Europe, Taunton Town, Revival Point.

As he swung his black ponytail, Ye Cang walked out of the revival point. He looked left and right. The des

ign of the buildings is similar to those in White Stone City. The only difference is that this is a city built on a plain. This was because when Ye Cang turned around, he saw an endless field. He then took out his contacts. “A’Xiong, Lele, where are you guys?”

“Brother, I’m at a place called… Hey, what are you looking at? Never seen a priest before?! Idiots, yeah, you idiot. Where’s this?! Oh, brother, I’m at a place called Pea Village. Somewhere in the northwest area. What about you?” 

Ye Cang looked left and right and grabbed a female priest who had a double white ponytail. This cute girl just got revived. “Where is this place located at? Which part of the map?”

The little priest, Jeyliss who just got revived was still sad about being killed by the people from war wolf. And now, she was being grabbed by some random guy. He must be some bad guy but he is so handsome! She then stuttered weakly. “Taunton Town, middle north…”

“Taunton Town, middle north area.” Ye Cang replied. On the other side, Lin Le received the message but he was anxious as he could not find anyone. At that moment, he saw a red-haired female assassin who was carrying an F-shaped weapon. Without saying anything, he pulled the girl out and slammed her to the ground. “Where am I?! Where am I?!”

“Brother Lil’White, I’ve inquired properly. I’m in the middle west part of the outer district of Black Wind City.” 

Ye Cang raised his head to look at the little priest. “Black Wind City, Taunton Town, and Pea Village. What place is the best and nearest to meet?”

The little priest said helplessly. “Silver Dragon City, it isn’t far from those three places. Oh, big man, let go of me please.”

“Then, we’ll meet at Silver Dragon City. If you don’t know how to get there, better ask for directions, especially Lele.”

“Idiot! Where is Silver Dragon City?! Okay then. Brother, I’ll depart now.”

“Okay, I got it, Brother Lil’White. Eh! Brother Lil’White, something mysterious happened! Just now, I smacked a person who didn’t want to give me directions to the ground and she popped out behind me!”

“The revival point is behind you…” Zhang Zhengxiong was speechless. 

“That’s the revival point. Don’t waste any more time. Quickly kill her twice and get going!” Ye Cang was frustrated. 

“Okay. Got it, Brother Lil’White!” Lin Le replied obediently. 

“......” Zhang Zhengxiong was once again speechless. 

Ye Cang canceled the call and let got of the priest as the priest looked at him with watery eyes. He examined her from top to bottom. It looks like she didn’t do well. “Bring me to Silver Dragon City and I’ll let you choose one equipment once we reach there.”

In order to prove to her that he was not lying, Ye Cang took out a few dark gold and black gold  magic tools for priests. Jeyliss was dumbfounded. Black gold equipment! I’ve never seen one in my life! I heard that only a few leaders of big guilds have it but they don’t have many too! The best equipment I have is only an excellent rank. Worst still, I paid so much effort to get it. She then looked at Ye Cang with much respect and nodded. 

Through her reaction, Ye Cang knew this priest who had a double white ponytail and a flat breast did not join any guild and was coward. Yet, she was innocent and honest.

On the other side, Zhang Zhengxiong moved according to the map he got from somewhere. As for Lin Le, he was being listed as wanted outside of the Black Wind City. However, Lin Le was picking his nose and humming his randomly mixed child songs while walking on the street. Upon arriving at the junction, he shouted. “Left or right?!”

His ahoge turned left and so Lin Le nodded. He brushed off his mucus and went to the left. 

Seeing Ye Cang’s incredible damage, Jeyliss was shocked. An elite small boss wolf. I’ll need to recall and recover by just fighting that. And yet, he is just like playing with it and killing them within seconds. With a flash of a shadow, the combo he shouted - Pegasus Meteor Punch (Dashing Straight Thrust, Straight Thrust/Punch, Multiple Straight Thrust/Punch combo), and the black ice lotus, the boss was dead. Does he even know harvesting skills?! With much curiosity, Jeyliss asked. “What equipments do we have?” 

