“Real Rose, err...where’s the nearest dragon?! Damn it! Let’s kill it!” Ye Cang got up from the floor and burped. 

“That’ right! That’s right! Kill it! Kill it! Lele feels the power of the mysterious world!” Lin Le was rolling on the ground. 

“My halberd is thirsty for blood…” Zhang Zhengxiong was caressing his blood-red halberd. 

“You guys are drunk…” Verlianna felt dizzy.

“Just tell us!” Ye Cang shouted.

“I want to kill a dragon! I want to kill a dragon!” Lin Le complained. 

“Only the blood of a dragon can calm my boiling blood…” Zhang Zhengxiong was acting stupid. 

“It’s indeed not that far. But let’s not talk about the distance first. Only the three of you. Killing a dragon? You guys should calm down…” Verlianna was getting a headache. 

“Lead the way! Get on the carriage! I’ll drive!” With a shout, Ye Cang jumped, made a backflip and landed on the driving seat. He then summoned Little Dream and tied it with a lead. Little Dream and Weak Sauce who was sitting on Little Dream were dumbfounded. Soon, Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le did what Ye Cang did and got on the carriage. 

Hello? Do you guys really need to get on the carriage with so fancy moves? Verlianna then looked at the nightmare deer spirit, Little Dream. This must be his pet. Is it a nightmare demon? Nightmare centaur? No, that deer horn and spots on its body. Deer spirit nightmare demon? It is no ordinary pet…

“Quickly get on the carriage!” Ye Cang was pissed off and Verlianna got on the carriage swiftly. 

Ye Cang took a deep breath and grabbed the lead tightly. Suddenly, Little Dream felt like there was a monstrous strength surging through its body. With a howl, its hoof burst with black flames, its chest was enlarged, its horns grew bigger and its eyes were shining red. 

Weak Sauce immediately jumped to Verlianna’s side, staring at Little Dream with fear. 

“Let’s go!” As Ye Cang pulled the lead, Little Dream flew into the sky with the black flames. Its speed was great. 

Zhang Zhengxiong quickly grabbed the edge of the platform; Lin Le hugged Zhang Zhengxiong’s waist; Verlianna grabbed Lin Le’s butt and Weak Sauce hugged Verlianna’s big breast tightly. Little Dream, Ye Cang who was driving, Zhang Zhengxiong, Lin Le, and Verlianna were like a little dragon flying in the sky. 

“Brother! Slow down! I feel like vomiting!” Zhang Zhengxiong shouted. 

“Brother Lil’White! Speed up! Speed up! Kill dragon! Kill dragon!” Lin Le was shaking his butt as he spoke. Verlianna was suffering because his butt was hitting her face. “Stop...shaking...your...butt…”

“Do I heard speed up?!” Ye Cang then increased the speed through Old Driver’s talent, forcing Little Dream’s speed to its limit. Lightning sparks were coming out from the black flames. 

“Oh yeah! Which direction?!” Ye Cang shouted. 

“Head straight to the south-west! Until you see a snowy mountain range! No, I can’t withstand anymore! I want to vomit! Wa!” Verlianna was about to vomit. Despite knowing her own main base in Swaytan was below her, it was so embarrassing that she could not ask them to drop her off. 

“Quickly look at that! What’s it?!”

The players in Swaytan saw an unknown object flying across the sky.

“It feels like Santa Claus…”

“Do you think they will give us presents?”

“Present my ass! That’s a super big boss! You’ll get divine artifacts if you kill it!” 

“Warning! Warning! Your pet’s riding ability has reached its limit. Continue riding will cause permanent damage!”

Ye Cang immediately stopped and the others flew out by inertia. Zhang Zhengxiong instantly summoned Little Tadpole to save them. In mid-air, Little Tadpole grabbed all three of them with its tongue and flew to the nearest peak with its wings. Ye Cang then landed with Little Dream and canceled the driving mode. 

Little Dream then turned back into its original form and was extremely exhausted. Weak Sauce quickly went over to give it a massage. 

Ye Cang caressed Little Dream’s head. “Rest well.”

He reversed the summon. 

“Lil’Tadpole! It looks like we can ride it too!” Ye Cang smiled gladly at Little Tadpole. Little Tadpole was trembling with fear as Ye Cang said. “Come~ Come over here~”

“Brother, I’m awake. Let’s go. It’s time to go home.” Zhang Zhengxiong felt uncomfortable.

“That’s right. Brother Lil’White, Lele feels cold…” Lin Le sneezed. 

“No way! We can’t give up halfway! Come! Let’s drink some wine to boost our bravery!” Ye Cang force each of them to drink a bowl and both of them fell on the ground once again. At last, he looked at Verlianna. 

“I’ll do it myself…” Enduring the disgusting smell, Verlianna drank it and fainted. 

On the other side, Little Tadpole saw them fainting and Ye Cang smiling at it. It cried. “*Croak* *Croak* *Croak*”

“It is either you drink a bowl or you drink a pot…” Little Tadpole forced itself to drink it and fainted on the ground. Ye Cang then put on the wooden platform and driver seats on Little Tadpole’s back with the spider web. After a burp, he drank a bowl. Surprisingly, he did not faint. So, he put those people on the platform. 

They slowly woke up. 

Little Tadpole too. 

“I’m about to drive! Grab tight!”

The three of them had not come back to their senses yet when they saw Little Tadpole’s body expanding. Its leg muscles grew bigger. They knew something was not right. 


Little Tadpole jumped up to the sky like a rocket. Instantly, they reached the sky and fell as if they were riding on The Giant Drop[1]. Verlianna grabbed the platform tightly as she felt like vomiting.

When they landed on the ground, they once again soared into the sky and landed moments later. This repeated countless times. Before they knew it, they had traveled through the mountains. 

As the  snowy mountain range came into sight, Ye Cang and the others landed on one of the peaks before the warning message appeared. Excitedly, Lin Le hopped down from the platform. “So much fun! Brother Lil’White, let’s play again next time!”

Upon getting down from the carriage, Zhang Zhengxiong covered his mouth as his face turned pale. Meanwhile, Verlianna had lost her consciousness. She was just there, grabbing the platform tightly with white foams flowing out from her mouth.

“Let’s wait for her. Only she knows the exact location. Since here’s a little cold, let’s boil some chicken soup to warm ourselves up.” Ye Cang then took out the precious Monstrous Bird’s corpse. The two of them were relieved. 

Moments later, Verlianna slowly woke up and the delicious smell of the chicken soup filled her nostrils. She covered her head. The number of times I fainted today is more than the number I fainted in last year. These bastards, especially that white-haired, are inhuman! Feeling the aroma coming from Ye Cang’s soup, she breathed in deeply. It’s delicious? Something’s wrong! She then stared at the bowl of soup which Zhang Zhengxiong handed over. “Drink some soup to warm yourself up. Also, to make yourself feel better.”

Seeing Verlianna looking at him doubtfully, Zhang Zhengxiong sighed. “I’m not lying. This is my brother’s rare good food. I’ve only eaten it a few times.”

Verlianna then took a sip cautiously. Omg! It’s delicious! A warm feeling surged through her body. Her soul was reassured as if she was being embraced by an angel in hell. Tears were rolling in her eyes. If FrozenCloud was here, she would understand Verlianna’s feeling and they would hug each other. 

Even though the taste was not the best, she felt as if she finally had something good after a disaster. Out of greed, she took another bowl. However, when she was halfway drinking the soup, she felt grieved out of a sudden. 


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