“Lele, how many chests do we get?” Ye Cang shouted when he saw Lin Le woke up.

“Let me have a look ya. Flame Fish, Hot Spring Egg FIsh, Black Lava Fish, Dragon-pattern Fish. This is the only extremely rare fish. It’s the signature product here! Here you go, Brother Lil’White!” Lin Le gave Ye Cang the Dragon-pattern Fish. Ye Cang examined it once he received it. This fish gives permanent effects. One might have a chance to learn a wind-water elemental skill if you eat the fish. Not bad. I’ve another ingredient for Inevitable Dinner! He then shook his head. “Treasure chest! I’m talking about treasure chest!”

 “There are four!” Lin Le quickly took out the chests and Ye Cang immediately reached out his hands to open it. Just then, Zhang Zhengxiong hugged him up and carried him on his shoulders. “Brother! Calm down! Calm down!” 

“Chests! Chests! Mine! Mine! It’s mine!” Ye Cang was shouting and screaming like a demon crawling out from hell. Verlianna backed off after seeing such a scene. 

“How about this? Brother, we’ll open one chest each.” Zhang Zhengxiong suggested when he saw Ye Cang was about to go crazy.

Only then, Ye Cang started to calm down and pouted. “How bad will it be for me to open everything. Nevermind, one person each then. I’ll let you guys witness the difference between a divine artifact and an ordinary item.”

After the agreement, Lin Le started to distribute the chests. When Verlianna received the chest, she was thinking. What kind of fishing skill is this? He fished 4 treasure chests directly?! She looked at Lin Le confusedly. This fella who looks like a kid is too scary. She even recalled Aota Hikoishi who battled with Lin Le last time. Aota Hikoishi, the one who is the strongest in the Sword Drawing Technique was instantly being killed by a strength-type player. As she slowly opened the chest, she was shocked. These are all good stuff. She then poured them out on the floor. 

Lin Le also poured everything he got from the chest and Verlianna sweated in cold. Why does he have double the amount of what I got?

Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong sighed. “Mine are all materials but they are all precious and rare ones. There is one holy steel. I better keep it. That’s enough. Brother, I’ll make you a divine artifact then.” 

Ye Cang held his chin high and said arrogantly. “Oh please, the divine artifact is right in my chest!”

Upon opening the chest, he was stunned. He closed it and reopened it. Blinking at the chest, he closed it again. Moments later, he stared at the three of them, opened the chest again and closed it. After taking a deep breath, he kicked the chest back into the hot spring. “Motherf*cker! You guys took my equipment and put them into your chests right?! Don’t you think I didn’t know about it!”

Verlianna was shocked. What do you mean? Why did you throw away the chest? Why are you accusing us of stealing your equipment?

Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le sighed. “Let’s distribute the stuff.”

“I hope you guys can sell me a skill book.” Verlianna saw that there was one dagger skill that would suit her among the skill books Ye Cang was holding.

“This one? I’ll give it to you. Since we are friends now, it would ruin our friendship if we talk about money.” Upon saying, Ye Cang reached out his hand and touched Verlianna’s butt accurately. Verlianna was shocked and blushed. Last time, I wasn’t aware. Even now that I’m aware, I didn’t expect his hands. If this fella wants to be an assassin, he would be a scary one! He is too weird. Though he looks perverted, he radiates with a clean aura. Although he grabbed awhile, I didn’t feel as if I was molested. I just felt shy and a little bitter. 

Calmly, Verlianna pushed away Ye Cang’s hand and took the skill book. “I owe you a favor then.”  

Seeing Ye Cang did not bother much, Verlianna pondered. This is an epic skill book. Including the hero skills and rewards you shared with me, I will definitely return you hero spirit level stuff in this season! I, Rose of Versailles, will always repay whoever that helped me before! But of course, I will also get my revenge! Lin Le then saw the look of Verlianna staring at Ye Cang’s butt. Eh! Her look is the same as Sister Rose’s look back then when she looked at Brother Lil’White butt! Both are furious! Is Brother Lil’White’s butt really that nice to stare at? He then looked at his own butt and shook it. I think my butt is nicer?