“The probability of little monsters giving rewards is very low. There isn’t anything here.” Ye Cang complained. Jeyliss also touched the corpse to see the system’s notice. Indeed, there’s nothing. However, she was confused. Usually, an elite small boss will give excellent ranked equipment. How is it possible to get nothing? Maybe I’m just not lucky. She then turned around to see Ye Cang cut off the boss’ penis and testicles. After that, Ye Cang took out a pot and started cooking. He threw half of the ingredients into the pot and grilled the other half. Seeing such a scene, Jeyliss sweated coldly and dropped her jaw. 

Ye Cang pouted. These low-class ingredients are wasting my space. Extracting the essence will be enough. Since we are overseas, it’s better to save some space for my bag. But, the rate of getting equipment isn’t that high either. Casually, he disposed of some stuff and picked the herbs and mushrooms he found along the way. He did not dare to show his signature so he did not pour in any self-made seasoning and soup stock. 

Jeyliss looked at Ye Cang who scooped a testicle and half of the penis into the bowl with some soup. “Eat some. Replenish your status.”

Originally, it was a romantic place with moonlight, fire, and field. However, it was ruined by the penis and testicle in the bowl and the penis skewers. Jeyliss was stunned. “About I really have to eat it?”

“Duh. Do I make it for you to look at it?” Ye Cang rolled his eyes again her and started eating. Jeyliss looked at the bowl and then at Ye Cang. Indeed, the way an expert thinks is different from us. With tears in her eyes, she took a bite. The extremely disgusting taste almost cause her to faint. Seeing Ye Cang ate it like it was nothing, she respected Ye Cang even more. 

On the other side, Zhang Zhengxiong passed by the second town - Gejass Town. It was different from Pea Village as it was busier here. There were many people managing stalls and shouting. He then came to a stall and had a look. Suddenly, his eyebrow raised. Without any words, he took a black water-droplet-shaped ring and said with a low tone. “I’m taking this ring. What’s the price?”


Ring of Dark Slime (Slime - Gold - Abyss - ??)
Category: Ring
Requirements: None
+30 Defense
+85 Strength
+100 Will
Extra dark damage: 20 - 45
+55 Dark resistance
Dark damage received reduces by 20%

Dark Dash: Once activated, deal a dark explosion to a targeted area, causing stun. Cooldown: 2 hours.

Dark Barrier: Once activated, a dark barrier will appear. It can absorb a certain amount of damage but it can absorb double the amount of dark damage. Cooldown: 2 hours.


Even though it was gold rank equipment, its attributes were unique and the skills were not bad too. Zhang Zhengxiong pondered. As long as the price is reasonable, I will have to buy it even at the price of a platinum equipment. He then looked at the owner of the stall. It was a guy with short green hair, a shield and an axe carrying behind him. A shield fighter? 

Noel raised his head to see a priest who was intimidating. He looks like a strong priest. He then examined Zhang Zhengxiong carefully. The holy text and scepter on Zhang Zhengxiong’s waist captured his attention. Those are made by at least mithril or magic silver. So which means the rank is at least dark gold. What a good fella! He immediately offered a price. “200 gold coins.”

Zhang Zhengxiong swiftly put down 200 gold coins and Noel was shocked. What a rich ass! If he didn’t even hesitate, he must have wanted that item very much! He reached out his hands to get back the ring. “Wait for a second, I’ll sell you this item at only 150 gold coins. But you have to help me with something.”

“Don’t go beyond the limits, you this bas…” Zhang Zhengxiong said in a low tone. Suddenly, Noel saw a pair of red eyes glaring at him behind the hood. Instantly, he sweated and shivered. For the sake of the ring, Zhang Zhengxiong pressed down his hood and mumbled away the words. He sighed. I’ll just treat it as receiving an NPC’s quest. “I need the ring for my class quest. Say. What do you want me to do? As long as it’s reasonable I will help.”

“There is a hidden boss at the underground prison in Scalon. Only I know the conditions to summon the boss. But I lack a good priest and I couldn’t find any now. I hope you can help me. If there are any priest’s equipment, I’ll give you the privilege  to take it first. Is that okay?” Noel was desperate to get the kill of the hidden boss to prove himself. If I don’t try this one last time, the conditions will soon be discovered by the big guilds!