Suddenly, Aludo saw another image of itself popping out from thin air, dashing at itself and holding his war axe high. Its pupil contracted.

On the other side, ThornyRose was staring at Aludo who stopped all of a sudden as if it saw a ghost. The other two bosses were the same too.

Aludo slashed at its image with the war axe full of qi. Yet, the axe slashed at thin air. Seeing its own weapon cut through its own shoulder and blood splattering everywhere, Aludo screamed in pain.

Lin Le was stunned for a second. “Is the boss an idiot? Fighting with air and screaming.”

“Maybe? Since their IQs aren’t usually high.” ThornyRose rolled her eyes against Ye Cang’s words. Yours isn’t that good either. 70+.

“Grab this opportunity! They are affected by illusions! Kill the purple one first!” CloudDrgaon shouted. 

“ThornyRose couldn’t make it there for now. I’m afraid that NalanMight that idiot and the other b*tches can’t handle it so I’ll go help them out. VastSea, you’ll restrain it first.” Upon finished saying, LordAsked turned into a beam of white light and attacked the purple-skinned ogre. CloudDragon immediately used his qi to make himself pliable.

Knowing that the purple-skinned ogre would be the first one to come back to its senses, LordAsked smiled coldly. Stepping on its gigantic arms, he rushed to its shoulder. At this instant, his newly learned move - Massive Shockwave Splash (Barla) was already done with accumulating enough energy. As his long sword slashed, shockwaves were unleashed and they directly hit its face. At the same time, a series of rock pillars popped out and sandwiched it, causing damage to itself. It was directly knocked out as it regained consciousness. “Keep it up!”

FrozenCloud pondered. Indeed, he is one of the Heavenly Kings whose individual strength is up to par with CloudDragon. His attack timing is so accurate.

“Magic! Release!” NalanPureSoul tossed the giant ring of hellfire. The flame demon at his side also imitated his moves and tossed another one.

Ice arrows, fireballs, and arrows were all launched at once. However, Aludo came back to his senses. Seeing a sky full of magic, it smiled coldly. A few spells hit it but it dealt no damage. On the other hand, Little Dream was gasping for air as she fell on her knees. NalanPureSoul immediately ordered someone to send her a bucket of magic water. Weak Sauce opened the lit and scooped the water to Little Dream bowl by bowl.

“The third and fourth team take turns! We must not let the magic stop! Those without mana immediately find someone to replace you and go recover!” Little Ye Tian was arranging the damage team’s pace orderly. “AV Boy, make sure your healing pollen is enough to cover father and the others. It must not be stopped!”

“I got it, Sister Tian!” AV saluted to her.

MaroonRed was staring at the people attacking the purple-skinned ogre, especially the Tyrant - LordAsked’s fierce battling style. Holding a long sword, she unleashed multiple slashes after dodging the fast swipe. LordAsked slightly raised his eyebrow. This girl’s standard is not bad., similar to ThornyRose. Has quite some potential. It’s just that her equipment is common. He then looked at his platinum long sword. God damn it! That white-haired idiot does set the price really high.

On the other side, it was Ye Cang and the other’s turn. After Zhang Zhengxiong dodged the war axe’s swing, Ye Cang blinked to the shadow between Aludo’s head and shoulder. Shadow Frost Strike! Speedy Sprint! Overload Strike! Accurate Strike! Darkness Single Strike! Shadow Attack! (Copy of Darkness Shadow Strike) As the two dark flashes slashed through, Aludo let out an angry roar. “Ahxy!”

“So smelly!” Ye Cang translated and then scolded back. “You @$$hole! How dare you say my knife is smelly! I pierce! I pierce! I pierce pierce pierce!”

Standing at Aludo’s feet, ThornyRose saw the blood dripping from the top. Instantly, she could smell the malodorous odor. Your goddamn cooking knife is already smelly! But now even the blood leaked out due to the bleeding effect is smelly too!

“Hit your toe!” Zhang Zhengxiong slammed his war hammer at its toe with Thunder Strike. Aludo gasped and kicked Zhang Zhengxiong away. Yet, Little Tadpole stuck its tongue out to pull him back. Not only that, it swallowed him into its stomach, took a deep breath and shot him out like a bullet at Aludo’s face. Meanwhile, SpyingBlade was like a butterfly stuck on Aludo’s muscle, slashing its veins rapidly. As for Ye Cang, he was using his cooking knife to stab Aludo, dodging its slap. No matter what, Ye Cang did not dare to get close to the huge eye as he subconsciously knew that the closer he got, the more dangerous it was. 

On the other side, CloudDragon and VastSea had successfully restrained the green-skinned ogre.

Little Tadpole was repeatedly pulling Zhang Zhengxiong back, swallowing him and shooting him out. It helped him to dodge the attacks and attack at the same time. As LordAsked destroyed the healing totem set up by the shaman, he looked at those two with a weird look. What a disgusting way of attack. Isn’t it disgusting with a body full of saliva?

“Shaloga!” The purple ogre then stabbed the scepter at the ground and the ground immediately started to roar. Numerous souls of creatures popped out from out of nowhere. 

“Priests that have soul dispersing skills immediately prepare to cast!” Seeing the shaman’s scepter in the first place, Little Ye Tian knew there might be a possibility that souls would appear. Hence, she had divided a team from the healing priest team to clear the devil spirits. If we use the light elemental healing spell to counter heal them, the frontline’s pressure to heal would be too great. Tens of priests and knights started to sing the Holy Great Song’s verse, holding their weapons.

Just when the devil spirits appeared below their foot, the light of the dawn shined. They screamed and disappeared as the light shined upon them.

“Nice one. At the end you guys will have extra contribution points for this boss!” NalanPureSoul heaved a sigh of relief. 

“A’Xiong, Lele, Little Zhao! Let this red shit know how scary the brother swordfighting association is! Serious mode on! Hunter’s Soul - Activate! Powerful attack! Pursuit!” Ye Cang was getting angrier as he thought of what Aludo said about his knife. You can insult me but not my kitchenware!

“Warsong Aura! Power of Expansion!” Zhang Zhengxiong’s body size suddenly turned big like a bodybuilder in an anime.

“Rage Explosion! Power of Money! Once Rich, Dick Big!” Lin Le’s eyes turned red and thousands of gold coins turned into a gold energy merging into his body as he shook the handcart.

“Slash of Darkness! Slash of Judgment!” SpyingBlade’s twin blades shined with a dark and a red light.

On the other side, ThornyRose was watching the four of them gathering together and besieging Aludo’s head endlessly. Pieces of meat splattered all over the place. No matter how hard Aludo shook its head, it could not get rid of these four. Its huge eye was also filling with blood. These four fellas...but brother swordfighting association? She stared at SpyingBlade slashing his swords filled with the demon effect in a weird way. “Brother Swordfighting association...don’t tell me you too…” 

SpyingBlade then sighed, recalling that night where he was actually arguing with them in the bathroom as for whose was better. It was intense. Upon thinking about it, he felt like dying.