Ye Cang and the two of them were repatriated back to China. 

Swiftly, ThornyRose pulled them over and looked at their profiles only to be dumbfounded especially when she saw Ye Cang’s hero spirit skill.  A moment of silence was followed by her serious tone, “Don’t tell anyone.”

Ye Cang looked and nodded. 

ThornyRose was extremely excited. It’s a hero spirit skill! And it’s even Liu Bei’s! The Oath of The Blossom Garden is totally incredible!  It grants team immunity and with this skill, no one will be kept away by ultimate moves when battling special field bosses! This joker… How the heck did he get this? Oh well, who cares. We’ll talk about it next time.

“Father, you’re back. Here are the things you wanted!” Little Ye Tian took out a few totem skill books and Ye Cang examined them excitedly. “Bravery Totem, Guardian of Flame Totem, Courage Totem, Flamethrower Totem.”

Ye Cang had all four of them at his fingertips in an instance. The pearl necklace reacted to it by storing them into four different pearls and Ye Cang received rewards for the respective totems. 

Staring at the glorious yet mysterious pearl necklace, ThornyRose thought. This can be something good too since it can’t be taken away. The same goes for ShakingBear’s ring and Lin Le’s mobile cannon cart. These three fellas are really emperor rank now. The gap between them and the rest of us is gonna be increasing. Deep inside her, ThornyRose felt sad and proud at the same time. She looked at Ye Cang. That’s my fiancé! However,  what she did not know was that Ye Cang gave Verlianna his pledge. 

Under ThornyRose’s suggestion, Ye Cang gathered CloudDragon and the others to battle the hunting beast - the Bird of Wind - Anza.

CloudDragon glanced at the three of them who just returned from their vacation. Ye Cang’s attractive pearl necklace caught his attention. He’d definitely got some good stuff after stealing someone’s boss and place and establishing a branch. Meanwhile, LordAsked was attracted by Zhang Zhengxiong’s book of holy text. That’s not some ordinary stuff. It’s way better than mine.

On the other side, Little Ye Tian was jealous of Lin Le as she knew Lin Le had an overpowering ‘fee-collector’. But I’ve managed Thousand Peak Mountain well. Father has complimented me for that. She then recalled the new tool which she was researching on. Hmph, wait’til I get that done! Father will once again praise me with pride! I’ll not lose to you, stupid Lele!

Outside the hunting arena, Ye Cang once again cooked a feast for CloudDragon and the others with the excuse of rewarding everyone for their hard work.

His dishes are getting weirder and more disgusting after returning from Europe. LordAsked got up from the floor, covering his mouth. 

Everyone was done eating and preparing. 

As the leader of the troop, Ye Cang looked at Anza and then turned around to look at the elite troops behind him. He brushed his beautiful wolf-fur, pulled out his cooking knife and pointed at the boss. “Charge!”

“Charge!” Zhang Zhengxiong rushed over with his blood-red halberd.

Lin Le took out his handcart. “Let’s begin with a big shot!”

Just when ThornyRose was about to charge, she pulled CloudDragon and LordAsked over and made a hand signal. “We’ll divide the cost for this shot okay…”

LordAsked then looked at Lin Le’s new tool. Remembering Lin Le’s top-up-money class, he quickly went over to confirm. CloudDragon followed up as he was heartbroken for the money claimed by Lin Le. Staring at the attributes of the cannon, both of them gasped. LordAsked then said in a serious manner. “Brother Lele, just two shots will do! Both three stars and adjust the cooldown to 5 minutes. That’s enough.”

“No! Lele wants the first shot to be five stars and no cooldown. So two consecutive shots!” Lin Le turned around and said. 

Can you be more reckless if you’re the one paying?! LordAsked complained in his heart. Once again, he suggested speechlessly. “One five-star shot and one three-star shot. Five minutes cooldown in between. If you’re not accepting this, we’ll retreat. The cost outweighs the benefits.”

Lin Le then looked at Ye Cang and saw him nodding. “Alright, alright. Let’s sort this out. Two five-star shots but adjust the cooldown to 10 minutes. Lele, stop being stubborn. That’s it. We all know it’s not easy to earn money.”

The two of them shivered for a second. Hey! This thing costs gold coins! Not water! The cost of one five-star shot is more than enough for the entire troop to spend on whatever they like! ThornyRose was also flabbergasted at his prodigality. This idiot is really black-hearted and cruel. Lele has the talent of getting most of the gold coins spent refunded. He is earning so much with this but he puts it within an acceptable range. It’s just so saddening and yet acceptable. 

LordAsked and CloudDragon were just standing beside the cannon, watching the gold coins flying into it as if they were just water. Even CloudDragon who was less concerned about gold coins felt his heart ached. The success rate of defeating the boss has indeed increased but our rewards are decreasing at the same time. With the three of you here, we can easily pass this level with your aura and team abilities. Are the impressive weapons even necessary? It’s just so redundant and what if we can’t defeat the boss?  

Both of them sighed and launched their attack. A golden bullet then flew above them and burst into an explosion as it hit the bird. The boss was immediately knocked down and lost consciousness. With great excitement, Lin Le reduced the cooldown to 10 minutes, drew his sword and charged at the boss. 

Such a good opportunity did not let Ye Cang miss the chance to instantly activate the tactic abilities - Charge, Powerful Attack, Pursuit and Determination to enhance the troop’s damage. The pearl necklace was then converted into seven totems surrounding the troop as he himself was firing with ballista from afar. 

With Lin Le’s impressive cannon shot, Ye Cang’s totems and Zhang Zhengxiong’s aura, the battle became much easier. 

Suddenly, the tables turned when Anza roared and knocked away most of the close-range combaters. It flew up high and started to swirl the air current with its wings. 

“Be careful! It’s a hurricane!” ThornyRose reminded everyone. That’s the skill. There is no fixed timing on when it will appear. Yet, when it appears, it’s almost a total loss!

CloudDragon pondered. Shit! I forgot to remind Mad Devil Le to shoot only at the right timing! If only we knew the cannon can knock it out in the first place! It looks like everything’s wasted now!

LordAsked mumbled something. “Is he going to continue to reduce the cooldown and fire another shot?! No, it’s too late. He is just right beside me.”

Strikes of thunder and lightning started to fill the sky and hurricanes started to engulf the entire arena!

At this moment, petals of blossoms fell from the sky in the middle of the hurricane and took everyone aback. CloudDragon looked at his status. Immune?! Everyone is safe when the thunder strikes?! It’s a large area of immunity! It must be those three fellas! ShakingBear and Lin Le are just right beside me, I would have noticed if they activated something. He then turned around to see Ye Cang smiling and the shadow of a golden dragon appearing and fading behind him. A hero spirit skill! Only a hero spirit skill has such an incredible effect! It’s really worth the trip to Europe huh? He clenched his fists tight. It’s not right. The gap is getting bigger, I’ve gotta improve faster!

LordAsked also saw the dragon’s shadow behind Ye Cang. I can’t believe he has a hero spirit skill after not seeing him for a month. And it’s a team immunity! He narrowed his eyes. But at least I’ve gotten some clues. I’ll not let you increase the gap!

As for MaroonRed, she smiled bitterly. So, this is what you call an emperor rank? Can Black Dragon Union really get its revenge from the Three Brothers?

The shock  in the middle of the hurricane was not because of the hurricane but the immunity they had got. 

“Brother Hero is really impressive!”

“Blossoms in the middle of the hurricane. It’s a match!”

“That shadow of the golden dragon is so cool! Indeed, he is the Acting Emperor. This act is totally…”

The rain of blossom gradually faded as the hurricane stopped. 

NalanPureSoul was dreaming as he was staring at the picturesque blossoms until he realized something. 10 seconds. Exactly 10 seconds! Just nice! He was not sad when he knew Ye Cang had obtained a hero spirit skill. Instead, he smiled. That’s indeed my lover.

As for Ye Cang, he slowly removed his wolf-headed hood. Seeing Anza landing weakly, he swung his hands. “Charge!”

In the mage team, staring at Ye Cang, Wu Na recalled the night when the three of them told her that they wanted to be professional gamers in the market. I can’t believe they can be this incredible now. She was proud of them but still sighed. I shouldn’t have him exposed to cooking. 

~edited by DW~