Ye Cang stopped at the outer area of the firestorm when he saw Lin Le rushing towards the corpse using Fire Source Barrier. Immediately, he shouted. “Lele! Bring me into the storm too! I want to touch the corpse! My divine hand is shaking!”

“Brother Lil’White! What did you say?! The fire is too strong! I can’t hear you!” Ye Cang was stunned at Lin Le’s words. Not long after, the message of Aludo being touched was announced. Seeing the corpse in the sea of fire, Ye Cang sighed. He then looked at CloudDragon and others pitifully. “Regret right? You guys missed the chance to get the divine artifact again.”

CloudDragon heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, we once again secure the victory rewards.

With the Fire Source Barrier still activated, Lin Le quickly retreated. As he got out, a gigantic mouth bit at his face. Ye Cang scolded in blur. “The fire is too strong?! Can’t hear properly?! Receive the new era punishment!”

“Ouch! My face! Brother Lil’White! It’s Little Tian! She asked me to do it! I’m innocent!” Lin Le cried and Ye Cang let go of him. Just when Lin Le was about to heave a sigh of relief, Ye Cang bite his head. “You liar!”

Little Ye Tian was so happy to see such a scene. That badass fella deserves it! At last, God is fair.

“Okay, okay. Brother Lil’White, don’t be so angry. Let’s see what we got from the boss.” LordAsked was speechless when he saw Ye Cang’s wolf head hood covering Lin Le’s head while he was scolding Lin Le as the corpse thief.

“Brother White, everyone is still waiting.” CloudDragon reminded him and Ye Cang slowly let go. He then took the equipment which Lin Le handed over while covering his head. “Brother Lil’White, it’s painful.”

“That’s right! Who told you to steal my corpse!” Everyone sighed as they heard Ye Cang’s words. Zhang Zhengxiong was sobbing. Luckily we have Lele at our side, if not...I bet we would get nothing…

Then, Ye Cang displayed all the equipment to the leaders. Two silver dragon platinum, four platinums, 10+ of black gold and a few dark gold equipment. There were also three skill books and three second grade guild upgrading disks. 

Aludo - Sword-breaking Blood Axe (Silver Dragon - Abyss - Platinum - Special field leader)
Category: Axe
Requirement: Strength 335, Constitution 200
Damage: 70-83
Strength +200
Constitution +150
Strength +34%
Constitution +15%
Armor penetration +330
Armor penetration +30%
Automatically recovers 5 rage points every second.
Extra 50% heavy hit damage on the next attack every 10 seconds.

Aludo - Blood Axe (Passive): Any heavy weapon techniques below epic rank will be upgraded a level and reduced half of its rage point cost.

Aludo - Blood Axe - Massive Bleeding: Launch a massive bleeding attack which can’t be recovered on a target, dealing 400% damage. The bleeding damage would be 20% of the damage. It lasts for 2 minutes. Healing effect on the target being damaged would be reduced by 70%. Cooldown: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Aludo - Blood Axe Chop: Launch a destructive shockwave slash at the targeted area, dealing 300% damage. It also stuns, knocks down, and knocks off the target. Cooldown: 2 hours.

Aludo - Blood Rage Barrier (Silver Dragon - Abyss - Platinum - Special field leader)
Category: Big shield
Requirement: Strength 225, Constitution 230
Defense +260
Strength +115
Constitution +160
Constitution +25%
Health points +20%
Strength +20%
Total armor +15%
Recover 2% of health points every 10 seconds.
Physical resistance +125
Magic resistance +120
All damage received will be reduced by 20%.

Aludo - Blood Rage Barrier (passive): Every two attacks received, the next attack damage received would be reduced by 50%. The user’s next physical attack will increase 100%. The attack is in a paper-fan shape.

Aludo - Blood Rage: Once activated, the rage points would be instantly full. For the next 10 seconds, the rage points will always be full and will not be depleted. Damage received will be reduced by 15% and the user will be immune to all controlling effects. Cooldown: 4 hours.

Aludo - Blood Rage Heavy Strike: Can only be used when the rage points are more than 50% full. It stuns the target for 4 seconds and there is a possibility that it might cancel one of the target’s buff effect. Cooldown: 5 minutes.

