Ye Cang realized that he was floating in a virtual world. Surrounding him were numerous time vortexes. 

Staring at these time vortexes, Ye Cang sat with his legs crossed. I think I need to choose one to enter. Well, which one should I choose? There are too many. It’s hard for me to choose, I’ll just simply choose the closest one.

Suddenly, Ye Cang’s vision changed. In front of him was an ancient courtyard where a few children were playing under a big tree. Among the children, a good-looking one pointed at the tree and said. “In the future, I will ride on the royal carriage which is as great as this tree!”

At the side, a middle-aged man quickly dragged the child over. “Shut up, would you?! Do you want our entire family to be killed?!”

As time went by, the little boy had grown up. Though he was good at academics and martial arts, he did not succeed in life. He was now a middle-aged man, sitting at the market selling knitted sandals. However, his eyes were focusing on every little thing that happened in this busy market. Suddenly, there was an incident that caused the market to be even noisier. Ye Cang immediately followed him. This scenario looks familiar.

“Hey, can this green bean be eaten?!” A tanned man shouted. 

“I only sell the best graded green bean! Of course, it can! Examine carefully, idiot!” A red-faced man was pissed off. 

The tanned man instantly grabbed a handful of beans, clenched them and opened his palm. “This is obviously bean powder. How can you say it is green beans?! Selling powder as green beans! You liar!”

“Are you here to buy the beans or are you here to crush the beans?! Don’t you dare cause any trouble!” The red-faced man stood up all of a sudden. 

“Aww...are you sad because I crushed a few beans of yours? You’ve taken my meat! How are you going to compensate for that?!” The tanned man shouted back.

Then, standing beside the sandals seller, Ye Cang witnessed how the two men fought each other from the head of the street until the end. 

“If I want to do something great, these two men would be great helpers…” A spark flashed through the sandal seller’s eyes. He dashed over and grabbed their fists. “Impressive. Impressive. You two big fellas sure have great martial art skills.”

The two men were shocked as they stared at the man who stopped the two of them. How can such a thin man have such great strength?

With his arms crossed, Ye Cang pinched his chin and gave it a thought. I knew it! Liu, Guan, Zhang! Damn it! One sells sandals, the other sells green beans and the last one sells meat! I should have realized it earlier! Soon, Ye Cang witnessed how Liu Bei was bullshiting in a righteous way and how he acted. Looking at Old Liu acting in such a close distance is amazing. He could persuade those two in such a short period of time. Yet, Ye Cang also observed that Liu Bei was attracted by Guan’s and Zhang’s attitude.

The scene changed.

Now, Ye Cang was standing in a blossom garden where the three of them pledge an oath to be brothers.

“I, Liu Bei, XuanDe.”

“Guan Yu! YunZhang!”

“Zhang Fei! YiDe!”

“May the Gods of Heaven and Earth attest!”

“We, three brothers!” Three of them shouted together.

“May not be born on the same day, in the same month and in the same year!”

“But we are willing to die on the same day, in the same month and in the same year!”

Staring at the three of them pledging the oath, Ye Cang felt sad. The three of them indeed died in the same year. Instantly, the image of Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le flashed through his mind. I would not make such an oath and would definitely ensure it doesn’t happen on me. I can die but A’Xiong and Lele have to live happily.

Once again, the time passed in a blink of an eye. As Ye Cang had known, BaiDi Fortress had fallen when Liu Bei passed away. For some reason, Ye Cang saw the scene which Liu Bei saw before he died. It was not his wife, Liu Shan, nor Zhuge Liang. It was Guan Yu and Zhang Fei who were waving and smiling at him. Blossoms were falling from the trees, decorating the place in pink. 

Out of a sudden, Ye Cang lost consciousness and he found himself in the blossom garden.

“Young man. Young man.”

Ye Cang was shocked when he turned around to see Liu Bei. What does this mean? A meeting with historical figures? “Liu XuanDe?”

“You are the second person who inherited the Summon of Time. You’ve the aura of Brother Lin too. Damn it. Speaking of which, I met Kongming that fella during the Battle of Hero Spirits and I thought he was one of the hero spirits. It turned out that he is a fury. I ended up becoming the guardian of his hero spirits! Don’t you think it’s frustrating?! That fella seems to be in your world. If you happen to see him, scold him with some vulgar words on my behalf! He even tricked me to battle with Xiang Yu head-on! I got injured by that...what do you call it again...that what...Louis’ javelin. Please remember to do it for me, young man.” Liu Bei was sitting at a side and poured two glass of wine. 

Ye Cang felt awkward as he did not know how to answer him. I don’t understand a single thing he said. Battle of Hero Spirits? Zhuge Liang is in our world? What does he mean by our world? Suddenly, he realized something. Could it be?!

“Well, in conclusion, I think highly of you. You must believe me…” Just then, Liu Bei handed over a glass of wine to Ye Cang. Staring at Liu Bei’s smile, Ye Cang automatically received it. 


“Congratulations! You’ve received Liu Bei - XuanDe’s Perfect Inherent! You’ve obtained an exclusive hero spirit skill - The Oath of The Blossom Garden and hero spirit skill - Kindness.”

The Oath of The Blossom Garden (Liu Guan Zhang - Liu Bei): Once activated, surrounding allies would be immune to all damages for 10 seconds and unable to be controlled by any skills. Negative effects will be removed too. Cooldown: 1 day.

Kindness - Passive (Liu Bei - XuanDe): +500 Charisma and an extra increment on all attributes by 30%. There is a possibility that you will be completely immune to one attack and your healing effects will be doubled.

As Ye Cang regained consciousness, he was laying on the beach. However, he was not bothered by the skills he obtained but the things which Liu Bei told him. He rolled over and saw Lin Le sleeping while fishing and Zhang Zhengxiong who was battling some kind of fish boss. He then shook his head. 

Heaven’s Sword Sect.

Lin Lan was lecturing those villains. Just then, a man with long hair, wearing a coat came in. There was a fan made out of crane’s feather stabbed at the man’s belt. “Lil’Lan.”

“Uncle Liang, why are you here.” Lin Lan bowed respectfully. 

“I’m just here to look around. Don’t mind your manners. You and your dad are really different. I couldn’t imagine, what if he was at least half as polite as you…” The graceful man who was called Uncle Liang shivered and rested his hands on his butt. 

“Uncle Liang, Lin Sen has resurrected.” Lin Lan told him about what happened that day. 

“Lin Le, Ye Cang, and Zhang Zhengxiong.” The graceful man mumbled as he touched the feathered fan. “Well, I’m going to Lin Hai coincidentally. Lil’Lan, a criminal of yours just ran away.”

“I know. Let him run for a few days. I’ll catch him back and lecture him again.” Lin Lan smiled innocently. The graceful man was stunned for a second and smiled back. At least this kid did not walk the wrong path. But they are indeed father and son...this smile is truly terrifying.