Jeyliss was dumbfounded all this while. He is just too op. Even a God has to respect him. She then stared at the blessing she received. Hehe. I’ve gained many equipments and skills. Oh, and even a hero talent. With so many skill points and talents, I bet my healing abilities are so great now. Would I overload a person with my healing? In addition, I have night vision now. I should find a team to go on some quests. 

As she turned, she was dragged away by Ye Cang to the city mayor mansion.

“Let me introduce her to all of you. This is my guide in Europe - Lil’Ma!” Ye Cang introduced her.

“ name is Jeyliss.” Jeyliss whispered as everyone around her was a great player. 

“You’re the dual ponytail wild Ma Jiajue who is ranked second in the Most Wanted List!” Evans was shocked. 

“Since you’re part of us now, you can call me Brother Le.” Lin Le nodded with his arms crossed. 

“Lil’Ma, the dual ponytail wild Ma Jiejue? Where are your ponytails?” Zhang Zhengxiong was curious when he saw her hair was short. 

“It’s a sad story...Well, I’m really Jeyliss…” Jeyliss turned around to stare at Ye Cang’s hood.

“Time for the meeting! Meeting!” Ye Cang sat on the mayor’s seat and signaled everyone to sit too. With his fingers crossed, acting as a commander, he asked. “Lele, what’s the situation for citizenship?” 

Just when Lin Le was about to answer, he realized he did not know the answer. He then looked at Jayriss and Jayriss stood up. “Great Sage PaleSnow, the income of citizenship is optimistic. We have a total of 1.5 million. If we keep it well and use it efficiently, there will be no worries for Silver Drago City.”

“A’Xiong, what about your side?” Ye Cang nodded and looked at Zhang Zhengxiong. Similarly, Zhang Zhengxiong signaled Evans. 

“The Fearless Troop has recruited some new members who have quite some strength and abilities. Overall, it is optimistic.” Evans reported.

“Alright, let me make this clear. The three of us won’t be staying here for long as we have limited time. I think we will be sent back after approximately 10 days. So, I have discussed with Little Tian about this and now, I’ll hand it over to you guys. The Fearless Troop will be named as the Guardians of Goddess. It belongs to HappyFirmaments - Europe branch. The president will be Lil’Ma and the vice presidents will be Evans and Jayna. Alica, you will be responsible for collecting intel. As for the rebels, Lele, you will appoint Jayriss as the city mayor and get the statue and shrine done as quickly as possible. Besides, you’ll need to search for a lot of moonlight crystals to worship Aymuss.” Ye Cang said while looking at the strategy sent by Little Ye Tian. 

“President White Emperor, I’ve no problem with other appointments but nominating Lil’Ma as the president? I think she didn’t contribute enough? Since she is just there helping with tiny matters.” Evans was actually hoping that he would be the president for HappyFirmaments - Europe branch. 

Even Jeyliss was surprised at Ye Cang’s decision as she stared at Ye Cang. Why did he choose me? Is it because he is guilty of cutting off my ponytails?! Impossible. Three months ago, I was a useless priest who was being ignored by everyone. But now, I gained something that is impossible for me to have in my life. “I...I...I…”

“Lil’Ma, show them your hero talent.” Evans and the others were stunned when they heard what Ye Cang said. She has a hero talent?!

Jeyliss then shared her hero talent. 

“President White Emperor, I’ve now understood your intention. We would nurture this talent well. It’s indeed a strong power. Lil’Ma, please accept the appointment!” Evans accepted the fact. 

“Seriously. I think any of you would be a better president than me. I suck. For real.” Jeyliss’ voice was fading as Ye Cang shouted. “If I appoint you, then it means you! Only you! If you dare to say anything again, I would rip off all your facial hair on your body! As for the club issue, you guys can contact Thorns and Roses through the virtual world.”

“*Cries* *Cries*” Jeyliss nodded with tears in her eyes. 

Seeing Jeyliss being helpless, Jayna thought. Indeed, he is the elder brother of Mad Devil Le. He doesn’t go easy even on little girls…

“Alright. I’ve handed over most of the stuff. Lele, A’Xiong, let’s continue our vacation. I’ve just realized that we have been here for almost half a month and there’s nothing fun to play. It’s time to get on our journey.” Suddenly, Ye Cang stood up and slammed the table. Lin Le and Zhang Zhengxiong also stood up. With a smile, Zhang Zhengxiong said. “Brother, we are finally back to our main purpose. Let’s go! Go! Go! We’ve been battling and conquering cities. It’s so boring.”

“That’s right! That’s right! Battling and killing are what Lele hates the most.” Lin Le pouted. 


Just then, Jayriss recalled Gallon who was still hung on the flag with the original city mayor. Lord Gallon, your death is an unlucky one… Now, I’m the city mayor. May you bless Silver Dragon City which you have conquered. 

On the other hand, Jeyliss, Evans, and the others were sweating in cold. Do you guys know that your vacation has affected Europe so much?

“Lords! There is a person requesting to talk. She said she is the president of Union Alliance!”

Evans was shocked. Verlianna is here! It’s no surprise either since the situation in Silver Dragon City caused her embarrassment. Besides, we, the second team had betrayed the alliance. He felt slightly guilty for what he did to Verlianna. Moments later, he shook his head. I made that choice myself. Roar Emperor gave me the passion to fight, the purpose of gaming, rather than merely a position. 

As for Jayna, she did not feel guilty at all. The reason behind this was that she joined Union Alliance just because Verlianna was her cousin sister. If I had somewhere to go, I wouldn’t have gone to her. Besides, I don’t like her either because the family gatherings are always under her name. Now, I have a chance in front of me! She then looked at Zhang Zhengxiong with much appreciation. The look of his back gave me courage. Why should I keep quiet when I’m not resigned?!

Meanwhile, Alica felt nothing different as she got benefits from both sides anyway. 

However, Jeyliss was shocked. The Rose of Versailles! She is the queen of Europe! A female player with beauty and great talent! She was then nervous.

“Hah, she does know when to come.” Ye Cang swung his hands. “Let her in.”

After getting permission, Verlianna entered the lobby, seeing a bunch of people standing in front of her. Evans, Jayna, Alica, that should be the wild Ma Jiajue, the three emperors and one from the rebellion. At last, she looked at Ye Cang and the other two who walked towards her. “You guys have caused us much trouble.”

“*Sigh* That’s because you guys are unfriendly.” Ye Cang laughed and Lin Le added on. “That’s right! That’s right! Not friendly at all!”

“What about you? How did you make my second team betray me?” Verlianna stared at Zhang Zhengxiong. 
“Oh, that’s a misunderstanding. I can explain that. Well, you know, I, as an upright person, have a bad temper. That idiot is really an idiot. He doesn’t only refuse to admit I’m stronger than him but worst still, he insulted me. So, I can’t withstand it. He actually wasted almost half a day by just talking to me. Also, there were some problems with distributing the equipment and so a misunderstanding occurred. *Sigh*” Verlianna rolled her eyes upon hearing Zhang Zhengxiong’s words. Yeah right! Continue to bullshit! I’ve no comment on the other matters! But, you’re an upright person?! Who was the one who touched my butt when negotiating with me?!