Zhang Zhengxiong gave it a thought. Since we are here to have fun, there’s no need to be so rushed. Besides, this ring is important to me. He then accepted the offer. 

Along the journey to Silver Dragon City from Taunton Town, Jeyliss was afraid of this man with a black ponytail. He has been eating those weird dishes for almost three days. Worst still, he even eats man-like creatures. Would he suddenly be out of his mind and cook me too?! With much concern, she was walking in front of Ye Cang while chills ran down her back. She then said softly. “Well...I still don’t know...how to address you...big guy…”

“You can call me LuckyHand.” Ye Cang smiled.

Jeyliss stunned for a second. Throughout the entire journey, she did not get any equipments. They even killed a boss and still, there was nothing, except the excellent ranked magic tool she got herself. Yet, she had gained quite an amount of experience. Just then, they arrived at a stone forest and Jeyliss whispered. “From here onwards, we have to be low profile. If someone asks us anything, just say we are going to Silver Dragon City, not planning to stay here.”

“Why?” Ye Cang asked.

“Today, War Wolf’s members booked the entire place to get rewards and equipment, replacing the Vikings. The giant rock elementals refresh faster and the chances of getting good equipment is high too. Most importantly, it will drop a material called second-class earth elemental crystal. It can be used to make a lot of tools. In short, just don’t interrupt them. I was there, killing giant wood elemental in the forest and we were noticed by them. *Sigh* Dropped a lot of stuff…” Jeyliss whispered.

“Oh.” Ye Cang did not bother much. I’m in a rush. There’s no need to bother such stuff. 

“Yo, isn’t that the little priest that we killed two days ago? Are you here to steal our stuff again?!” A few players popped out from the stone forest and there was a blue-haired mage being the leader. 

“No, no. We’re going to Silver Dragon City. We just so happen to pass by…” Not wanting to get killed and get her equipment stolen again, the little priest lowered her head. 

“Good that you know your…”

The sentence was not finished.

“Be careful!” Someone at the side shouted. 

Suddenly, a large fireball blasted into the crowd. Even if they wanted to dodge, they could notbecause Ye Cang’s fire explosion skill’s coverage was too wide. Instantly, they were all dead. Ye Cang smiled with his right hand holding up high. “So many bullshits. Taste my physical art - Flame Burst Attack.”

Jeyliss was dumbfounded. Seconds later, she came back to her senses. That’s a physical art? It’s more a mage’s Flame Burst. Ye Cang was on the other side, casually walking with his arms crossed. She then urged him. “Let’s go now! They will definitely notify the members of War Wolf nearby! Once they are here, we won’t get to escape!”

Ye Cang shooked his head. “So pathetic. It makes me don’t feel like an emperor at all. *Cough* *Cough* It causes me to lose my style. Hmph. I’ll kill one when I see one. I’ll kill the entire group when I see the entire group. Besides, if we really can’t beat them, I’ll just dump you and run away. They will never catch up to me. No worries.”

“......” Jeyliss was speechless. Hey, hey. You sounded like a pro seconds ago. But why does it sound so weird as you say? Feels like I’m going to return to the revival point anyhow. 

At first, Jeyliss was worried when she saw people coming at them non-stop. Yet, in the end, she only sighed. 

“Physical Art! Diamond Star Punch!” A lot of icicles flew over.

“Physical Art! Soaring Wings!” Light Strike Array exploded.

“Physical Art! Little Little Wave!” A wave of water current blast through the incomers. 

“Physical Art! Corrosive Needle Attack!” Clouds of green smoke appeared due to the acid rain. 

Seeing those people screaming in pain, Jeyliss stared at Ye Cang. Bro, you are actually a magic demon who hopes to be a grappler. All the skills you used have no relationship to physical art!

Because of this, Ye Cang was also being enlisted in the wanted list, together with the little priest. What made Jeyliss feel even more helpless was that she saw herself being hunted by War Wolf on the website. What did I do wrong?!

On the other side, Lin Le was facing the same situation as he was surrounded by a bunch of people on the Rose Land.

The red-haired female swordsman with the F-shaped weapon walked out of the crowd that surrounded Lin Le. This woman was the one who was killed several times by Lin Le at the revival point - Alissa. She was a famous female player in Black Wind City and also the president of one of the branches of Union Alliance. “Finally gotcha. Do you still remember me?”

Lin Le looked at her thoroughly and then shook his head. “I don’t remember who you are! Why are you looking for me? Le… wait!”

Alissa smirked. “Now you remember huh?”

Lin Le pondered. Brother Lil’White said we are in disguise. So, we can’t use our real name. Happiness is similar to happy and changing happy into a name is Hubby. Hah! Lele is smart. I’m Hubby! “Whatever, I don’t remember. Hubby is in a rush. Get away quickly! Annoying af!”

“......” Alissa was speechless. Then, what were you thinking just now?! “You don’t remember me?! But I remember you! I just came out from the revival point and you...you… Kill him!”

“Are the people ready at the revival point?” Alissa asked the black-haired mage beside her - Barlia.

“If we kill him here, his reviving spot is Iron Salt Town. I’ve got everything settled.”

“That’s good. If I don’t kill him and let him return to the beginner’s village, I won’t feel good. His actions are unreasonable!”

“President, calm down, calm down. Once we have killed him, we’ll go somewhere to level up.”

“What do you guys want to do?! You guys decided to bully Hubby?!” Lin Le knew the situation was getting worse when everyone started to pull out their weapons and the mages were chanting magics. 

“You’ve killed our president 5 times! You made her drop a level and ran away! We’ll kill you and make you return to beginner’s village! Brothers! Charge!”

“You guys are bullying Hubby! Hubby is getting angry! Angry ya!” As he spoke, Lin Le was getting furious. His eyes were shining redly and steam came out from his nostrils as if he was a little bull which was about to run mad. “Brother Lil’White said bullying others is not good! So when there’s pressure, there’s resistance! Hubby is angry!” 

Lin Le then pulled out bottles of molotov cocktails and threw one on the ground, covering himself. After that, he started throwing randomly. Once the bottles landed on the ground, there was an instant explosion and burn. Moments later, a sea of flames surrounded Lin Le. “Die! Die! Bastards!”

Lin le grabbed a mage and crushed his head. At this moment, Lin Le’s expression was no longer furious but a wicked smile. “Haha! Haha! Haha!”

“Damn it! You always try to control me! Go away! Damn it! So cruel!” Lin Le’s expression turned back into furious. He then took out the tactical mace, smacking a swordsman repeatedly while nagging something. “Who ask you to bully me huh! How dare you bully me!”

Lin Sen was speechless. Hey, you aren’t any better compared to me. “Let me play for a second, you can go and rest. Go practice the Agogo dance.”

“No way! If I’m dead, Lele’s vacation will be ruined.” Lin Sen’s furious expression turned into a wicked one. “You little bastard, I know how it works in the virtual game! I even used it to destroy mankind…”

“Cheh! Do you know that Lele, I save the world thrice a day on average? If I don’t pee at the garden, the flowers would lose their nutrients and the earth will then withered because of lack of nutrients. I’m the one who protected it! If I don’t eat, there would be an overdose of food on earth. In the end, everyone would try to finish it and die because of over-eating. I’m the one who saves them! If I don’t poop, the earth will also lack of nutrient one day and wither. I once again protected the earth! And you just did once! Worst still, you failed. Whereas Lele saves the earth three times per day. Comparing yourself with me? Go away, idiot!” Lin Le complained.

“......” Lin Le’s wicked smile faded away.