“Brother, I finally have a real attacking ability!” Zhang Zhengxiong’s words caught Ye Cang’s attention. “Enemy Charge - deals a destructive and explosive linear charge to a target, causing physical damage and knocks away whoever that comes in the way until the user reaches the target or targeted destination. Requires lock-on. Before the charge ends, the user’s next attack will deal an extra 735% damage, stun and knocks away the target. Requires lock-on. Hmm...this looks not bad. Damn it. Mine sounds so useless. Ultimate Decipher. Not that powerful. I can steal the last skill used by a person and stock it once. It says readjustments to level and power of boss skills. What does this mean?”

“It means that if you steal a boss skill and use it as your own, you will be limited by the rules of adjustment and limitation. If the difference between you two is so great, the skill will be a retarded version of the real one. The power of the skill depends on how much you can endure.” Verlianna interrupted though she was shocked. 

“Oh, I see…” Ye Cang nodded and Zhang Zhengxiong looked at Verlianna’s back. “Brother, she is eavesdropping.”

“She is facing her back against us. It doesn’t count as eavesdropping.” It did not bother Ye Cang much and Lin Le agreed. 

“......” Verlianna was speechless. 

“Alright, alright. It’s time to draw the equipment!” Ye Cang then started drawing his class equipment. 

Honorable Totem Pearl Necklace (Diamond - Aken - Shaman - ??? - Collection)
Category: Totem accessory
Class requirement: Shaman
Attribute requirement: None
All attributes +113% (This amount depends on the equipment of the user and the totem)

Honorable Totem (Collected totem will be upgraded in terms of quality, level and effects.)

Water Source Totem: Your health and mana recovery will be doubled.

Raging Fire Totem: Your damage increases by 50%, strength by 30% and energy and rage points recovery are doubled.

Sky Totem: Your speed increases by 50%, dexterity by 52%, wind elemental magic damage by 45%.

Honorable Strength (Water Source - Raging Fire - Sky): Water elemental skills level, tactical skills level and wind and lightning elemental skills +1, reduces damage received by 30%. Once Honorable Totem is activated, all the totems effects will be doubled and purified of most of the negative status effects. The user can unleash all totems at once without any cost. Allies next epic or below skill damage will be increased by 50%.

Hero Soul - Soul of Aken

Soul of Aken: Totem user will inherit Aken’s battle spirit. The battle soul will be attached to the user and the user will be immune to all mental magic and crowd-control skill (not immune to damage). Lasts 15 seconds. Cooldown: 1 day. 

Aken’s Hugging Kill: The possessed user will unleash a one-time destructive hugging kill against the target. 

Aken’s Roar: The possessed user will encourage the allies, granting them temporarily high immunity. 

Aken’s Determination: During the time being possessed, the user is immune to death. All damage will be dealt after. Yet,it is reduced by 40%.


Staring at the pearls on the necklace, Ye Cang wondered. Three big pearls with different colors, different totem patterns, and different colors of spiritual energy. They are beautiful and their attributes are strong. Instantly, he wore it. One pearl represents one totem. That means, in the future where I collected a lot of totem, this will be super cool. It’s just like some big Buddhist necklace. I will also be a very strong monk! A line in the drama flashed through his mind. ‘How dare you run after pissing the old monk off?!’ Swiftly, he pulled out his contacts. “Little Tian, collect all skills related to totems for me! The more the better!”

On the other hand, Zhang Zhengxiong was holding an ancient iron holy text. “Hehe, now I can store a lot of holy skills. Besides, this thing can be repaired to a book of original text.”

Lin Le got himself a cannon-like weapon with a tripod. He said proudly. “Brother Lil’White, this thing costs a lot of money!”

“It’s alright. We have the idiots to claim our money from. Let me have a look.” Ye Cang and Zhang Zhengxiong craned their necks over to see the shared attributes. Verlianna was curious too. So, she took a sneak peak at it. When she saw the attributes of the cannon, she was dumbfounded. Only for someone with a handcart. It’s required to be installed on the handcart. Damn! He can unleash an area of destructive damage by using money. Well, it is indeed costly. Even if one is supported by a guild, they won’t have enough money to use this. 5 different powers. Able to increase the money by 2^n, instead of times. Most importantly, this thing can be upgraded by a particular currency! Yet, its only weakness is the cooldown period. 30 minutes. But this cooldown can be reduced by using money again! Motherf*cker! This is a private fee-collecting tool! Rich does mean king! But, the amount of money used is really scary. It’s fine if it uses real-life currency since gold coins are just slightly more expensive than gold. She then felt stupid as she stared at her dagger. Awkwardly, she kept away the dagger which she wanted to show off. Is the system his dad?! How can such a class tool exists?!

Moments later, Lin Le installed it on his luxurious handcart, turning it into a mobile cannon cart. 

“Alright, alright. Put all those skill points on the hero skill and we’ll go find some fun.” Ye Cang could only level up the blessing of the Goddess of Ultimate twice as he had reached his limit. He could now store up to 3 skills. 

“Brother Lil’White, let’s go somewhere warm.” As the effect of the wine had faded, Lin Le was trembling and he hid in his handcart. 

“That’s right. Where should we go next?”  Asked Zhang Zhengxiong while he was allocating his skill points and talents. 

Just then, Ye Cang looked at Verlianna and the other two followed. 

Verlianna sighed. “There is a hot spring over the mountain. The scenery there is marvelous. It’s just that the monsters are overpowered since their levels are high. It’s unlikely for people to go there but I think it suits you guys.”

“Let’s go then! We’ll fly this time. Hop on!” With a whistle, Little Blue Feather appeared and landed. 

The four of them immediately hopped on and Ye Cang put the lead on Little Blue Feather. As it expanded its wings, they then soared into the sky. Along the journey, Ye Cang demonstrated upside-down flying, spiral flying, and roller-coaster-ride flying. Soon, they reached the hot spring. There was a kind of black tree growing beside the hot spring. The leaves were as red as lava. They would once in awhile fell into the water and new red leaves would grow again. 

Upon landing, Verlianna once again covered her mouth. It was actually just a small ride down here. Yet, he wants to demonstrate his chemistry with his pet! Damn it!

“Brother Lil’White, it was so exciting just now! Can we play again?! Please~ Pretty please~” Lin Le was acting like a child. 

“It’s so troublesome since we need to fly back. How about next time?” Staring at Little Blue Feather which was panting, Ye Cang said. 

After hearing what he said, Verlianna heaved a sigh of relief. “The water here can enhance ones recovery. When you reach such a level, this will be your best personal replenish point. If you guys are interested…”

Not waiting for Verlianna to finish her sentence, the three of them started to have some fun. Ye Cang was harvesting any valuable stuff into his bag, demonstrating his low-class tourist character. Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong was destroying the trees here and there with a shovel. As for Lin Le, he sat on the rock calmly and took out his fishing rod. He then covered himself with a blanket. No one knows whether he is sleeping or fishing.