Ye Cang then returned to the living room and said to Xie Yu’er. “Get me a bucket of liquid nitrogen. I want to do a small experiment when I shower.”

“I got it.” Xie Yu’er sighed. I better satisfy this demon as much as possible so that he would leave earlier. If the bathroom is going to collapse, just let it be. Moments later, she dragged a sealed container of liquid nitrogen from the administration building.

“Don’t come in later. This experiment is very dangerous and I’m not joking. Very dangerous…” After he strongly emphasized, Ye Cang dragged the liquid nitrogen into the bathroom and locked the door. He took off his clothes, staring at the ring hanging on his chest. With a smile, he pulled out two reagents and put the fragment of Big Disaster into the bottle Mandala gave him. He then pushed the needle of the bottle. Instantly, he pierced right at his heart, injecting everything into himself. His expression immediately turned wild and his veins were all visible on his body. Crackling sounds were heard.

Ye Cang then opened the lit of the liquid nitrogen container and jumped in, covering his entire body including his head. The extremely low temperature froze Ye Cang’s expression and body. The only thing that was beating was his heart. At such a low temperature, his body and veins had turned into a good test tube and a vessel which could protect the reagent without being affected by the temperature. His heart was like a converter, reacting with his blood and filling the ‘vessel’ through the ‘test tube’. In this period of time, only Ye Cang knew how painful and torturing it was. 

Chills were coming out from the bathroom. Xie Yu’er was there staring at the clouds of white fumes. Even though the door was shut, the entire house was colder than the ice cellar. She sneezed a few times and walked towards the bathroom with much curiosity. Just then, she remembered Ye Cang’s reminder and then retreated. She took a stool and left the house, sitting outside.

Meanwhile, Ye Cang was enduring an extraordinary pain which no human could withstand, the chills of the liquid nitrogen and the chilling energy from the fragment. He felt as if his thought and his soul were about to get frozen. The torture was not purely pain but his thoughts were covered by endless amount of snow. In the snowy night, he saw a girl standing outside a restaurant, looking at a family enjoying the meal. With a shivering body, she then returned to a corner, trying to light up a match. Staring at the flames, it was as if that was the warmth which she could never get. The matches dropped one by one from her hands. Soon, the snow engulfed her and her matches. Through the little girl’s eyes, Ye Cang saw a sister and a brother in that rainy night. They were enduring pain and chills, hugging each other, sitting under the roof outside a restaurant and having their back against the rich family.

The little girl slowly opened her eyes and smiled towards Ye Cang, using the very last energy she had. “It’s so warm, brother. I saw mother. Here’s a packet of matches. Take it and get yourself some warm.”

Streams of tears were running down Ye Cang’s cheek and fell on the bluestone of the glass window. He held the girl tight and the packet of matches in his hand. He could not say anything as his tongue was numb. All he could do was staring at the little face which was dying and yet smiling. The helpless feeling almost drove Ye Cang insane again.

“Mother, I’m coming…” The little girl pinched Ye Cang’s hand softly and her hands gradually fell. In that split second, Ye Cang recalled the moment when his grandma passed away. That pain. That despair. That sorrow.

“Grandma, I’m scared! Don’t leave me alone!”

“Cang’er! Don’t cry! Lift your chest! Don’t be afraid! You’re a man! One day, you would be successful! Even though grandma may not see it when it happens, I know you wouldn’t let me disappointed, no matter I’m in heaven or hell. You would always put a smile on my face. Haha. I guess I’m not sincere. Sorry. Haha… *cough* *cough*”

“Cang’er, grandma really need to go now…”

That rainy night and the will made him shouted in pain. “Ah!!”

As his vision slowly became clear, Ye Cang was shockingly staring at the bathroom. The temperature was turning back to normal and yet he was covered with cold sweat. The low temperature of liquid nitrogen had dispersed after enduring it with his own body temperature. He wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes and reached out his hand. He raised his eyebrows as he looked at the packet of matches in his hand. Suddenly, it ignited on itself, turned into a blue flames and entered into his body.

Yet, Ye Cang did not feel uncomfortable. It was just sorrow and despair. He closed his eyes and slowly felt the change in his body. The ninth chain has been broken. No, wait. There is a blue flame at the end of the Star Sea (the image of the Will field). I can feel it. This flame is different from the others. It’s cold, so cold that it makes people’s soul shiver. It also has the emotional energy, cold yet sorrowful. 

Ye Cang then clenched his left hand and a spiritual blue cold flame appeared in his hand. Through the flame, it was as if Ye Cang saw the smile of the little girl when she said goodbye. He looked down, clenching his right fist tight and grinding his teeth. Staring at the mirror, he said. “I would never ever let them die in my embrace...Never…”

Not long after, he switched on the good quality shower head and began to shower. He then returned to the living room and scanned around. Where’s Lil’Xiexie? He found her sleeping outside the house. With a smile, he hugged her and came to the bed. He gave it a thought and then put her on the floor. “We agreed that I would be sleeping on the bed and you would sleep on the floor. I must keep my promise. Grandma, I didn’t disappoint you all this time.”

He pulled the blanket up to her shoulder and laid on the bed to rest. At the same time, he was examining the change in his body and the possible treasure and power that would appear after the ninth chain had been broken. Even though it was not at a state where it was observable, Ye Cang was curious about what lies behind the ninth chain.

The next day.

Xie Yu’er jolted up by a malodorous smell. “Bio-creatures ambush! Prepare for battle!”

With a smile, Ye Cang then carried the homemade breakfast and gave it to Xie Yu’er. It was chocolate + chilli sauce + tofu porridge.. “Eat it. I must repay you with something since I have stayed a night here. This is the nutritious breakfast I prepared for you.”

“Can I don’t eat?”

“What do you think?”


“Guess again.”


Moments later, Xie Yu’er was vomiting in the toilet after eating breakfast. She then blamed herself for welcoming Ye Cang and Lin Le when they first came to the Imperial City. Why was I so stupid to welcome them? Now, look what I got myself into? I couldn’t beat him. Besides, this fella is an extreme psychopath!

“Was yesterday’s experiment successful?” Seeing  Xie Yu’er coming out from the toilet covering her mouth, Ye Cang was leaning against the balcony. Upon talking about it, Ye Cang was slightly sad and sighed. “I think it is considered successful.”

“Do you want to join Lockpicking Sect and unlock the shackles that had been caging you?”

Lockpicking Sect? What kind of stupid name is that? Are you the head of some illegal organization? Doubtfully, she asked. “Lockpicking Sect is…?”

“The sect I established!” Ye Cang shouted. “Okay, since you have joined the Lockpicking Sect…”

Xie Yu’er’s jaw dropped. I’ve joined?! You didn’t even ask me whether I’m willing or not!!! She facepalmed and sighed.