Corpses were everywhere outside of Silver Dragon City.

Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le were both standing in the center of the battlefield. Just then, Zhang Zhengxiong hugged Lin Le. “Alright, alright. I’m here now, ain’t I? Brother should be here soon.”

“If Lele knew, Lele would have had some fun along the way. I rushed my way here though.” Lin Le pouted and brushed off the blood on the giant axe. “Brother Lil’Xiong, I’m now the leader of this rebellion!”

“That’s cool. How did you manage to become that?” Zhang Zhengxiong went into the city with Lele. 

“I’m not very sure too. I saw the city mayor and someone called Gallon were daydreaming so I pushed my handcart towards the city mayor. Haha, And then, I’ve become the leader.” With a smile, Lin Le pressed his ahoge. 

Jayriss overheard what Lin Le said when he came forward to them. Instantly, he sweated in cold and wiped the sweat on his forehead. Why does it seem like I heard something I shouldn’t know? Staring at Lin Le’s innocent smile and that giant axe, he shivered. I must not make him angry or else I would be dead. Hence, he decided to remain quiet. I heard nothing. Nothing at all~

On the other side, Evans was happy that they had conquered SIlver Dragon City. Yes! We’ve conquered the city. Silver Dragon City belongs to us and the rebels from now onwards. Even if the empires want to attack us, it isn’t something to be done easily. The frontline of Roffel Empire where the people of the alliance are at is being restrained. They don’t have many resources to get Silver Dragon City back. It’s impossible for Union Alliance to do alone! For now, we just have to figure out how to strengthen the Fearless Troop! After this battle, the Fearless Troop has increased its population.

Perth Town. 

Looking at Demon Hunter - Zac standing in front of him, Ye Cang just nodded and did not bother much. Meanwhile, Zac was examining Ye Cang from top to bottom. This is the fella that ExtremeSpike recommended? He is indeed a good one. We’ll see how he performs during battle. “Let’s go, team marksman. We’ll have to meet up with the fifth squadron and the president. Because Jaynuor is an aerial boss, so we would be the main damage dealer for this time. Don’t embarrass the Demon Hunter team, got it?! Glory of Knights!” 

“Glory of Knights!”

Ye Cang tried not to laugh. What a retarded slogan. Softly, he said. “Glory.”

Silently, he followed tightly behind and pulled out his contact. “I still have some stuff going on. You two can go and have fun first. What? How to rule a city?! Go ask Little Tian yourself.”

After ending the call with them, Ye Cang called ThornyRose. “Zhenzhen, can you help me ask my beloved girls at the shrine if anyone of them is willing to descend here and do some business? A’Xiong and them have conquered a don’t know what Dragon City. What am I doing? I’m helping Knights of the Round Table to fight a boss. After that, I’ll help them to touch the boss’ corpse. What?! How dare you say I’m evil?! My plan is to kill them all and get the divine artifact myself. What?! You don’t believe that I’ll get a divine artifact?! I’m your fiancé, how can you not believe in me?! Let’s break up. Just break up. I’m disappointed. Hey, hey, can you be more sincere in admitting that I’m your fiancé?! Hey, hey! This b*tch dares to end my call!”

Ye Cang was not resigned and so he called Wu Na. From the other end of the phone, he heard “Dot 2![1] Kong! What the f*ck you want?! Say it quick!”

“My divine hand can get a divine…”

“Get my ass! I wanted to ‘kong’ a flower but it’s gone now! Get lost! *Beep* Beep* *Beep*”

Ye Cang was stunned for a second. He then looked up at the temple located on the mountain top and mumbled. “Is she the same person when she is holding a guitar compared to when she is playing mahjong? *Sigh*”

With a sigh, he followed the troop. 

China. Goddess City. 

ThornyRose ended the call speechlessly. Zhenzhen? Though it feels weird but he… Upon thinking about it, she blushed. Suddenly, she remembered Ye Cang mentioned about his girls and she was salty. What do you treat the goddesses as? She then entered the goddess shrine, informed them that she wanted to talk to them and the goddesses granted her permission.

“I know’re Great Sage PaleSnow’s follower A. What’s the matter?” Mallow was doing a manicure. ThornyRose was pissed. What do you mean by calling me follower A?!

“Are you going to give us some new clothes? If so, you can put them at a side and leave, follower A.” In front of the mirror, Jam was figuring out how to make her breast look nicer so that the believers would like her more. 

“I want a new pair of boots made by Great Sage. I’m sick of these boots. They look old. Help me inform him about it.” Anya yawned. 

“Little A, don’t bother about them.” Aymuss pulled ThornyRose to aside and whispered. “If there’s any good stuff, keep it for me directly okay? I can give you something they can’t, got it?”

“Hehe. Hehe.” ThornyRose was sweating. “Well, that low… *Cough* *Cough* Great Sage PaleSnow is now at a place far far away. He appointed me to ask you guys whether any of you would like to descend there. He had a new city there.”

“New city?! Let me sense it! There’s only forest but no city.” Mallow was interested as she tried to locate Ye Cang’s position.

“He’s not there at the moment. That city is located in a deserted field.” ThornyRose knew where Silver Dragon City was located.

Mallow immediately shook her head. “If there isn’t any forest around, it’s too far. Moreover, it is out of the country. Anya, Jam, you guys can forget about it.”

“I can.” Aymuss smiled. “As long as the half-moon shines upon the city. Tell Great Sage that, when he needs me to descend, just shout to the moon. ‘Aymuss, my love.’ And I will appear.”

“Alright, understood. Sorry to bother you but I’ll leave now.” ThornyRose bowed and left. 

“Can you be more shameless?! Aymuss?! My love?!” Mallow threw the nail cutter on the floor once ThornyRose had left. 

“Why didn’t I think of such a slogan for Great Sage to shout when summoning me? I’ll try next time.” Anya was concerned about it as she was the goddess of Ye Cang’s class. Even though it’s a little too much to impose a condition to summon me now, it doesn’t mean I can’t when I’ve recovered.

“I won’t let you get what you wanted, Anya. I know you’re going to use the class as a condition.” Jam said. 

“That’s your problem since y’all can’t reach there.” Aymuss made a silly face. 

The four of them once again got into a fight. 

Ye Cang raised his eyebrow when he received ThornyRose’s message. Aymuss, my love? He shrugged his shoulders and continued moving. 

Jeyliss felt uncomfortable when she thought about something. My equipment was obtained from your fellow teammates. 

“Hey, newcomer, why does your shoulder guard look familiar? I think I’ve seen it somewhere. My friend has the same design but I heard it was stolen by the ponytail group when they were fighting the boss in the wild.”

“Am I right, Jaylily? My brothers were also got kicked in the ass by them. That priest’s dress is the same as yours. That time, I’ve used all my money to bid that item though. Hehe.”

“My cousin brother’s headband is the same as Lily’s one too. Oh, oh, and this light scepter. The god-damn ponytail group. Lily, your equipments are not bad. They are all good stuff.”

“Hehe. Hehe. I’m just lucky. The previous team valued me quite well. Hehe.” Jeyliss wiped the cold sweat and glanced at her own equipment. It sounds like y’all are close to each other.


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