“Congratulations, you’ve created a master level top class dark recipe! Please name it!”

“Alcoholic Skeleton Slime Soup with Penes and A Toad!”

“Mixed Tempura Testicles with Secret Sauce!”

“Ye Style Sashimi Set C!”

“Ye Style Eyeball Skewers Set B!”

“Let’s begin! The elites only have to drink the alcoholic soup and a piece of each dish. The rest is for the others.”

“About that...since you are the one who made them, why don’t you try it first?” LordAsked walked towards the weird fried testicles, pinching his nose. He then looked at Ye Cang and said in a serious manner.

“You’ve got a point there.” Ye Cang casually took a tempura testicle, put it into the soup and added the sashimi and fried eyeball. He took a deep breath and swallowed them all at once. Instantly, the horrendous smell was everywhere in his body as if it was stinging the tastebuds and nerves. “The...taste...is...still…”

Everyone was staring at Ye Cang, wondering why he could not continue his words. CloudDragon then walked towards Ye Cang as his mouth was filled with white foams. Moments later, Ye Cang’s body was twitching. CloudDragon sighed.  “He has lost consciousness. This is just the body’s reaction.”

Everyone gasped and glanced at each other. They knew how good Ye Cang’s resistance towards the black recipes was. If he himself also couldn’t withstand it, then that means… OldWang, AV, and the others were already crying. Team leader has evolved!

“So, what now?” CloudDragon stared at those four different disgusting food. The food gives an extremely strong buff but the taste and its disgusting level are…

Lin Le knew he had to eat it because he would be smacked by Ye Cang if he did not do so. Suddenly, he shouted at the people with much righteousness. “Brother Lil’White has eaten them! What are you guys waiting for?! This is related to attacking...attacking...attacking…”

“What’s the name of this mountain again?”


“Thousand Peak Mountain.” Wu Na was speechless.

“Yeah, attacking Thousand Peak Mountain! This is for the sake of China! For the sake of justice!” Lin Le once again shouted as if he did not forget the name just now. “A bunch of pussies! Brother Lil’White! Lele is coming!”

“Wait!” Lin Le seemed to be reminded of something. Just then, he grabbed his ‘little partner’, tigerkin Little Ren over and forced him to swallow the food. Seeing Little Ren falling on the ground, Lin Le only then was satisfied and followed Ye Cang’s path.

“Don’t you guys want to surpass my brother?” Zhang Zhengxiong shouted at CloudDragon, LordAsked, and the others. He then took the food with a shaking hand and followed Lin Le’s path despite the fact that he was shouting a moment ago.

Little Ye Tian sighed. She did not say anything but forced WeakSauce and the other pet companions to eat casually. Then, she held Ye Cang’s arm and twitched with him.


CloudDragon smiled bitterly. Looks like it’s time to die and become alive again. I thought my resistance towards this food has increased but it turns out that I was wrong. I couldn’t catch up to his evolution. But these mixed buffs, resistance, and passive effects are really important. He sighed. No boss is harder than this disgusting bowl of soup. He began to take a piece of everything. “Let’s eat. You don’t wish to be tortured by those three when they got up, right?”

Wu Na stared at the sky while holding the bowl of soup. She was lost in her thoughts as she recalled the invitation back at the night market “Why the hell did I want to play this game with them…”

On the other side, seeing how FrozenBlood forced GreenDew to eat, ThornyRose felt pity for her. Staring at the black soup, she smelled it. In the past, I would have vomited by now. But now, only my stomach feels weird after smelling it. She then bitterly recalled the princess she was in the past where she had all the things she wanted. It all began from the moment my butt got shot. She turned around to look at ElegantFragrance who was hugging Lin Le. *Sigh* What’s the point of getting revenge? The price is too high…

NalanPureSoul stared at Ye Cang who was still twitching. My life was ruined from the moment I met the white-haired. 

Seeing their leaders were doing the zombie dance, the attacking team knew what happened as the atmosphere was filled with a smell that was more malodorous than what they were eating. I would have fainted by just smelling that smell! Respectfully, they stared at Ye Cang who was the chief commander of the troop and also the master chef. 

Moments later, they got up with a pale face. They were covering their mouth as they followed the guidelines to the entrance of Death Valley. There were plenty of skeletons on the ground, forming a path to nowhere. 

“The death spirit aura is very strong…” Fang Ci frowned. As a necromancer, he could feel his strength had greatly increased at the moment he set foot on this place. He then reminded them. “Team leader, be careful. The death spirit aura is too strong.”

Ye Cang nodded. “Everyone prepares for battle!”

Little Ye Tian had also noticed and was thinking of all the possibilities. There could only be three different possibilities. First, the skeletons would come back alive and ambush us when we walk through the path. Second, we would have to keep battling the skeletons which come back alive until we reach the end. Third, the enhanced version of those two. In such a deathly place, those skeletons might be hard to be killed. Then, this means the priests must not go easy on them. Every priest in our team has to do something. “Father, leader LordAsked, leader CloudDragon, ask everyone to stop for a second. Don’t enter the cave yet. Let me arrange our line-up.”

The entire troop then stopped.

LordAsked and CloudDragon did not reject her request because they both knew how good Little Ye Tian was. Besides, she was also a player with pre-emperor rank. 

Little Ye Tian went up to a high ground and stared at the troop below her. She asked the close-range combat players and tankers to form a circle. Then, the bowman, summoners, long-range mages were at the second inner layer of the circle. Meanwhile, the non-priest supports were in the middle. She scattered the priests and put them in between the two layers. “If the devil spirits resurrect after being killed, follow this line-up. Remember who is beside you and who is the leader. Don’t stop moving! Tankers and close-range combat players, don’t stick with those spirits for too long. Move as you battle. Brother Lil’Xiong will be the spearhead! Just keep pushing towards the deep end. If there is any danger, it is a must to protect the priests! We’ll discuss further when we meet the boss.”

According to Little Ye Tian’s strategy, LordAsked, CLoudDragon, and the others ordered their members to form the line-up.

“Why don’t we put Zhang Zhengxiong in the center to ensure everyone has the aura?” CloudDragan questioned.

“Brother A’Xiong has the aura that can suppress the devil spirits. It would be too far away if we put him at the center. Our purpose is to move forward. Even though the people at the back would not get the aura, as long as they don’t stay there battling the spirits, they would be fine.” CloudDragon nodded as he heard what Little Ye Tian said. If he really has the suppress devil spirits aura, it is a must to put him in front. 

Everyone then nodded at Zhang Zhengxiong who was standing in front of the troop. 

“A’Xiong, don’t dash too fast. Remember to take care of the line-up.” Ye Cang reminded him.

“I got it, brother.”

Little Ye Tian thought of the possible special field when they meet the boss. She then came to Lin Le’s side. “Lele, if those spirits are still chasing us when we meet the boss, use all the stuff you created during preparation to seal the path.”

Lin Le knocked her head. “Call me Brother Le! So unmannered of you. You don’t have to remind me, I was thinking the same thing too.”

Little Ye Tian stared at Lin Le speechlessly and angrily.