“A’Xin, we met a new friend today. But why does she furiously stare at Brother Lil’White’s butt? It’s obvious that my butt is cuter.” Lin Le texted his fiancée, Song Xin. 

“Everyone has their own preference. In my opinion, Lele’s butt is the best!” Song Xin pondered. That woman just wanted to hit your Brother Li’White’s @$$hole, since Ye Cang was a son of a b*tch. However, she completely forgot the fact that Lin Le was worse than Ye Cang.

After getting the answer he wanted, Lin Le instantly hopped into the hot spring for a bath in naked. Staring at Lin Le’s non-mosaic status, Verlianna wondered. The right of private parts not being put in mosaic permanently. Well, it does suit this fella though. His naked body won’t make others feel disgusting. It just feels like looking at a naked young boy. I even feel like flicking his tiny d*ck. Suddenly, she shook her head. Damn, I almost got mentally polluted by them!

Ye Cang and Zhang Zhengxiong also jumped into the hot spring in naked. 

“Brother, Chinese New Year is around the corner and you’ve accepted the invitation for the Chinese New Year Gala. Have you thought of what performance to show?” Zhang Zhengxiong wrapped a towel around his lower body and lied on the rock. 

“Maybe a musical theatre? I’m not sure yet. We’ll decide when it comes. There’s no need to rush since we still have tens of days.” Ye Cang placed a towel above his head. 

“Brother Lil’White, you’ll give Lele a lot of New-Year money this time right?!” Lin Le swam to Ye Cang.

“Yeap. This year, Lele, your money will be increased by 200%.” Ye Cang’s words instantly put a smile on Lin Le’s face. Then, he swam to Zhang Zhengxiong. “Brother Lil’Xiong! Brother Lil’Xiong!” 

“Same here! Damn it. If it wasn’t for Nana last year, we would be having instant noodles from Day 1 to Day 15 of the Chinese New Year.” Zhang Zhengxiong felt bitter recalling memories of last year’s Chinese New Year. Yet, upon thinking about this year’s, only then did he realize that last year’s was actually great. Instant noodles. “Lele wants to eat instant noodles.” Lin Le began to whimper. Zhang Zhengxiong then turned around and hugged him. “I’ll buy many many instant noodles later. I’ll buy your favorite flavor, the sour-vege-dog-meat.”

“Brother Lil’Xiong is the best! Love you~” Lin Le suddenly became happy. 

Meanwhile, Verlianna was speechless and was craving for it at the same time. Indeed, those instant noodles nowadays are...oh no...I can’t withstand it anymore! With one hand, she texted her housekeeper. “Housekeeper, buy me a packet of instant noodles with the black-pepper-grilled-chicken flavor…”

“Miss, I thought you said that instant noodles are for idiots?”

“......” Verlianna was stunned for a second. I think I did mention it before.

“Miss, although the incident in the Great Christmas War was embarrassing, you have to get back up and return to your look in the golden days! Didn’t the Chinese have a story of the embarrassment of Han Xin crawling under another’s leg?”

“Just buy it! Don’t talk so much!” Verlianna was pissed off. 

“*Sigh*” The housekeeper sighed and Verlianna ended the conversation. 

Just then, Ye Cang lifted the corner of the towel covering his face and saw Verlianna who was pissed. “Take off your clothes and get into the hot spring. It’s quite comfortable. We can chit-chat too.”

“No thanks.” Verlianna rejected him while sitting on the ground.

“Are you discriminating against us?” Ye Cang switched to a more comfortable position. 

“Don’t you have other things to say?!” Verlianna was speechless. 

“Treat it as returning me a favor. Since you came out, you’re just going to have fun. Life is short. Don’t miss any chance of being comfortable and happy. Sometimes, a loss is a loss. Life is vulnerable and short anyway. Isn’t it?” Ye Cang said bitterly with the towel on his face. 

Verlianna was influenced by Ye Cang’s words. That’s right. Why am I thinking so much? She then took off her armor. Ye Cang, Zhang Zhengxiong, and Lin Le immediately took a peak at her. 

“......” Verlianna was speechless. She wrapped herself in a towel and then took off the remaining armor. After so many lessons learned, I actually almost believed him.