Not long after Ye Cang had left, Xie Yu’er was still thinking about the incredible martial art which Ye Cang taught her. Lockpicking. Repeating flow. Upon recalling Ye Cang’s reminder of using the mundane and simple way to practice for 10 thousand times, she sighed. What kind of person is he?

Her mind was clouded with various thoughts and so she decided to go on the street for a walk. Just then, she saw a pervert guy sitting at the hawker stall eating supper. She then got furious. If it wasn’t for this @$$hole, I wouldn’t have to suffer those tortures! It was so horrible!

And the guy who she was referring to was OldWang. He also noticed her and then put down the chopsticks and smiled politely. “Senior Yu’er, wanna eat together?”

Upon finished saying, Xie Yu’er swiftly swung her leg at him. OldWang raised his eyebrows. So fast! He noticed there was some glowing effect at her ankle. Some speed-enhancing ability? He immediately pulled out the brush and the ink splashed out. As the brush drew a circle, the ink energy swirled in the air like a vortex, trapping Xie Yu’er leg. OldWang then reversed his grip on the brush and casually hit her CV 17 acupuncture point[1] with his elbow. Seeing Xie Yu’er standing there like a model in a painting, he gradually sat down. On the other hand, Xie Yu’er was staring at him amazed. This fella is this strong?! I know how strong I am Inow. I’m a few levels stronger than before but I couldn’t counter this at all. “Quickly release me!”

As OldWang untrapped her, she sat down and ground her teeth. “What a good reason you had there. Visiting relatives...Do you know how much hardship I suffered?”

“There’s an emergency at home, I must go back. I had no choice.” OldWang sighed when he kept his brush.

From the corner of her eyes, Xie Yu’er saw there were various brushes inside his bag, including those western brushes. Just what kind of martial art does he have? Recalling the ink energy that immobilized her, she asked. “Family tradition martial art?”

OldWang shook his head. “My body is weak since young. Hence, it is hard for me to practice martial arts and yet, I love drawing and calligraphy…”

Xie Yu’er then turned on her listening mode and started eating as she stared at OldWang. “Then?”

“There’s no ‘then’. It’s just like that.” OldWang shrugged his shoulders and Xie Yu’er was pissed. If I could just beat him in combat, I would make him say... She sighed deeply. Nevermind, if he doesn’t want to say, it isn’t good for me to ask more. She then got up and prepared to return to the accommodation. Just when she got up…

“Hey, OldWang! Let’s go! To Axica! (a famous cafe nearby where there are female servants to serve you at night time.) Yesterday the girl who accompanied you - Xino, let me choose her today. I felt like mine didn’t suit my style yesterday. She was so slutty like those on the advertisements. I think Xino is better. White lance, small breast, and still knows how to dance the Agogo Bear dance. Ah!! This is exciting! Exciting! I must make her play with me today! Why the f*ck are you standing there stunned? Damn it! Let’s go! Yesterday the bill was on me so today is your turn! Quick!”

Seeing Xie Yu’er’s trembling back, OldWang immediately jumped out of the hawker stall and dragged the one talking away. 

Recalling the hardship she suffered and the almost-dying experience, Xie Yu’er was furious. Just because he went to Axica for those girl servants?! She screamed. “Argh! Wang Quyi!! I’ll remember this!!”

“Hey, wasn’t that one of the most beautiful girls in our school, the kind-hearted Senior Yu’er? You know her?”

“Just now, we still knew each other. But now, I don’t think so…”


Imperial City. Floating train station. 

Ye Cang was waiting for the train at the platform. Just then, Ji Xiao walked out of the train, naked. He held his chin up, proudly swinging his ‘elephant’, smiling at Ye Cang. “Haha, I knew I would freaking meet you on my way back! Come on! I’m not afraid of you now!”

Ji Xiao was swaying left and right, ignoring the female servants and passengers who were shocked. He even put his hands on his hip and did the tap dance. 

With much sympathy, Ye Cang glanced at him. He then went over and patted on his shoulder. “*Sigh* Send my regards to Brother Asked.”

Just when Ye Cang was about to board the train, he turned around and smiled. “Oh yeah, just saying, Brother Asked is right beside you.”

Ji Xiao immediately turned around and saw LordAsked stomping towards him with a clenched fist. He looked extremely serious. “! I...I...I’m not a pervert!”

“You motherf*cker! You totally embarrassed the entire Ji family! Where are your manners?! Keep on learning these sh*t! Look at yourself now! So shameless!”

“Brother, don’t hit my face! I know I’m wrong!”

As the train moved, Ye Cang was staring at Ji Xiao being beaten up through the window. He sighed. “What for…"

Heaven’s Sword Sect.

Lin Lan was standing on the peak of Heaven’s Sword Mountain with his arms crossed. He looked bothered as the flower-shaped sword scar on his forehead was shining red. 

At the side, Lin Songyin was worried. “Martial grandfather, is it the Black Tide?”

Lin Lan nodded slowly and mumbled. “Is it the Double Ninth Festival[2]? Give out the Void Order.” 

“Got it.” Lin Songyin bowed and backed off.

10 Commandments.

“The Heaven’s Sword Lin family has given the Void Order. It’s the Double Ninth Festival.” #1 said. 

“Once the Void Order is here, it means the Black Tide is coming.” ColdMoon said the rumors coldly.

The others looked bothered. 

However, Fang Ci and SpyingBlade looked lost as they knew nothing about it. Seeing their expressions, ColdMoon’s assistant - Bones explained with a smile. “Black Tide basically means the crack of the void opens. The Lin family could predict the time and the location of the crack but it only happens once every 10 years. Besides, there would be plenty of void beasts appearing. Hence, it is called Black Tide.”

“Is it dangerous?” Fang Ci whispered.

Bones shook her head. “Of course. Even though I didn’t witness it before, it should be scary. This is because the most recent one happened 30 years ago and when it happened the entire C city was gone.”

“The rebuilding of C city was because of the earthquake, wasn’t it?” SpyingBlade questioned. 

“How can you believe the words of the federal’s media. They just wanted to prevent people from getting panicked.” Bones rolled her eyes. 

“Then, what now?” SpyingBlade then recalled something. The terrorist attack of Salvation had destroyed thousands of families. Then, the Black Tide…

“Don’t ask me. I don’t know who to ask either. Such serious matter. We could only wait for the outcome of the meeting between ColdMoon, leader and the rest.” Bones sighed as she knew she did not have the rights to decide such a matter. 


Lin Hai.

Upon getting off the train, Ye Cang saw the message #1 sent. He frowned as he turned to the west and mumbled. “The Black Tide is here?”

Everyone in the meeting the saw the shadow of the leader on VII. 

“What a rare guest. Isn’t this the Silver Demon?” War Soul (II) teased him.

Ye Cang did not bother about it and stared at #1. “I’ll go this time. It isn’t considered as the promise.”

“Why?” #1 was curious.

“There’s something I care about.” Upon finished saying, Ye Cang left the virtual world.

“He is getting more and more arrogant.” War Soul sneered at him. 

“War Soul, don’t let me find out where your exact location is…” ColdMoon’s deadly voice came out of nowhere and she stared at her coldly. After ordering Bones and Fang Ci to represent her in the meeting, she left.


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