Mandala stretched lazily and stepped into another reality. She arrived at the park, witnessing how Ye Cang had repeatedly a few members of #10. Those screams were horrifying. She then sighed. “To be honest, you aren’t some ordinary vengeful fella. You had gotten your revenge and yet you still wouldn’t let go of the others.”

“Me? Vengeful? How can that be?” Ye Cang complained and reached out his hand to break then fingers of a lady, one by one. He then healed her back and broke them again. Seeing the blonde’s eyes were filled with fear, he sighed. “Stop crying. I’ll let you guys go. Tell Thunder that it would be better to come and get it himself. Sending weaklings is useless, okay?”

The lady nodded rapidly when she heard that he would release them. So this is SIlver Demon? Staring at the white hair, white eyebrows, and the emotionless eyes, she was terrified. 

“What’s your name?” Ye Cang slowly released his hands and the blonde lady heaved a sigh of relief. “Alloa…”

“I see...Alloa.” Ye Cang stunned for a second and then smiled apologetically. “Alloa, please endure it more. Let me break them another 10 times and I’ll let you guys go. If you want to blame someone, blame your co-leader. *Sigh*” 


“Ah! No!” An awful scream was heard. Mandala rolled her eyes against him as she was speechless. As she turned around, she came to Hunting Flame and ColdMoon and sat down gracefully. “That white rabbit’s personality is so horrible. How can you guys withstand it?”

“I don’t allow you to say anything bad about him…” ColdMoon said coldly and emotionlessly, resting her hands on the blade.

Knowing that ColdMoon was not joking (maybe she does to Ye Cang), Mandala rolled her eyes again. “Okay, okay. I’m not gonna talk.” 

ColdMoon then continued to eat the skewers. 

“Hey, I’m curious about something. How did you get to know our leader?” Hunting Flame laid on the stone chair with his arms crossed. 

“He didn’t tell you guys before?” Mandala grabbed a rib skewer to smell and then put it back. Not long after, she took a cheap can of beer, opened it and smelled. “Still stinks.”

Despite that, she drank it. “If you guys want to know, why don’t you go ask him yourself? It isn’t good for a girl like me to say it out since what he did to me was embarrassing.”

“......” Hunting Flame was speechless. This mature lady actually uses ‘girl’ to describe herself… He did not continue to ask any further and remained silent. One of the elders of Pandora, the Ethereal Illusionist - Mandala. On the other side, ColdMoon couldn’t care less about her. 

Ye Cang then came back with much satisfaction. Mandala then took out a bottle of unknown reagent. “The thing you wanted.”

“Thanks~” Ye Cang took it and smiled.

“Just that?” Mandala was not resigned.

“Or you want me to hang you on the millennium monument in the park, naked?” Ye Cang did not change his expression.

Seeing that Mandala actually blushed and seemed to be wanting it to happen, Hunting Flame was dumbfounded. Streams of sweat were running down his cheek. Hey, hey, hey. What’s with this blush?! You are very strange, do you know that?

ColdMoon made a ‘hmph’ sound and Mandala came back to her senses. “Gotta go. I still need to settle the stuff just now. Remember to keep one reagent for me.”

“Of course.” Ye Cang nodded and Mandala vanished.

Ye Cang then hung the reagent on the other side of his pants. “About the 10 Commandments, I had discussed with #1. Directly inform me when there’s something, alright? If I were not here today, I believe Thunder, Annihilation, and DarkSoul would have come. Even though I know you guys wouldn’t lose, yet if the Salvation took advantage of it...the problem would be troublesome.”

“I got it. Hunting Flame advised me before but it was my decision this time.” Ye Cang sighed when he heard what ColdMoon said. He then touched her long hair and said. “I understand that you don’t want to bother me but I don’t wish you guys to be in danger too. You guys are my family members and friends. If you guys are willing to… you guys can…”

ColdMoon instantly shook her head. “Now is not the time…”

Although ColdMoon was emotionless, Ye Cang could feel the flames of revenge burning strong inside her. 

“Same here.” Hunting Flame smiled.

Both of them were saved and taught by Ye Cang. Because of this, Ye Cang was brooded over it. If I didn’t let them join the association in the first place and maybe… Upon thinking about it, Ye Cang shook his head. Even if it were so, resentment would cause them to…

Ye Cang did not say anything more. “I understood.”

Upon finishing his sentence, he turned around and left. 

“Why don’t you follow him since you love him so much?” Looking at the direction where Ye Cang went, Hunting Flame mumbled. 

“In my current look?” ColdMoon then stared at her own reflection through the pond. The emotionless face and the monotonous voice. 

Hunting Flame did not say much but sighed. If someone were to ask me who loves leader the most, it’s definitely ColdMoon. Just because of it, she has no confidence and she hates that her heart is filled with revenge. She has kept away most of her expressions and feelings.

Imperial City. ‘Ground’ area. Midnight.

Ye Cang only got to know that OldWang had returned to his hometown, the C city because of some emergency after arriving at his accommodation. Not satisfied, he left the accommodation. He then took out his contacts and called Xie Yu’er. On the other side, Xie Yu’er was relaxing in the bath tube after a long tiring day with her eyes closed. As the phone rang, she reached out and answered. “Hello…”

“Lil’Xiexie, it’s me.” Ye Cang’s voice made Xie Yu’er jolted up. “ leader?”

“Yeap, that’s right. Where’s your house? I would like to stay a night at your place. OldWang had returned to his hometown to visit his relatives.”

Xie Yu’er was dumbfounded and helpless at the same time. Can I say no? His insane personality… She then told him the address.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Xie Yu’er was hesitating as she placed her hand on the handle. She did not know whether to open or not. Just then, the entire door was then pulled away. Ye Cang was holding the door single handed, looking at the dumbfounded Xie Yu’er. He complained. “Can’t you open the door faster? I thought something bad happened to you.”

Ye Cang then put the door back into the frame, hit the handle for a few times, twisted the screw and squeezed the place where it was broken. Soon, it looked entirely new. He patted Xie Yu’er shoulder and said. “Tonight I’ll sleep on the bed and you’ll sleep on the ground. Is that alright?”

Xie Yu’er only then came back to her senses and smiled bitterly. Have you never thought of being a gentleman? Which ordinary man would let the girl sleeps on the floor when he goes to a girl’s house? 

Ye Cang casually switched on the TV and looked left and right. “Where to shower?”

Xie Yu’er pointed to the right side. 

“Do you want to shower together?” Ye Cang asked politely.

“......” Xie Yu’er shook her head and turned to look at the door. She mumbled. “I should change it to the most expensive anti-burglary iron door.”