All of a sudden, the cracks on Aludo’s body started to shine in red. ThornyRose quickly backed off and shouted. “Run!”

With a jump, Ye Cang grabbed Little Blue Feather’s claws and SpyingBlade grabbed Ye Cang’s feet. The two of them then flew away.

Little Tadpole pulled Zhang Zhengxiong back with its tongue while Lin Le directly jumped high into the air. 


The shockwave exploded. Ye Cang, SpyingBlade, and Little BLue Feather were knocked to the ground. Even Zhang Zhengxiong was knocked away while returning to Little Tadpole. As for Lin Le, his jump turned into a ‘rocket jump’, being sent way too high into the sky. Meanwhile, ThornyRose was blocking the shockwave with her shield stabbed into the ground. She looked at her health points and smiled bitterly. Half has gone.

On the other hand, the remaining tankers were instantly killed by the shockwave.

Looking at the remaining waves of the red shockwave, ThornyRose could not confirm the location of the boss.

Upon thinking about it, a gigantic shadow appeared before her. ThornyRose’s heart sank when she saw the wax axe shining in red. F*ck it! I’m dead! Even if I can dodge the slash, I couldn’t dodge the waves! It’s a guaranteed death. Yet, she still rolled over. No matter what, dodge it first.

The axe then slashed towards where ThornyRose rolled over as if it had eyes. “Ajahsa! Alubasta!”

“He said! Ugly female human! You shall pay the price for saying such those words!” Ye Cang gasped as he got up, not forgetting to translate.

You motherf*cker! You’re the one who said those words! ThornyRose was helpless. Whatever. I’ll just die! *Sigh*

“Don’t forget about me!” Zhang Zhengxiong’s voice came out of nowhere.

As ThornyRose got hold of herself, she saw Zhang Zhengxiong’s huge shadow. What is he going to do?

The water droplet on Zhang Zhengxiong’s slime ring dipped. As the golden water droplet began to fall, the ring shined in gold. Just then, Zhang Zhengxiong glowed in a golden light. His body was shaking as if it was turning into some kind of rubber.

As the gigantic axe landed on Zhang Zhengxiong’s shoulder, it was like the axe was cutting through something that could not be chopped off. The axe then slashed at his waist. Yet, it could not be said his waist because, from the shoulder on, he had turned into some kind of rubber. ‘“Bloop!” The axe was reflected and Aludo stumbled backwards. It stabbed the axe to the ground to stabilize itself. In total shock, it stared at Zhang Zhengxiong. What was that?!

Little Ye Tian then heaved a sigh of relief. Thank God, Brother A’Xiong activated the five colors slime ring - gold at such a crucial timing. If that axe slashed, I think the second team would have been killed. She immediately healed the people with Healing Chain and shot the light pearl to Ye Cang. When she raised her head to see Lin Le’s disaster look in mid-air, she felt somewhat happy.

Lin Le saw that below him were the members of the second team. “What are you looking at?! Quickly come and catch me!”

A few paladins and priests went to catch him. Yet, they lost most of the health points just to do that. With pain, Lin Le got up. “Luckily Lele jumped earlier.”

“You guys are not bad. Next time if someone bullies you guys, tell them you’re under me, Brother Le!” Lin Le patted one of the paladin’s shoulder. Upon finished saying, he grabbed his giant blade and dashed towards Aludo. “Charge!”

Once again, Ye Cang appeared on Aludo’s shoulder with Shadow Step and continued to slashed. Aludo was annoyed. The red light from its eyes suddenly caught Ye Cang’s attention and Ye Cang raised his head to make contact with it. Instantly, he was unable to move. He quickly use Forced Escape to remove the stare effect. Unsuccessful! Aludo then smashed him like it was smashing mosquitoes, grabbing Ye Cang in his hand.

“Save my brother!” Zhang Zhengxiong roared. SpyingBlade shot a blade on Aludo’s leg as he sprinted. With a leap, he stepped on the blade and continued to slash as he ran towards its arms.

However, Aludo ignored SpyingBlade’s attack and swallowed Ye Cang into its mouth. “Gaga! Axilasha!”

“Brother Lil’White!” Lin Le shouted fiercely. He activated all the skills he had, the accessories, and rings, pushing a handcart full of explosive items towards Aludo. “Lele will kill you!”

Zhang Zhengxiong was also attacking it in total madness. On the other side, ThornyRose was soaked in cold sweat. Hey, he will revive after his death, please.

“Stop messing around! Team leader has self-revive ability!” SpyingBlade recalled Ye Cang’s reminder about the mysterious ring. Zhang Zhengxiong also remembered and dodged Aludo’s step. He then chose to circle around it.

“Lele doesn’t care! Lele is going to kill it!” Lin Le pouted and increased his speed.

“The Mischievous Child has gone mad.” Wu Na mumbled.

Aludo stared at Lin Le with total contempt, holding its axe high and preparing to welcome him. Suddenly, ThornyRose saw a black light shining at Aludo’s duodenum.


A dark energy exploded and there was a hole in Aludo’s stomach. Ye Cang then jumped out and said. “Just now he said. ‘Haha! Finally caught you, bug!’”

“......” ThornyRose was glad but speechless at the same time. He didn’t forget to translate it alright.

With a jump, Lin Le sent the handcart into its stomach. Swiftly, he turned around and ran desperately. “Run! Quick! Lele’s self-exploding handcart is about to explode!”

Little Tadpole immediately pulled Zhang Zhengxiong and ran. Ye Cang once again grabbed Little Blue Feather and flew away with SpyingBlade. ThornyRose also quickly turned and ran. Yet, Lin Le ran passed her like a wind blew. Oh damn! That fella is running so fast?!

ThornyRose stared at Lin Le who got further away as if there was a turbo at his feet. She was now the last one in the run.

“Boom! Boom!”

“Player HappyAndCheerful successfully defeated Aludo! Received 25000 experience! All players who participate obtain the following: class talent +1, skill point +1 and permanent attribute increment of 3%!”

The fuels and the unstable flammable things in the handcart instantly killed Aludo. ThornyRose then stared at the explosion coming at her like a hurricane. Motherf*cker! I can’t outrun this! That idiot didn’t even want to give me a lift!

The firestorm engulfed ThornyRose in a blink of an eye. Seeing what happened, SpyingBlade actually wanted to say ‘Why don’t you give her a lift? We can forcefully take one more person with us.’ Yet, when he saw Ye Cang’s smile as if he had gotten his revenge, cold sweat began to run down his cheek. Team leader, you…

With Aludo’s death, the green and purple ogres lost their intention to battle. They surrendered as they kneeled on the ground. Little Ye Tian shouted. “Stop the attack! Don’t kill them!”

Seeing the green ogre being exhausted, CloudDragon knew now was the best time to kill it. Still, he stopped. Aludo is the real boss. Even if we kill these two, we wouldn’t get any good items. Maybe they would be useful if we keep them alive. LordAsked also stopped attacking. Looking at the never-ending sea of flames, he wondered. That HappyAndCheerful’s explosive items are indeed overpowered. Knowing that ThornyRose had died, CloudDragon immediately shouted. “Protect the dark corpse at all cost!”