“Charge!” Ye Cang put on his hood and shouted.

“Charge!” Zhang Zhengxiong dashed into the valley full of skeletons with his war hammer. Everyone quickly followed according to Little Ye Tian’s line-up.

As they reached deeper, the skeletons around them and on the walls started to move. They gradually got up.

“Priests at the wing quickly kill them before they are fully awakened! Don’t stop!” Little Ye Tian was observing on the back of Little Ration who was flying.

“Mages who have instant magic prepare to attack those who are about to jump down from the sides! Those long-ranged physical attacks players do the same too! You guys also pay attention to those devil spirits who could use long-ranged attacks! Prepare to change your target anytime!” NalanPureSoul shouted when he saw there were black dots appearing from the walls and the ground.

“As for those spirits who managed to jump into the line-up, close-ranged combaters cooperate with those priests in between and kill them as soon as possible! Ensure the mages’ movements are not affected!” VastSea who was at the back of the troop reminded them.

Thousands of skeletons came alive and attacked them from their surroundings and the ceiling. Yet, Zhang Zhengxiong who was the lead crushed them all like a lawnmower.

“Many ghosts are rushing over.” Ye Cang saw them coming as he used Eagle Eye while moving. Once Little Ye Tian received the message, she ordered the entire troop to stop for a while. “All the priests who have area holy magic spells, start chanting now! Those who don’t have it, be prepared too! Once the ghosts appear, evict them at an instant! Close-range combatants, marksman, mages, surround those priests and protect them!”

The skeletons from all different directions made the priests who were chanting extremely anxious. However, their teammates were around them, protecting them. Even the archers used close-range weapons to cover them. Using this opportunity, Ye Cang immediately activated Water Tortem to recover mana and health of those in the inner circle. As the blue energy swirled in his hands, he started to chant the advanced level of large area healing/damaging skill - Healing Tide.

At the very front of the troop, Zhang Zhengxiong who was a priest himself was too lazy to swing his hammer when he saw those endless skeletons coming at him. He just knocked them with his armguard that had holy energy. Meanwhile, Lin Le was swinging that extremely huge Aludo - Blood Axe. He was literally spinning. LordAsked broke out in a cold sweat when he saw Lin Le was like a deathly spiraling machine reaping the wheats. That damage. And that heavy weapon. He is totally a living meat grinder in this valley war. Just then, seeing Lin Le turning himself into a demon driver as he dashed with the handcart, LordAsked wondered. If he is in front battling, then who is at the back killing those spirits?

On the other hand, CloudDragon was even more speechless when he saw Zhang Zhengxiong’s Little tadpole battling like a strong grappler. Little Tadpole was hitting anything that came at it, one by one. Even if a group of spirits was coming at it, the holy light would just flash in its palms and the enemies were gone. What was bothering CloudDragon the most was Little Tadpole’s expression. It just needs a cigar in its mouth and it would look like some big ass boss. Seeing CloudDragon’s confused expression while swinging her shield, ThornyRose shouted. “Stop thinking about it! That thing, not even Shaking Bear could win against it in a one-on-one! It is like a boss that requires 10 people to fight now! Besides, it has endless mana. Putting its grappling skills aside, its instant healing skills, both light and water elemental would be enough to deal with you. Do you see that water shield? I tried before. I need two heavy strikes + a qi slash to break it.”

“They have a few pets...that fella knows some special taming skill right?” CloudDragon turned around to look at tigerkin Little Ren who was dashing all over the place, swinging its blades, doing flying kicks, and many different aerial combat skills casually. In addition, through Little Ren’s inborn talent he was already a hunting machine. ThornyRose did not answer his question but CloudDragon knew she admitted it. He then pondered. I have one pet egg too but incubating it is a problem. Maybe I should find an opportunity and ask him to help me. NalanPureSoul’s flaming bird must be from him too. Seeing many water droplets appearing at his foot, he turned to see Ye Cang chanting his magic. He shouted. “Rapid attack mode!”

Just then, 5 continuously giant tides rushed out below everyone. The healing energy was doing a good job healing the players who were defending the devil spirits and washing away those skeletons who were jumping from the top. It reduced the team’s burden. 

“It’s here! Everyone get closer to the center!” Little Ye Tian shouted. The vengeful spirits appeared all at once, rushing towards them. With a whistle, Little Blue Feather flew down and Ye Cang jumped on its back. His hands were laid on the guns filled with holy crystals.

Little Ye Tian was calculating the best attack range. “Release holy magic!”

Instantly, a white light flashed and all the vengeful spirits were evicted. Ye Cang activated Anya’s lock on rapid-fire, dashing into the group of vengeful spirits with Little Blue Feather. He locked on hundreds of targets instantly and enhanced the success rate of both guns to the maximum. Overload mode! On! Tide on the left and Thunder Possessed With Demon on the right! He pulled out his guns and shot madly while spinning around like a dancer. The holy energy pierced through the spirits rapidly and the demon effect exploded. The waves burst out too. Along with the humid air and the water area, the thunder expanded. The spirits then screamed in pain. As his energy was worn out, Ye Cang stopped dancing and dropped low. With Shadow Step, he returned to Zhang Zhengxiong’s back. He refilled the crystals and whistled for Little Blue Feather. Dodging all the attacks of the spirits, Little Blue Feather once again got up into the air and started attacking the skeletons on top of the ceiling with wind and ice elemental magic while Ye Cang was firing at those spirits accurately with his guns. 

Little Ye Tian was amazed because Ye Cang helped the priests a lot in terms of attacking the spirits. Suddenly, an eagle cry was heard. Ye Cang frowned and shouted. “Be careful! The big one is here!”

Just then, everyone saw the skeletons were sent flying everywhere and a pale yet huge and fat One-eyed Ogre Zombie came dashing towards them with a chain.

Ye Cang immediately identified it.

Stitching Giant Warrior Ogre - Adoka: A weird devil spirit creature formed from the skeletons. It has all the characteristics of a virtual creature. It has also great physical and magical defenses. Unless you could get rid of its disgusting fat, even holy magic would not have much of an effect on it. Its fats are a core ingredient in making a certain rare food. It is also a good material for the necromancers. Yet, the most precious part is its bile juice. It is an extremely rare consumable weapon and it has many functions!

“Tankers, be in position! The center and middle troop stay behind and act like a bummer when we engaging the monster!” ThornyRose shouted as she dropped low and put her shield in front of her chest. 

“That’s not it…” Little Ye Tian noticed those vengeful spirits which were blown away turned into a light and accumulated in mid-air, turning into a grey energy ball. Suddenly, a grating scream of an enchantress disrupted every mage who was chanting magic and silence them. NalanPureSoul immediately looked up. That grey energy ball turned into an enchantress! “Not good! It’s twin bosses! It’s still an enchantress type! Non-holy mages change your target to the boss on the ground! Don’t even try to attack her!”