Just when Flasher Uncle was about to button up his windbreaker, Cruel Woman quickly rushed over and spoke softly. “Elder Flasher Uncle...recently I have some minor problems with my menstruation cycle...Can I…”

“God damn it! Can’t you go see a doctor for that?!” Flasher Uncle complained.

“Well, I’m embarrassed to ask a doctor…” Cruel Woman rubbed her hands.

Ye Cang stared at her with a doubtful look. Embarrassed to tell a doctor about the problem but okay with touching a middle-aged man’s elephant? Why does it feel weird in some way?

“Quick. Quick.” Flasher Uncle urged her and Cruel Woman immediately grabbed it. The warm flow of energy made her moan and blush. 

“Hey, menstruation problem isn’t some serious illness! Just a touch would do! WHy are you still holding it?! Quickly let go! Are you a pervert?!” Flasher Uncle knocked her hands off and buttoned up his clothes. Cruel Woman was embarrassed and moved to aside. “Thank you very much, Elder Flasher Uncle.”

“Gotta go. Gotta go. I’ve paid you back for the help you have given me in the past and the argument we had for the south district.” Flasher Uncle put on his sunglasses and left. Ye Cang exclaimed that the world was indeed wonderful and followed up. 

Seeing both of them leaving, King of Violence said to everyone. “From now onwards, Lynx’s stuff is our stuff too. If he releases an album, every servant must have one. Also, we must all go to his concerts. That elephant is the treasure of Lin Hai…”

“Yes, father.” Cruel Woman nodded heavily. Gamer sighed as he rubbed his head as if he had a headache. Lin Hai is ridiculously insane. In terms of strength. I think I better go back to my north district and enjoy myself. I hope that there are amazing performances in the playground tonight.

When Ye Cang and Flasher Uncle returned to the street, it was already 2 o’clock in the midnight. However, people in their surroundings did not seem to have the intention to rest.

“Oh yeah, how’s the Fang little girl now? Do I have to help her to recover?” Flasher Uncle asked politely.

“Little Tong is recovering quite well now. I’ll ask Fang Ci for that.” The two of them then boarded the train back to the east district and went to Old Li’s place to have a bowl of noodles. 

Back in the game, Ye Cang was bored. He came to the karst cave in the Skull Peak. There was a pile of skulls and most of their brains had been taken out. Ye Cang stared at the extremely huge pit as if he had something in mind. Suddenly, an idea flashed through his mind. He then asked people to clear rocks under the pit, allowing the lava to flow below it. The temperature immediately raised up high. He also let the hot spring from nearby flow into it. Because it was near, it did not require much manpower. A forever-would-not-dry pot for soup was completed. Soon, Ye Cang started to add in bones of skeleton demons, all kinds of high and low leveled creatures’ bones, many wild herbs and mushrooms. CloudDragon and the others immediately rushed over not because they smelt something bad but some delicious aroma. Everyone frowned. Something is wrong?!

Upon arriving at the massive natural soup pot, they saw Ye Cang throwing bones into it repetitively. What kind of soup does he want to cook? Is he really going to throw all the bones he collected into in?

At last, Ye Cang took out the elemental crystals and minerals that had the best quality and threw them inside. He asked some men to bring more. Staring at a handcart of minerals and crystals, LordAsked pondered. This son of a b*tch! Does he know how many magic equipments can be made with these?!

The soup then turned from white to multi-colored. Yet, it was crystal clear and dispersing a mouth-watering aroma. As soon as they saw Ye Cang taking out the secret sauce, they immediately suppressed him to the floor. ThornyRose then begged him. “Please spare us a clean one. I beg you…”

“A bunch of retards. Adding a large amount of this sauce would only make the taste more delicious.” Seeing everyone rejected his idea including Zhang Zhengxiong, Ye Cang sighed and kept away the secret sauce and the liquid made out of animal’s organs and zombie’s abscess liquid. 

Even though he gave up on adding the sauce, Ye Cang continued with a serious tone. “The only color we lack now is black. Nope, this can’t happen. We must add black color to it anyhow. This. This. And this. Choose one.”

“Can you tell us what those three are?” CloudDragon saw Ye Cang holding three different things.

“The first one is withered ash. The second one is Black Dragon Kill wine and the third one is the sauce made out of ten different slime gel and high-level zombie fluid. I personally suggest the third one because you guys haven’t tried it before. It’s my latest product…” Ye Cang calmly introduced the ingredients.

Everyone shook their heads. In the end, they decided to choose the Black Dragon Kill wine after an elaborate and long discussion.

“A bunch of fellas with no creativity…” Ye Cang poured the remaining wine he had into the pond. As the black liquid mixed into the water, it turned into a dragon swirling. At last, it became a black vortex, absorbing the surrounding colors. Though the other colors were rejecting the vortex, a crystal clear colorful ball was formed at the eye of the vortex. The pond then returned to peace and the ball was floating on the water, shaking as if there was a naughty child inside it.

“Prepare for battle! My brother produced a boss again!’ Zhang Zhengxiong shouted.

“Ask those elites on the outside to come in! No mages! This thing has absorbed all kinds of magic crystals!” Little Ye Tian instantly concluded.

“Congratulations, you’ve made a cooking elemental! Your cooking skills have successfully upgraded to the grandmaster tier! Please name it!” 

“Ten Colored Soup.”

Arms and legs then grew out from the colorful ball. Also, a pair of tiny tentacles popped out at its head and its eyes were the two black dots.

Everyone was prepared to launch their attacks as they saw how the weird colorful human-like slime rushed towards them. Yet, Ye Cang shouted as he saw the excitement in tis eyes. “Don’t attack!”

Not long after, Ye Cang dashed towards it and it hugged Ye Cang up, brushing him with its face.

“Congratulations, you’ve successfully tamed the cooking elemental - Ten Colored Soup.”

Suddenly, the giant contracted and turned into a colorful crystal ball in Ye Cang’s hand.


Ten Colored Soup (??? - ??? - Accessory? - Cooking elemental - Unknown creature - ??? - Rainbow elemental)
Category: Accessory? / Pet companion
Requirements: None
The attributes of this accessory depend on the pet’s attributes. 
+193 All attributes
+42% All attributes
+51% All resistance
You’re immune to all magic that is below level 5. It would absorb them and turn into 23% of mana and health points. 
Recover 0.3% of health points and mana every second.
Reduce the damage received by 31%.
Requires to add ingredients for soup. Its effect would be doubled.

Ten Colored Soup’s Shield: Once activated, the rainbow elemental will cover the user and reduce the damage received by 63%. Last for 1 minute. Cooldown: 2 minutes. 

Ten Colored Soup Shockwave: Shoot out massive hot-boiling soup, dealing complicated and various elemental damage to the targeted area. It would also enhance the negative effects of elemental damage. Cooldown: 2 minutes.

Summoning of Ten Colored Soup: Summon Ten Colored Soup as your pet to fight alongside you. 

Rank: ???
Category: Maybe it’s elemental? / ???
Characteristic: Immune to any magic that is level 5 or below. Able to cast level 6 magic. Its level grows with the owner’s level.
Combination: Able to absorb some unique ingredients and turn them into part of its own to obtain a new attribute.
I’m Here To Cook Soup! : Owner can cook it and adjust its taste by seasoning. It would trigger its combination skill.
High physical resistance: Reduce all physical damage received by 67%
Soup Shot: Shoot allies with soup to strengthen them. The status received depends on this creature’s attributes.
Expand & Contraction: This creature’s body could be changed depending on the liquid it absorbed. 
Never-dying Cooking Spirit: This creature can not be killed under normal circumstances.