“It’s time to deal with the boss. Let’s go.” With a whistle, Ye Cang ordered Little Blue Feather to bring him and Jeyliss down to the battlefield. 

“Well, I think I’ll just stay up here. I’ll just cheer for you…” Jeyliss’s voice was fading as the boss got closer. 

“It’s alright. It’s the same cheering for me when you are nearby.” Ye Cang smiled. 

Cold sweat immediately ran down Jeyliss’ cheek. I meant what if I die? The main point isn’t about cheering for you. Staring at the swaying long white hair and the spiritual wolf hood’s fur as they flew down, she was stunned. That angel-like manner. But...inside him is a super evil demon

Ye Cang was estimating the time for those who got revived at Perth Town to reach here. It’s not going to take them long. They will probably reach after a few hours. I must be quick. Upon landing on the ground, he summoned Weak Sauce and Little Dream.

With a cold stare, Ye Cang saw how a little demon and a nightmare deer spirit were flirting with each other. He suddenly recalled the moment when Little Dream was born and sighed deeply. Using the demon language, he shouted. “It’s time to fight!”

“What?! So dangerous?! Little Dream, we shall stand afar to cheer for our owner! Run! Quick!” Weak Sauce quickly shouted. 

“Okie, alright, Brother Chicken~” Since Little Dream was of the bloodline of the nightmare demon, it knew the demon language as well. 

Seeing Weak Sauce riding on Little Dream while escaping, Ye Cang’s hands were trembling. Why didn’t I shoot this fella to death last time?! With a cold tone, he said. “If you guys continue to run, I’ll cook you guys…”

Ye Cang pouted when he saw that Weak Sauce pulled out two guns and Little Dream started to cast magic. That’s more like it. He then turned around to walk towards Lil’Color. 

Little Dream swung its hand. Vision Steal! Jaynuor who was heavily injured suddenly lost its vision. Ten Colored Soup - Lil’Color clenched both of its hands and multiple icicles were shot towards the boss. It then dashed towards the boss too with flames, lightning, wind surrounding its body. Precisely, it hit directly at Jaynuor’s weak spot. Using this opportunity, Ye Cang took out the heavy ballista. Meteor Shot! With good accuracy, it pierced through Ten Colored Soup and stung at Jaynuor’s armpit. Dragging the shadow blade, he activated Hunter’s Soul, team buff abilities and slashed at its weak spot madly. On the other hand, Little Dream took control of Jaynuor’s mind while it was still unconscious and forced it to open its armpit. Little Dream then followed up with an attack by turning into a black nightmare demon and struck Jaynuor’s mentality, causing it to be paralyzed. 

Moments later, Little Dream kneeled and patted. Weak Sauce immediately cheered it up by giving it a massage. Suddenly, Ye Cang received a message from the system saying that Weak Sauce had learned Massage Cheering which can help the target to increase mental and mana recovery greatly. Can’t this fella learn some proper skills?! Escape. Cheering. Dancing. And now, massage?! Yet, he did not realize that his skills were not that much greater either. Barber. Chef. Translator. 

Jaynuor suddenly opened its eyes. “Terror!”

Ye Cang could not move his body. Forceful Escape! Failed! Shit! 

“Stone Gaze!”

Just then, a tiny shadow appeared before him and blocked the attack. The person turned into a stone and died instantly. 

Originally, Jeyliss wanted to get close to the boss and touch it once it was defeated, thinking that it was better than getting nothing. Yet, she dashed over to block the Stone Gaze when she saw Ye Cang was stunned by the skill. She was then instantly petrified. When Ye Cang regained his conscious, he dodged the gaze that pierced through Jeyliss’ body with Shadow Step. Seeing Jeyliss body turning into stones, his pupils contracted. Once again, he picked up his Shadow Blade and stabbed it into the dragon’s armpit. Shadow Frost Strike! Together with Ten Colored Soup which has immunity to all magic, they paralyzed the boss and killed it. 

