The four goddesses stopped whatever they were doing. The three natural goddesses looked guilty as they lowered their heads. 

“Stand at attention! Chest outwards! Look up!”

Upon hearing Ye Cang’s words, the three goddesses immediately stood up. Seeing the expressions of the other goddesses, Aymuss followed. 

“I was out there, finding believers for you guys. And yet, you guys are fighting here?! Don’t you feel guilty?! Did you guys give up on becoming high-ranked goddesses?! If so, I’ll dismiss the Goddess Association right now!” Ye Cang pretended to be angry and shouted at them.

“No! No! Pale Snow, the Great Sage…” Mallow quickly explained. “We don’t need his b*tch...woman I meant, to join us…”

Even though I have some grudges with the sisters, they are still my sisters. Anya and Jam nodded to agree too. 

With a sigh, Ye Cang said in a heavy tone. 

“How do you define goddess?!”

“Answer me!”

Hey, hey, are you sure it is okay to shout at them in this way? ThornyRose was sweating. 

“A female god?” Jam whispered. 

“No shit! Goddess! It is the entitlement given to y’all by your believers. In their hearts, you guys are the perfection of a female in terms of strength and ability. If they know you guys behave in this way, do you think they will still pray to you?! Can you be a great god?! That’s why I grouped you guys together. We can only overrun the other gods if we are united. Most of the believers pray to you, her, and her at the same time. In short, you guys share the same believers. Although there are different sects among y’all but this group of… *Cough* *Cough* This group of believers. The greater the number is, the more believers you will get. It’s impossible to work alone. It’s a fact! 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+1=4. Can’t you guys understand such simple philosophy?!” Ye Cang said righteously. 

Isn’t that a mathematical question? ThornyRose pondered. 

“But she…” Not waiting for Anya to finish her sentence, Ye Cang showed a sad face. “Don’t you guys understand me yet? That guys have experienced it before, right? Since cooperation will bring more benefits, why should we still hurt each other? Have you guys forgotten the story I told y’all? A dream is alive. It is also tolerance. Learn how to communicate with each other.”

Ye Cang then put Anya’s hand on Aymuss’s left breast and Mallow’s hand on the right. Lastly, he put Jam’s hand in between Aymuss’ legs and took a photo of them. He was satisfied. “There will only be more believers in the future so you guys have to work together, alright?”

The four goddesses nodded with guilt. “Got it.”

“I knew you guys will understand. Okay. Her statue will share the same spot with Jam’s.” Upon finished saying, Jam was furious. “I…”

“You what? Don’t let me repeat myself for the second time…” Ye Cang suddenly became strict and Jam had no choice but to pout. Anya and Mallow nodded with a smile. “Then, we shall follow the Great Sage’s instruction.”

Jam pondered. Of course, you two are not affected! She then stared angrily at Aymuss. You b*tch! It’s all your fault!

“Okay, okay. Wait until Thousand Peak Mountain is fully developed, you guys will have your own statues.” The goddesses were happy to hear what Ye Cang said. “Really?!” 

“Of course! But I still have a lot of things regarding Thousand Peak Mountain to be settled. Let me make myself clear for the last time. Communicate with each other well, understand?” With a nod, Ye Cang turned around and left. The girls said goodbye to him obediently. Maru Naya then gave the two of them a ride back. Looking at Ye Cang, chills went down ThornyRose’s spine. If this fella really intends to trick females, he can be a monster…

“Have you guys noticed? My Great Sage became more handsome after coming back from Thousand Peak Mountain.” Anya blushed. 

“Yeap, more charming…” Mallow handed herself over to Ye Cang’s charisma. Meanwhile, the other two remained silent. Only a few seconds had passed. The four goddesses could not figure it out and they once again started to fight each other. 

“The Great Sage is mine! Get out of my Goddess City!” (Anya)

“Shameless! It’s obvious that the Great Sage forgave you guys because of me!” (Mallow) 

“Bullshit! The Great Sage sacrificed me because he knew I’m the kindest among us all!” (Jam)

“Even though I don’t know what the heck are you guys talking about, he is mine!” (Aymuss)

Upon arriving at Thousand Peak Mountain, Ye Cang started to pick his own talents and class equipment. 

Dance of the Racing Wind (Epic - Ranger - Talent): Increases speed by 50%, dexterity by 50% and reduces the effect of being constrained by the landscape by 50%. The effect is doubled when there is strong wind. 

Rapid Fire - Lightning Hands (Epic - Ranger - Talent): When the user is intensely focused, the user can change from Rapid Fire mode to Lightning Hands mode. The effect of Rapid Fire would be doubled, the shooting speed will be greatly increased, and aiming time will be reduced. 

Sky Totem (Epic - Shaman - Talent): Places a totem in the sky. It increases the effects of wind elemental magic by 38%. The players affected by the totem will experience the following: speed increases by 42%, dexterity increases by 21%. Costs 120 mana. No cooldown. Cannot be stacked. 

Tactics - Determination (Epic - Adventurer - Leader’s Skill): Once activated, the tactics ability increases the team’s attributes by 50%, damage by 35%, mental defence greatly and reduces damage received by 40%. At the same time, players will receive a one-time purification of negative effects. Costs 50 energy. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Ye Cang frowned. Why are they all team skills? It’s has been a long time since I got some good skills with great damage. He pouted and started to pick the equipment. Yet, he came to no avail. He got nothing. He turned to see Lin Le showing of his new diamond ranked Crystal Drive that’s being able to store seven crystals. Meanwhile, he saw Zhang Zhengxiong consecutively getting two silver dragon platinum equipments, a super cool heavy shoulder guard and a golden belt. SpyingBlade also got two platinum equipments, one of them was a silver dragon. The same went for Little Ye Tian. Even ThornyRose got a silver dragon platinum and a black gold. Ye Cang touched his nose and remained silent. Quietly, he put on his wolf-head hood and covered himself with his tiger-skinned blazer. He was thinking of creating two good equipments when he got back. I will just say I got them from the lucky draw and it better be a diamond ranked.

LordAsked also noticed Lin Le’s super cool silver dragon equipment. Just how lucky can he be? He then stared at what was in his hand, a black gold and a platinum. Worst still, the platinum was not engraved with a silver dragon logo. 

“Where’s the entrance for the public quest?” ThornyRose asked. 

“Brother CloudDragon found it in the cave of Skull Peak. Right beside the ten-colored pond. We are still not sure of the boss inside. Our progress is in cooldown. We need approximately a week to know what’s inside. As for the event, we are unsure about it too. But it should be related to Anya. The location is more or less nearby where we are now. It looks completely like a natural arena there.” Upon saying this, Little Ye Tian started arranging the stuff regarding Ten Thousand Peak Mountain.