Skill book 

Massive Bleeding (Aludo)

Blood Blade Chop (Aludo)

Blood Rage (Aludo)

The effects of these skills are similar to the ones mentioned above. It’s just a slight change in the cost and cooldown. (written by the author)

Meanwhile, the other four platinums were a necklace, a ring, a helmet, and a cape. 

LordAsked ignored the four platinum equipments, including the most rare equipment - the cape and stared directly at the blood-red shield. I just need a good shield. He then looked at his dark gold ranked shield. The difference is too big. It is like comparing a wood and a metal. However, when he saw the three skill books, he hesitated. These three skills are similar to the ones that come along with the equipment. Any equipment would wear and tear in the future but skills wouldn’t. But with the shield, I can lead teams to battle against other higher level bosses. Since NalanPureSoul has no rights to take any silver dragon platinum for this boss, we would just give him two disks. So that leaves me, HappyFirmaments, and Mad War. Dividing five equipment among three teams. Obviously each would take two equipments. We would most probably get another one from the platinums. 

VastSea was also interested in the shield and the skills. That 10-second non-depleting rage points and the shield’s blood rage barrier are marvelous. If I take the Blood Rage skill book, then it would be 20 seconds! If I can stay alive longer, it would be a great improvement to Mad War. The Blood Rage can be given to CloudDragon too. No matter if it’s for the main attacker or the defense, it’s a top skill in the current league.

Moreover, CloudDragon felt the same too. Among the three skill books, Blood Rage is the one with the highest potential. Massive bleeding is a godlike skill to fight against bosses or during a pk. High damage. In addition, high bleeding effect and reducing the healing by 70%. The healers would be helplessly staring at their targets. Also, the Blood Blade Chop is a high-damaged crowd-control skill. The three skill books are good. But of course, it would be best to take the Blood Rage. Yet, it seems impossible because Root Emperor Lin Le and Roar Emperor HeavenShakingMight would need it, especially Lele. Giving this skill to him is similar to giving a mad dog a strong dope. He then looked at Ye Cang in sorrow. Let’s see what he is going to say. 

SpyingBlade shrugged his shoulders. This Massive Bleeding is obviously an excellent upgrade for me. During assasination, infiltrate + slash throat + massive bleeding. I could just turn around and walk away after cutting the throat. This is so exciting!

NalanPureSoul sighed as he took a second graded upgrading disk and a platinum. He then went over to pick the black gold and dark gold equipments.

“Three skill books. One team each. Let’s roll the dice to decide. The one with the highest point gets the Blood Rage. Then, Massive Bleeding. The lowest one would take the Blood Blade Chop.” ThornyRose suggested as she got up from Little Ye Tian’s Reviving Light. 

CloudDragon felt like he had never won against HappyFirmaments when it comes to rolling the dice, especially when it was Lele rolling. His luck is just too good. If we do that I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get the Blood Rage. He then gave it a thought with his arms crossed. “Let’s use cup guessing.”

LordAsked heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that. I just suck at rolling the dice. Last time, it was my very first time rolling a 99 but then I got beaten by that 100. “I agree with it.”

“What the heck is cup guessing?” Lin Le asked.

“Same question here.” Ye Cang did not understand too.

“Can someone explain?” Zhang Zhengxiong scratched his head.

Just when ThornyRose wanted to explain, Little Ye Tian said it first. “It’s just like the guess the cup game in the carnival. The rules are about the same. In our situation, we would put the three skill books under a cup each. Yet, in the carnival, people changed it fast with hands and it depends on the one observing. But now, we can just let the system randomly put them under the cups for you guys to choose. It is like a gamble too.”

“Oh, so that’s it.” The three of them nodded slowly.

“Then, let’s start.” As LordAsked finished saying, the three skill books disappeared. Three boxes appeared. Ye Cang’s eyes shined and flew towards them, reaching out his right hand. ThornyRose immediately pulled his legs and he fell to the ground. 

“All three boxes are mine! Mine!” Ye Cang’s wicked shout made LordAsked and CloudDragon scared.

“Well, do you think we would get an empty box if it was team leader who opens it?” FrozenCloud mumbled as she sat aside. 

“It’s hard to say. But I knew they wouldn’t let him try. The Blood Rage is a godlike skill to those players which use rage points in the current league. Besides, it also brings huge increment to grapplers and assassins.” SpyingBlade shook his head.