The last rehearsal on the next day made Zuo Yiyi feel pressured. These people’s ideas are too wild. The outcome for every rehearsal is different from another. It’s just meaningless. Not only that, more and more are getting involved in the act like how a variety of weird ingredients are dumped into a chowder. Besides, I remember that when Lele was playing Zhang Fei, he killed poor Snow White with the excuse of her inappropriate manner of eating the poisonous apple with her left hand, not giving Elder Guan the chance to kiss her. He even swung FrozenCloud’s body around with his long spear. As for his elder brother, Liu Bei was still playing the beat. Is it really okay to be so spontaneous? There was also once when they asked the Black Queen - Wu Na to be their teammate and gave the Red Hare the poisonous apple just to tame it. In the end, Zhang Zhengxiong had no choice but to kiss the virtual Red Hare to resurrect it. Yet, the most obscene and insulting element in this part is Dong Zhuo - Flasher Uncle’s evil and wicked expression when he did his dick swing and Panty Uncle’s handsome and cool appearance as Zuo Ci. The entire atmosphere is totally awesome! It’s worth it just to have a glance at those two. They even used Liu Bei’s Blossom Garden as the ending, complemented by an exit dance. Panty Uncle’s and his choreography skills are of top-class in the world! I heard him saying there’s a surprise but he doesn’t want to tell me yet. 

At a random base of 10,000Souls’, the ground was so filled with corpses that it was difficult to even move a step. Hunting Flame handed a can of beer to ColdMoon. “Leader, tomorrow night is the Chinese New Year Gala. Do you want to go watch it together?”

ColdMoon nodded and took the beer. She opened it and took a sip. “You didn’t order something spicy again for supper, did you?”

“I made it myself.” Hunting Flame smiled. 

“That’s better. I feel like eating grilled Sky Bird.” ColdMoon’s monotonous tone made Hunting Flame smirk. “Alright, alright. We’ll hunt one along the way back.”

The two of them then left the bloody place. 

The small house in Lin Hai. 

“Ahhh, I feel so stressed acting as Lu Bu. They don’t have a limit during the battle.” Fang Ci sighed and SpyingBlade smiled bitterly. “What about me as Cao Cao? Think about ThornyRose’s spontaneous character. Compared to her, our encounters are considered better. ”  

“I have nothing to say for that. The way she dies just gets more horrible each and every time. Hey, at least you have Little Ye Tian as Guo Jia to block all those disasters.” Fang Ci slowly nodded. 

“Hmph,you’re gonna pay the price for your personality for talking bad about me…” Ye Cang’s sudden voice shocked the two of them as he logged out of the virtual stage. 

“......” The two of them were speechless. Hey, your personality isn’t very good either alright. You’re even worse in a lot of things.

When the organizer got hold of the information on the cast and performance, they immediately released a full-screen poster and synopsis while ignoring the content.

“The Oath of Blossom Garden - Mad Gods and Demons Dance! What kind of stupid name is this?! It’s a drama?! Don’t they have better programmes for Chinese New Year Gala?! It’s getting worse each year…looks like they’re giving up this year, eh?! Wait! The cast! The pictures! Damn!”

“What’s wrong?! What’s wrong?! The Three Emperor Brothers are the main actors! Liu Guan Zhang! The Frenzied Shadow - SpyingBlade is in too! And the Little Rainbow Model - Ye Tian! Wait, what?! They even have the ultimate founder of the Elephant religion - Flasher Uncle! And the God of Breast Molesting- Panty Uncle! Goddess Zuo Yiyi is also joining! All the cameo roles are famous artists! Hello, is this Lili? I’m not coming tomorrow! We’ll be having fun the day after!”

“I’m more interested in the plot. Didn’t you guys realize that they even included Snow White, Aladdin and others? The synopsis is only about Liu Guan Zhang...It must be fake.”

“According to my understanding of the Acting Emperor, the plot must be way beyond our expectations. He is the man that ordered a toad to rape an angel with righteousness. I was there at that time.”

“I was there too. To be honest, the scene was truly touching. I’m very excited for this finale!”

“The stars have fallen! The Three Brothers as emperors! All on the eve of the season! May peace be upon everyone! I, on behalf of the Three Brothers Association wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year in the year of the Rooster!”

“I knew it! The Three Brothers Association will definitely post something. Let me hit the like button.”

“Let me tell spill some facts on general knowledge. Chinese New Year Gala actually originates from us, from the Korean Federation. You guys did a good one this year. I hereby wish y’all good luck since our Three Emperors are joining.”

“God damn it. They have been using the same old post for ages. Aren’t they bored? The joke is no longer funny!”

“Hmph! It’s just a Chinese New Year Gala in China. It’s not even comparable to our Island Nation’s Sakura Festival!” 

“Well, let me tell you one more thing. The Sakura Festival actually came from the Korean Federation too. It’s written in history…”

“......” The three nations started to insult one another for the sake of their pride again. 

“Blimey, Asians are so lame. Luckily, we don’t suck one another’s ass  in Europe.”

“Saint Joan of Arc and the Chrysanthemum Emperor. Saint Joan of Arc and the Chrysanthemum Emperor. Saint Joan of Arc and the Chrysanthemum Emperor. Important things have to be repeated thrice.”

“The Chinese are so evil. They always bring up dark histories. Gosh, where are your manners? If you wanna give a piece of your mind about something, think of something more recent. A butt in hand, I have a Deppon!” 

“I’d say your actions are just triggering us to insult you. Look at yourself. America is the headquarters of the gaming alliance and players from other branches will have to travel at their own expense every single time when there’s a prize-giving ceremony. Even though the Asia branch is richer, has greater influence, they are more qualified to do so. Don’t you feel shameless?! Stop talking because karma is a bitch.”

“That’s right. That’s right. Look at us, the Australians are being so nice in Asia.” 

“Shut up, you kangaroo fuckers! You don’t even belong to Asia! You’re just some wild island stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! And what’s worse, you people always use Asian IDs to get rewards from competitions!”

“Oh, what a nice thing to say! Eh? There’s a boar sneaking into my house! God damn it! How dare you scare my son away! Representing Russia, I hereby give a like to this comment. Oh, it’s so cold. I better go get some wine.”


Half-moon Lake.

Zhao Xiangyu was practicing according to Ye Cang’s guidance, piercing the same hole repeatedly without any mistakes. Even though it was boring, she knew that if she wants to become stronger, persistence is key! Every time she pierced, she somewhat saw a virtual point appearing and disappearing. She then wiped her sweat and turned around to see Ye Cang sitting on the rock, sunbathing. She was excited. “Master!”

“Not bad. Your posture is improving. Keep it up.” Ye Cang then tossed her a can of cheap beer. Zhang Xiangyu caught it and took a sip. “Oh yeah, master, I felt like I saw a virtual point. Do you know what that actually is?”

Ye Cang thought for a second. It must be the chain of her second lock that got loosened. It must be unlocked now. He then jumped down and contracted his pinkish eyes. Not bad, the body can endure it. “You can unlock the second lock. Do it yourself. You have my supervision. It wouldn’t be hard to find through Repeating Flow.”

Zhao Xiangyu was excited. I can finally unlock the third one! She quickly sat down and did the Repeating Flow. Swiftly, she found the spot blocking the flow. Staring at the loosened chain, she wondered, How many chains or locks that can limit human potential do we have in total? Where do we actually come from?


The chain was unlocked.