Casually, Ye Cang took away his hand as if nothing had ever happened and continued to discuss the plot.

Zhang Zhengxiong enjoyed the atmosphere as it was now. Throughout the journey, they were chit-chatting and there was a beautiful lady accompanying them. Moments later, he recalled the moment when he was hugging two girls at once. If brother saw that, he would definitely compliment me. He then started to whistle while controlling the carriage. “Hey, Real Rose, we are considered friends after going in and out, right?”

What do you mean by going in and out?! Do you guys really think whatever words said by y’all are pure?! Frustrated, Verlianna rolled her eyes against him. “So?”

“So, do you have any girls to introduce to me? If you do introduce me one, you can find me for anything in the future, including fighting, battling bosses or anything!” Verlianna didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing what Zhang Zhengxiong said. Didn’t you just take two away from me?! Just how desperate are you?!

Ye Cang then put his arm around Verlianna’s shoulder as if they were very good friends. “A’Xiong is still a ‘boy scout’[1], so it’s understandable. Where do you stay? When can we exchange the deepest feelings in our souls? For example, maybe some collision to strengthen our friendship.”

“F*ck off!” Verlianna hit Ye Cang’s rib cage with her elbow as she was speechless. Compared to Hussein, this fella is way more shameless! Most importantly he speaks in a kind and sincere way as if he has a halo on him! He doesn’t even sound perverted.

“Brother Lil’White, why is Brother Lil’Xiong is still a ‘boy scout’?! That day, A’Xin told me that after I’ve done the Exploring-A-New-World Art with her, I could no longer join the ‘boy scouts’ too. What does it mean?” Lin Le was confused. Ye Cang and Zhang Zhengxiong were both stunned for a second and one was glad while the other whimpered.

“Oh, Lele, once you’ve mastered the Exploring-A-New-World Art, it means you’ve matured. If you’re lucky, it will turn into a golden pearl and become a baby essence. In the end, it will become a Lil’Lele and shot out from A’Xin’s body!” Lin Le was amazed by what Ye Cang said. So, that’s how strong Exploring-A-New-World Art is! “What if I continue to practice it?!”

“Then, Lil’Lele No.2, No.3, and so on will be shot out from A’Xin’s body.” Ye Cang explained the outcome of the Art as if he had mastered it very well. 

“Then, what if Lele finds someone else to practice with?” Lin Le asked. 

“That’s a good question! Lele is quite smart recently! This must be related to the practice of Exploring-A-New-World Art!” Ye Cang slapped Verlianna’s thigh and Verlianna looked at him weirdly. Why did you slap my thigh?! Also, don’t you think you describe sex in a too fantasy way?

“If it suits that person, the golden pearl will be produced. And then, it will turn into baby essence then into Lill’Lele No. X and be shot out of the body!” Ye Cang reached out his hand to touch Lin Le’s head while explaining.

Lin Le then remained silent and gave it a thought. He looked serious. 

Just when Zhang Zhengxiong was about to ask Lin Le something, Ye Cang stopped him. “Lele must be thinking of something, don’t disturb him. We might be able to make something out from it.”

“......” Zhang Zhengxiong and Verlianna were speechless. 

Moments later, Verlianna sat further away from them. I better stay away from them. If I continue to talk to them, I’m afraid I might be brainwashed! She then recalled a rumor. ‘The three emperors aren’t great because of their IQ! They are great because they can insult your IQ and drag it to a negative figure… She immediately shook her head. This is totally polluting my mental! 

“Why did you sit further away?” Ye Cang turned over and said coldly.

“Too crowded.”

“You liar! You discriminate against the Chinese!”

“No, I didn’t.” Verlianna then moved back a little.

“Your voice discriminates me. Your tone is not friendly at all.”


“Your eyes discriminate me! You’re not friendly at all!”

“Are you done?!”

“Hehe. I’m just kidding. You know how good we are. If you and Fake Rose both fell into the sea, I would definitely save you. Not only that, I would tie a rock to Fake Rose and let her sink into the sea. Oh, and put in the sharks!” Ye Cang hit Verlianna’s waist and smiled.

“......” Verlianna felt like she was about to go crazy.

Upon hearing what Ye Cang said, Zhang Zhengxiong could not resist but smile. He recalled a moment when he was young. I was being bullied back then. When brother came to get me home, he saw it. ‘Yellow-haired, your language discriminated my brother.’ He then picked up a steel pipe and broke the yellow-haired’s leg. ‘You two over there, your looks discriminate my brother.’ He broke the other two person’s hands. At last, he told grandma that he did something good with a smile. We ended up dragging those people to the hospital. They were healed without the use of tranquilizer and anesthetic. When the yellow-haired was pushed out from the ward, he insulted us weakly. Brother once again broke his other leg and that guy was sent back into the ward. Besides, they bore all the costs. Ever since then, no one dares to bully me. 

But, we got punished heavily by sister. Well, for some reason, at that time, no matter what happens, we were always happy. Upon thinking about it, Zhang Zhengxiong looked in front with a smile. The past is the past. We can’t go back. We must continue and move on. Brother, even though you’ve married, are you...really happy? Maybe you will if I’m happy. But, if you are truly happy, I’m happier than you...Brother…

Zhang Zhengxiong then turned to look at Ye Cang emotionally. Verlianna had goosebumps when she saw that. Don’t tell me that… She shivered for a second. They are indeed Chinese.

“Alright, it’s time to have a break in the journey. Let’s replenish our food status. We can also use that as a defense just in case we might need to fight some boss or we get ambushed. With that, it will be easier.” Lin Le’s serious expression then turned into painful one after hearing what Ye Cang said. 

“I don’t think it’s necessary.” Zhang Zhengxiong trembled or a second.

Verlianna pondered. Acting Emperor’s cooking skill is famous in China due to its great attributes, large amount and disgusting taste. That’s what everyone comments at least. The high-ranked players only have one comment - The Nemesis of Anorexia. 

“Today, I must welcome this VIP from Europe. So, I planned to make some high-quality stuff.” Lin Le’s expression was frozen at  the side. 

“Then, that’s even more so not necessary…” Not waiting for Zhang Zhengxiong to finish his sentence, Ye Cang interrupted him. “Shut up! Don’t you know what’s welcoming guests?!”

“Actually…” Verlianna was stunned when she saw that Zhang Zhengxiong had stopped the carriage and started making fire beside the river. He looks so cowardly even though he is the Roar Emperor. It is as if his wife just died.

“What kind of dish do you like the most?” Ye Cang smiled. 

“Steak?” Verlianna tried to avoid any options that might lead to a disaster. Ye Cang was stunned for a second and smiled satisfactory. “I’ve invented a new super steak recently. You’re lucky.”

“......” Zhang Zhengxiong knew it was hopeless when he heard Ye Cang mentioned the phrase ‘newly invented’. On the other hand, Lin Le was trembling.


  1. ^ it is a phrase to replace virgin :3