damage by 30%. Reduces the mana cost of all fire spells which are level 6 and below by half.

Summon of Evansrosas (passive): Attributes of fire elemental creatures summoned increase greatly.

Eye of Evansrosas: After inserting magic for 5 seconds, it would launch a hell explosive bomb, dealing a great amount of damage. It would also produce mini hell explosive bombs as it hit. Cooldown: 1 hour.

NalanPureSoul hesitated. Second grade guild upgrading disk or the scepter I need the most? If I take the scepter, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to change my scepter for a very long time. It gives a very high spell power increment. Moreover, it is a double spell power item. Additional 70 for all spell power and additional 100 for fire spells. It is totally perfect, especially the two passives and mana recovery. “I give up on the disk. I want the scepter - Eye of Evansrosas.”

“Hey, hey. Your Freedom Alliance had taken the previous silver dragon item and now you still want another one?!” LordAsked gave it a thought. If we have gotten two silver dragon platinums. Does that mean we would get another later on? This is cancerous.

“Just give it to him. He is the one here who can use it better than anyone else. But Freedom Alliance has to give up on the silver dragon platinum item for the next two bosses. As for the disk, each of us takes one.” CloudDragon’s words made LordAsked compromise. Indeed, with him using the scepter, it would be beneficial for us. He just needs to give up the rights to take the silver dragon platinum items for the next two bosses. 

NalanPureSoul nodded and turned to look at Ye Cang.

“Just take it since you wanted it. You’re part of our team too.” Ye Cang did not oppose and ThornyRose kept silent. ThornyRose hoped to get more platinum and black gold equipments to arm herself since a piece of precious equipment would not be as good as a body of platinum and black gold equipment. She also knew her equipment was way different from theirs, especially when she saw Zhang Zhengxiong’s equipment and attributes. The damage of a slash on him is only two-digit damage. 

Not long after, they continued to distribute the remaining platinum and black gold equipment. Wu Na chose a cape while Lin Le took a platinum belt. Everyone was fine with him taking it since they always get good equipment after he touched it. They did not dare to offend this lucky bastard, not to mention that he was also emperor ranked.

Actually, LordAsked, CloudDragon, and the others had the intention of recruiting Lin Le or Zhang Zhengxiong but they were unable to do so because the three of them always stick together. It was said that there was once a time that they lost their underwears and there was only one left. The three of them then took turns to wear it in the morning, afternoon and night.

After finished distributing the equipment, Ye Cang started to harvest the corpse. He diligently kept the giant eye. Seeing him being so careful about the eye, CloudDragon was curious about what he was going to do with it. “This thing, what are you going to do with it?”

“There are many uses. It can be used to boil soup, to fry, to grill, to eat as sashimi, to wrap into dumplings, to brew wine...” Upon hearing what Ye Cang said, CloudDragon instantly covered his mouth and left, especially when he heard using it to be eaten as sashimi. 

“Let’s continue to rest. Since we have lost so many people, we’ll wait for them to come back.” ThornyRose took out the tents and ordered them to rest.

Ye Cang and the others were discussing the drama around the fire. Just then, a beam of moonlight shined. The particles of spiritual energy started to accumulate. Everyone was staring at the particles as they slowly combined into a human shape. Lastly, it became a beautiful shape and the long blue hair was shining beautifully with the moonlight. 

“PaleSnow the sage.” A lovely and appealing woman was looking at Ye Cang who was describing the plot in the drama. 

Ye Cang was stunned for a second. This must be an important NPC in this task. He then got up with a righteous expression. “That’s right! I’m PaleSnow the sage! Lady, you look sorrowful. I bet there must be something bothering you.”

*Pfft* ThornyRose spit the water out from her mouth. Do these three fellas only know the first sentence of the Mission’s 100 sentences?! She doesn’t even look sorrowful!

“I’m one of the Goddesses of Duo Moon, the Goddess of Halfmoon - Aymuss. I saw the warriors that you led were brave and courageous. I don’t wish to see you guys being defeated so I want to help you guys a little.” Everyone suddenly understood where the chilling shooting star came from after listening to Aymuss’ words. 

“Thank you, your beautiful Goddess of Halfmoon. And so?” Ye Cang’s words made Aymuss hesitated for a second. “I hope you can be my sage. Help me to gain believers and return the glory to the Halfmoon Shine.”

Ye Cang seemed to understand. Looks like it is the same as the three goddesses. With his arms crossed, he pinched his chin. “In return?”

Aymuss slowly walked out from the moonlight and leaked her naked shoulder to him. She seduced. “I’m the one you’ll get in return.”

Ye Cang then slapped her. *Slap*

“You disappoint me!”

Aymuss was shocked. He actually slapped me?!

“As a goddess, how can you behave in this way?! You don’t even love yourself. How can you expect to gain believers?!” Ye Cang shouted righteously. “Are you still the clean and beautiful Goddess of Halfmoon among the Goddesses of Duo Moon?!”

“I...I...I just want to regain glory in the past. For the sake of it, I could give…” Not waiting for Anymuss to finish the sentence, Ye Cang slapped her again.

“Shut up! Have you forgotten the reason why you become a goddess?”

Aymuss then recalled. When the duo moons were born, mankind was constantly praying to her. Mother praying of her son’s health and safety; hunters praying to find prey at night; the melodious song which people sang to her; the joy when she was being prayed in rituals and the intention of protecting people. Suddenly, tears ran down her cheek. She then kneeled on the ground and cried, touching her painful cheek. “The sa...the sage, I wish to be the goddess that protects everyone...I wish… *Cries* *Cries*” 

At the time when Ye Cang slapped her, CloudDragon, LordAsked, ThornyRose, and the others gasped. How can you be so disrespectful? You just slapped her like no one. Anyhow, she is a goddess. Upon seeing this scene, ThornyRose mumbled “It looks familiar.”

“ want to play basketball.” FrozenCloud’s words made everyone speechless.


Ye Cang then put on a kind smile and reached out his hands to touch Aymuss’ head. “I’m glad that you understand. The believers also hope that you could protect them. The Goddess City welcomes you, the holy Goddess of Halfmoon - Aymuss.” 

Seeing Ye Cang taking off his wolf head hood and the kind smile under the moonlight, Aymuss remembered how lonely she was all these while. She immediately grabbed Ye Cang’s waist and cried.

“Alright. Alright. But you might need to squeeze with one of the statues if you come to the Goddess City.” Ye Cang continued to say gently.

“I don’t mind. You decide everything.” Aymuss nodded heavily.

Wu Na, ThornyRose, FrozenCloud, Zhang Zhengxiong, SpyingBlade, and the others felt as if they saw Ye Cang’s devilish smile behind that kind smile. Another puppet for him to play. Instantly, they shivered. Knowing how the three goddesses were tortured by Ye Cang, they looked sympathetically at Aymuss .

Goddess City.

The three goddesses who were fighting suddenly sneezed all together.

“I have a bad feeling.”

“Me too.”

“There must be a b*tch jealous of us being so famous recently.”

“I think so too.”

“The shine is mine!”

“Bullshit! PaleSnow the sage is my, Anya’s direct believer! You’re the extra one!”

“I’m the one who he likes!”

The three goddesses continued to fight in the shine.