Ye Cang ordered Little Blue Feather to fly to the peak and through Eagle Eye, he saw the blood-red war axe banner. There was a gigantic and extremely strong One-eyed Ogre giving out a loud roar while carrying a huge war axe. On its left shoulder, there was a cape that seemed to be made out of dragon skulls. It looked intimidating. 

Ye Cang was observing the landscape on the peak and realized that it looked like a natural arena. It was surrounded by many gigantic rock pillars with numerous skulls hanging on it. He then disconnected the Eagle Eye.

“Have you seen the boss?” NalanPureSoul knew Ye Cang was using the Eagle Eye when he saw lights shimmering in Ye Cang’s eyes. 

“Yeap, but it looks troublesome.” Ye Cang shrugged and said. “Don’t you really want me to teach you how to masturbate?”

NalanPureSoul sighed and paid attention to the battlefield.

As they moved upwards, they felt the danger from the top. Everyone was alert. Through killing the elites and small bosses along the way, some of the core players upgraded their weapons. 

Passing through the solutional cave, they finally reached the peak. Aludo was sitting on a gigantic chair on a pile of bones and his eyes were filled with despise. 

“Guladala! Ajass! Gaga!” Aludo slowly got up and carried its war axe on its shoulder.

“Tiny little ants, it isn’t even worth hanging your skulls on my totem! Haha!” Ye Cang translated.

CloudDragon then stared at Ye Cang confusedly. Just how many languages does he know? Is it some kind of talent or something? He was curious about it since long ago.

“Dala! Aludo! Jass! Gaga!” Ye Cang shouted.

“I said, but your skull will be hung by us on that, Aludo! Haha!” Ye Cang translated what he said.

Not long after, Aludo laughed out loud and then stomped the ground. It shook and two ogres came out from each side of the cave. They were smaller than Aludo. One was green-skinned while the other was purple-skinned. The purple-skinned one was holding a giant stick that had a lot of skulls hanging on it. VastSea mumbled. “Hope that it isn’t a shaman.”

ThornyRose nodded. “Bosses with supports are usually insane.”

“CloudDragon and I will restrain the green one. You should lead a team with NalanMight to fight the purple one. We can leave the middle only to HeavenShakingMight, Ye Cang, and Lele.” VastSea was prepared to dash.

“But once he is dead, there would be no aura. I’m afraid…” ThornyRose slowly nodded.

“We have no choice. He is the only one who could restrain it with that body of equipment. If he can’t, the results would be the same. Assign more healers to his side.” ThornyRose sighed after hearing what CloudDragon said. “I got it. Shaking Bear, are you okay?”

“I’m just afraid it isn’t okay.” Zhang Zhengxiong took a deep breath and smirked at Aludo. His eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

“Don’t forget about me! Lele is also very tanky tanky! I’ll be Brother Lil’White’s… Hmph!” Lin Le took out a shield and held a giant blade in the other hand. The entire scene looked weird because he looked like a dwarf using a weapon that was a few times bigger than him and a shield that was about his size. Most importantly, his expression looked fierce and cute. Yet, anyone who had battled with him before knew this expression indeed meant fierce. Even the retired Heavenly King player - NightCross commented that Lin Le was the player who was most willing to risk his life during a battle in the current league and his battle instinct was up to par with Angelite.

ThornyRose gasped. He can carry a heavy weapon singled-handed already? She was then relieved. Indeed, his strength is extraordinary. I bet Shaking Bear could also hold it single-handedly since his constitution is insane. “Alright then. Shaking Bear, the main tanker. Lin Le will be the assistant tanker.” 

“I’ll be the third tanker then.” Ye Cang also took out a shield and changed into heavy armor which reduced a little of his will. With his cooking knife in hands, Ye Cang said softly. “I have given my ballista to the marksman on CloudDragon’s team, LooseCloud.”

Staring at Ye Cang, ThornyRose knew he wasn’t joking. “Are you serious?”

“Yeap.” Ye Cang nodded.

“Then, let's go! Charge! Kill the purple one first! Then the green one! Aludo will be the last!” ThornyRose did not bother anymore and shouted.

The first line of tankers divided into three subgroups and charged at the bosses.

ThornyRose who was dashing at the purple shaman saw the three of them holding their shields while similarly dashing. She felt reassured. I don’t know why but whenever the three of them are here, it is as if there’s nothing impossible.

“Tactics! Pursuit! Powerful attack!” Ye Cang swung his cooking knife, activating his tactics abilities.

“Adass!” Aludo smiled and charged at them like a bull.

“He said we are foolish ants!” Ye Cang did not forget his job as a translator. Meanwhile, ThornyRose rolled her eyes against him. “You don’t have to translate those useless words! Are you as stupid as a pig?”

“Aludo! Akassla! Wuluss! Yoka!” Ye Cang shouted and then pointed at ThornyRose. Aludo’s eye turned red and changed its direction to charge at ThornyRose, shouting out loud. “Axiya!”

Seeing Aludo rushing at her, ThornyRose glared at Ye Cang. “What did you tell him?”

“Nothing much. I told him that you scold him as a shitty red idiot that was born from one-eyed fishman and the goblins downstairs in the forest.” Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders. 

“......” VastSea, CloudDragon and the others were speechless. This fella is totally…

“You!! NalanMight, Lil’Dino and Sister Lily, you guys hold it down for a second! I’ll be right back!” ThornyRose’s chest felt heavy and she rushed towards Ye Cang. You motherf*cker! In such a crucial situation, you still want to make fun of me!

FrozenBlood then took out a notebook to record what Ye Cang said while running. “What a poetic way to scold others! How can my husband be so handsome even though he was scolding others?!”

“My Lele is so handsome too! Look at him, almost falling down when dashing. He is so handsome!! I can’t help it! I’m dead!” ElegantFragrance blushed.

ThornyRose who was rushing towards Ye Cang almost tripped. Are those people around me crazy?!

“Team mages! Get ready!” NalanPureSoul summoned the big flame demon, enhanced by the scepter. Flames were swirling in his hands.

“Teams No. 13 and 15, only focus on healing the tankers restraining Aludo! Don’t bother about others! But be careful. Try not to die!” Little Ye Tian commanded.

CloudDragon suddenly felt something was not right because there was a lovely pink thing that appeared in the middle. Is this the signal of an illusion? Is it friendly or foe? “Be careful! There’s a large area of illusion about to be activated!”

Illusion? ThornyRose pondered. Who?

NalanPureSoul was aware too. He looked left and right at the magic team and then turned around. He saw illusion light shining in the hands of the nightmare demon deer spirit Little Dream. Oh, it’s her! I have seen her attributes when she was at level 10. But I don’t remember that she knows some group illusion skills. There’s only a skill that can allow her to enter into people’s dream. But this doesn’t look like it. He then thought of the experience they gained along the way. Maybe she is around level 15. It must be her new skills.