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully defeated the Stone-hammer Shrine Dragon - Jaynuor! You’ve gone up two levels! Due to the fact that your hidden alliance only consists of two individuals, you may receive a random hero spirit skill or talent. You will also receive 5 class talent and skill points!” 

“Congratulations! You’ve received a special hero spirit talent - Reality - Old Driver - Incredible Driving License!”

Special hero spirit talent - Reality - Old Driver - Incredible Driving License (The God of driving instructor - Qiu Go - Special Hero Spirit): Able to control and use all machines. Controlling skills are god-like.

Ps: Qiu Go is a virtual hero spirit. It is a spirit born inside you, especially when you are in love with various driving licenses. It doesn’t belong to any timeline. Hence, it is granted the ability to activate or drive all civilized and uncivilized machines.

Ye Cang felt weird. What kind of stupid talent is this? Can’t it give me something like Heavenly Destruction?! He looked at Jeyliss’ corpse and sighed. He then sighed again when he stared at the boss’ corpse, recalling the scene where Jeyliss helped him to block the attack. It’s unnecessary for her to block it since I have self-resurrection. But for some reason, I don’t feel like touching the boss. Moments later, he cast the resurrection spell that he learned recently. 

With much surprise, Jeyliss stared at Ye Cang. He actually knows a resurrection spell?! She then saw the system message about the new hero talent she got. She was extremely happy. 

“Go touch the corpse.” Ye Cang’s words caught Jeyliss off guard. Is it for real? She quickly went over and touched Jaynuor’s corpse. “We got a diamond accessory! For fire elemental mages!” 

Ye Cang took a look at the attributes. It’s cool if I wanted it. But, it suits Lil’Swordfighting more. I’ll treat it as a souvenir I bought for him then. He kept the accessory away. There was also a silver dragon platinum item. It was a priest’s crown. Ye Cang directly gave it to Jeyliss who was surprised. Jeyliss then gave whatever that can be used to Ye Cang. Most of the skill books were battle skills. Nice, there are four books which I can give it to OldZhao, Lele, A’Xiong and Lil’Dino. There was one skill book which was not a battle skill, called Thunder Flash. This skill is not bad. Nobody would reject a displacement skill. 

Thunder Flash: Instantly turn into electric current and travel to the targeted area, dealing a large area of electric current rush damage. During the flash, the user would be immune to most of the damage and paralyze the surrounding targets. Costs 150 mana. Cooldown: 15 minutes. 

“Find whether there is anything you can use. I’ll leave once I’m done with harvesting. Be quick. We don’t have much time.” Ye Cang kept away the remaining stuff and then started dismantling the boss. 

Jeyliss was excitedly searching for equipment, skipping away those which were gold. 

Ye Cang then arrived behind Jaynuor and saw through the altar with night vision. Chest! *Swoosh* He dashed into the shrine and opened it. Seeing it was empty inside, he poured the chest to confirm. He then put it back to the place. Two seconds later, he reopened it. “It doesn’t make sense. Oh shit! I know it! Those fellas are shameless! They opened the boss chest before defeating the boss! How dare they did such illegal actions?! Damn it!”

Angrily, he walked out of the shrine and continued to dismantle the boss. As he kept away the thick wings, his eagle eye flashed. He shouted. “There are halfway here. Let’s go!”

Ye Cang grabbed Little Blue Feather’s claws and flew away behind the mountain, dragging with him Jeyliss who was reluctant to leave. 

Cadone clenched his fists as he stared at the empty battlefield. “White Emperor! We’re officially enemies!”

“President, do you want to release the world notice of the victory of the shrine?”

“Sure, why not.”

“《Knights of the Round Table - Acting Emperor! Bastards! Remember this!!! I’ll get my revenge!!!》successfully defeated the big special field Stone-hammer Shrine!”

Before going to Silver Dragon City, Verlianna saw the world notice. Hoho. Three exclamations! What did that white fur do? “Get the spies to report the details of the incident over there!”