Ye Cang touched Aymuss softly and said. “You’ll wait here for now. Until the battle is over, we’ll talk about it when we get back to Goddess City, alright?”

Recalling Ye Cang not easily being seduced and scolding her for her wrongdoings, Aymuss respected him even more than before. Embarrassed, she nodded and disappeared through the moonlight. “I got it, Great Sage.”

Everyone saw how Ye Cang changed his kind smile into a wicked one along with the disappearance of the goddess. It was as if a kid had a new toy to play with.

Just how evil is this fella? Everyone felt chills running down their spines. 

Unhappily, ThornyRose turned to see FrozenBlood’s admiring face.

“Darling is so wicked and so lovely!” 

“......” ThornyRose facepalmed and was speechless. Isn’t there a normal person around me? Well, there is actually. At least, Nana is considered normal. She is the only one that understands my feelings.

As the news of a new goddess joining the Goddess City spread out, everyone was jealous of Ye Cang’s manager role, especially when the three nature sisters were famous now.

After much rest, they continued their journey. Large number of elite One-eyed Ogre warriors and tossers were disrupting the troop’s pace, especially when the tossers threw rock pillars at them madly. It had caused much casualties. As they went along, the number of enemies they faced was getting larger and larger. Even with Little Ye Tian’s accurate calculations, they could not completely avoid all the traps which were basically giant rocks falling. The army had been reduced to less than half. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any place which they could settle down to rest. The only option was for them to climb up the mountain. Not long after, they had reached the first peak of Thousand Peak Mountain - The Dragon Meteor Peak. On top of it, there was a giant spear, pinning the skull of a giant dragon. Meanwhile, below them were hundreds of One-eyed Ogre’s caves. Everyone’s heart sank. Yet, what made them truly dampened was the fact that they saw the boss. Not only one but a group of bosses with a bunch of elites. Usually, teams would be stuck at this kind of level for a very long time. It is annoying because this kind level depends on the team’s core strength. It’s hard to depend on the weaknesses of enemy to pass the level quickly. What should we do?

Seeing that there were a few different bosses and large number of other creatures, Ye Cang was shocked. This was because there were two fishman among the bosses and the elites staying near the waterfall and pond were also fishmen. He rubbed his eyes to make sure what he saw was right. He then looked carefully. Indeed, they are fishman. 

One-eyed Fishman - Alajaja (Abyss - Special field boss - Mutant fishman): A creature that is a combination of One-eyed Ogre and fishman. It has the agility of a fishman and the monstrous strength of a One-eyed Ogre. It’s a very troublesome mutant fishman. This creature is the boss of the mutant fishman.

Ye Cang shouted. “Alija! Kaka! Ayss! Aydalasjas!”

Alajaja blinked its eye and held its war axe high, asking the One-eyed Ogres who were about to dash to stop. The ogres who were carrying the rock pillars looked at Alajaja confusedly. Alajaja then slowly walked to Ye Cang. It stared at Ye Cang from the top and smiled.  “Anluja, kaka! Wawayojia!”

After that, it bowed to Ye Cang with much respect.

With a smile, Ye Cang asked it to raise its head in fishman language. Everyone was soaked in cold sweat when they saw a man with a wolf cape and a One-eyed fishman chit-chatting. Ye Cang even laughed hard during their conversation. What the heck are they doing? It was the first time that LordAsked, CloudDragon, and the others saw Ye Cang laughing so hard. 

Everyone was dumbfounded to see what happened next. As the leader of the fishman roared, every one-eyed fishman knock down all the One-eyed Ogres. What was even more surprising was that the two One-eyed Ogre leaders were locked up by Alajaja’s assistants and servants. 

Just when everyone was curious of what had happened, they saw the creature which was tens of times bigger than Ye Cang wrapping its arm around Ye Cang’s shoulders. The two of them then came to the edge of the waterfall. Every fishman was staring at them seriously.

Upon hearing the assistant’s roar, they both jumped up high, doing all kinds of difficult dives in mid-air. Then, they both dived into the pond, splashing water everywhere. Everyone was completely lost as they saw this. Not long after, Ye Cang and Alajaja once again came up, hanging their arms against each other’s back and smiling. Alajaja even patted Ye Cang’s chest and laughed. It was as if the man and the fish were both good brothers.

Even though ThornyRose and the others knew Ye Cang had some special reputation among the fishman, they were still confused.

Ye Cang then returned to the troop and snapped his fingers. “Let’s go. They will put up a hidden bridge for us to walk a shortcut so that we can ambush Andon’s assistant - Aludo.”

“......” Everyone was speechless.

“Hey hey hey! Aren’t you going to tell us what happened?” NalanMoon shouted. 

“Oh, nothing much really. Alajaja and I are like best friends. It entitled me as the big shaman of the one-eyed fishman tribe. So now, my reputation is raised and so on. It is now epic already. It told me that it dislikes Andon’s arrogant personality. Then, we had a small diving competition. It lost and so it is willing to help us. That’s all. Oh yeah, just now it told me a super duper funny joke. It is like this. Long ago, there was a zombie fishman which had mushroom grown on its private part. It was so stupid that it actually…” 

Suddenly, ThornyRose interrupted Ye Cang’s sentence. “Stop with the nonsense. Can it let us camp here?”

Ye Cang then turned around and shouted at Alajaja. As Alajaja gave him a thumbs up, the two of them simultaneously danced the fishman’s social dance. Moments later, Ye Cang stopped and answered them. “Yes.”

Just then, everyone received a message from the system that their reputation among the one-eyed fishman tribe reached friendly.

LordAsked and the others looked at Ye Cang confusedly, especially CloudDragon. What is the relationship between him and the fishman? ThornyRose smiled bitterly. Looks like when there is a fishman special field battle, we can ask him along. We might even get to kill the fishman. Soon, they started to settle down, waiting for the dead elites to catch up. Everyone was glad that the first peak was conquered by the rebelling fishman tribe as the people catching up would not have much of a problem making their way here. 

Later on, Ye Cang took out his self-brewed ‘good wine’ to share with Alajaja and the other fishman. Everyone was alert as they were afraid that the fishman would turn their backs against them after drinking the wine. Unfortunately, the fishman seemed to like Ye Cang’s wine very much and happiness was written all over their faces. Everyone was once again dumbfounded. 

“I bet these fishman have never tried a really good wine before.” LordAsked mumbled. 

“There might be a possibility that they have a different taste preferences. Or maybe what he made in the beginning isn’t meant for human to eat and drink.” CloudDragon mumbled too.

“Oh shit, brother! Look at those two One-eyed Ogre bosses. Their saliva was dripping as they smelt this freaking disgusting wine. This is insane.” Seeing the two bosses which were locked up staring at Ye Cang’s big jar of wine, Ji Xiao shouted.