“Oh, no, no, your d is way stronger than mine…” Lin Liang smiled humbly and pondered. What a fella. I can’t believe such weird yet interesting people exist after years of hibernation. I could even feel the elephant’s enormous and overwhelming healing energy. It’s mad yet gentle at the same time. This insane lower body is almost godly. If he goes to that world, I believe he could heal all kinds of illnesses and diseases that those people can’t. What’s most impressive is the characteristics of his superpower. It burns illness like a mad fire and nurtures the body like water. Even Lin Liang was amazed at Flasher Uncle’s elephant. This man would definitely be a hero spirit in the future! Including that graceful artisan. Lin Liang was quite updated in terms of fashion. He had seen Panty Uncle’s Smile of Velas and admired him. I bet even the goddesses would be jealous if they see it. 

Lin Liang then glanced at Ye Cang and the others. He is the white-haired right? How misfortunate. He doesn’t have a source of the past and also the wish of the future. He frowned as he vividly saw something scary connecting to Ye Cang. Yet, he shook his head. I think he is the most comprehensive artificial human. He has a lot of superpowers and his body’s flexibility is almost the same as the void beast’s. The tallest one should be Zhang Zhengxiong, tall and muscular but has great talents. It’s just a matter of time for him to master his region, not to mention his achievements are unlimited. The third one is obviously the smallest one. He has the serial killer’s and Brother Lil’Lin’s aura. Oh, he has the Eyes of Judgement? Usually, those who have such eyes are those with deficiencies. When God gives you something, He takes something else away. