Little Ye Tian was cautiously observing the enchantress’ movements and looks. Just then, when she saw her eyes became filled with hatred, she shouted. “Lil’Tadpole! Prepare to interrupt her!”

On the cliff, Little Tadpole dropped low, preparing to attack anytime as its palms were swirling with holy light. 

As the eyes of the enchantress were getting darker, Little Ye Tian knew it was about time. Her scepter was already glowing with light. 

Just when the enchantress opened her mouth, Little Ye Tian swung her scepter and attacked her with a flash of light. The enchantress was stunned but the ultimate was not broken. Little Ye Tian then stared at Little Tadpole who was dashing at the boss. It all depends on it now.

Meanwhile, Little Tadpole was charging at the enchantress like an arrow, with holy light shining at its palms. Immediately, it slapped at the boss. *Clap*

The enchantress’ face was twisted and the Deathly Scream was knocked back into her mouth. Yet, Little Tadpole did not stop. It continuously slapped her in mid-air. A series of clapping sound was heard. Even when it was falling, it kicked her thrice and shot a holy bullet at her face. After that, it gracefully landed on the other cliff and casually gave itself a buff. 

Seeing all this, NalanPureSoul broke out in cold sweat. This toad is freaking insane. It actually did a heavy hit, 13 combo hits, a triple kick, and a holy bullet in mid-air just now. Can’t believe they turned a toad into a grappler. 

“Lil’Tadpole! Bring me there!” SpyingBlade crushed those skeletons and jumped to Little Tadpole’s position. Little Tadpole stuck out its long tongue, wrapped it around his waist and swallowed him. After a deep breath, it shot SpyingBlade out like a bullet towards the enchantress. Dashing with his dual blades, SpyingBlade activated his holy elemental ultimate - Holy Cross. Instantly, he pierced through the enchantress’ body and Little Blue Feather caught him as he fell. 

Seeing the enchantress had become weak after the Holy Cross, Little Ye Tian immediately ordered all priests to maximize their attacks. Moments later, they defeated the boss in the air. 

After heaving a sigh of relief, Little Ye Tian quickly landed in the inner circle and recovered. Not long after, she arranged the shift to rest.

As the enchantress was defeated, Zhang Zhengxiong did not have much pressure dealing with the other boss too. Swiftly, they killed it with each other’s cooperation. Unfortunately, the most devastating incident happened! Ye Cang successfully touched Adoka’s corpse. Zhang Zhengxiong, Lin Le, CloudDragon, ThornyRose, and the others were stunned. Yet, Ye Cang was still standing there, wondering and mumbling something. “Hmm...that’s weird...why isn’t there anything?”

Upon saying, he seemed to realize something when he saw the enchantress’ corpse. He clapped. “I know why now! This boss must be on a rush when it came out so it passed everything to that boss!”

“Block him! Don’t let him touch again! If not, we wouldn’t get a single thing!” LordAsked immediately rushed at Ye Cang with lightning speed. He swung his shield at Ye Cang but Ye Cang dodged it with a blink. A few people who came back to their senses also chased after him.

At the same time, NalanPureSoul, NalanMoon, OldWang, and SpyingBlade rushed over to attack him. However, Ye Cang successfully dodged each of their attacks and jumped up high. His eyes were staring at the scepter residue of the enchantress, desperate to get it. Just then, Ye Cang felt like something wrapped at his waist and he was getting further away from the residue. “Ah! My divine artifact!”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they saw the tongue. Little Tadpole swallowed Ye Cang for a second before spitting him out again. However, the corpse had already been touched by Lin Le. Ye Cang then turned to glare at Little Tadpole. Instantly, Little Tadpole had goosebumps and it swallowed. Not long after, it pointed at Little Ye Tian. “Guagua! Ga!”

Little Ye Tian felt something bad coming. 

“You are saying that it’s Little Tian who asked you to do so?” Ye Cang smiled.

Lin Le heard it and immediately shouted. “Brother Lil’White! I can be a witness! It’s true! I saw Little Ye Tian signaled it!”

Little Ye Tian then stared at Lin Le angrily. “You!! Father, no, that’s not true.”

Ye Cang smiled. “Is alright, Little Tian. Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you. Don’t you dare open your eyes ya…”

Little Ye Tian was shivering. “About that…”

“Quickly close your eyes!” Ye Cang’s faint smile slowly turned wicked and it sent chills down everyone’s spine. Little Ye Tian had no choice but to close her eyes. Then, Ye Cang asked Little Tadpole to swallow him and shoot him at her. Little Tadpole quickly did so. Ye Cang was like a flying bullet and he grabbed Little Ye Tian’s head and bit. “Who ask you to be the betrayer! How many times do I have to tell you?! It’s your time to accept the domestic violence punishment!”

“We used our energy to fight two bosses but only received the reward of one boss.” LordAsked was speechless. Because of this incident, he confirmed that they did not lie to him about Ye Cang.

“Sigh, at least we have one. It’s not bad. During the hidden quest back in the village, he touched the corpse of a guardian boss. At that time, we were all dead except for him. Can you understand our feelings after knowing that we defeated the boss but the corpse was touched by him? It was as if falling from heaven to hell.” ThornyRose sighed.

“Moreover, no matter how many times we did tell him not to, it’s useless.” CloudDragon also sighed. The incident had already happened.

“The most important thing is that my brother still believes himself as the lucky one. This is the scary part.” Zhang Zhengxiong looked at Little Ye Tian who was rolling on the floor, crying. 

“It’s the same in cooking.” Wu Na smiled bitterly.

Silence then filled the atmosphere. 

“Lele, what did we get?” ThornyRose asked as Lin Le skipped towards them like a kid. 

“We got two silver dragon platinums, five skill books, four platinums, and a few black gold. It’s not bad though.” Lin Le’s words once again made everyone remained silent. Not long after, the luckily-we-got-you-on-our-side look was written on everyone’s faces. 

“Just imagine if both bosses were touched by Brother Lele, then it would be great.” Everyone was speechless and helpless after hearing what LordAsked said. 

Ye Cang then let go of Little Ye Tian whose head was filled with tooth prints and came to Lin Le’s side. Little Ye Tian quickly got up and commanded people to clean the place. Seeing her acting like it was nothing, everyone laughed. 

After that, Ye Cang took everything and glared at everyone. He slowly nodded. “See! I’ve said that the boss was in a rush when coming out. Everything is here! It’s sad that I’m not the one who touched it. If not, there would definitely a divine artifact here.”

Everyone rolled their eyes against him. LordAsked sighed and swung his hand impatiently. “Quickly put it out and distribute it.”

“We would distribute and battle at the same time! Don’t stay here! Brother A’Xiong, quickly return to the spearhead position and everyone charges! All priests listen to my command. Half of you guys move and recover at the same time while the other half help to clean the surroundings!” Little Ye Tian shouted despite her face was covered with tooth prints.

Even though it was hilarious, NalanPureSoul nodded. “She’s right. We’ll distribute it along the way. But first, still, show it to us.”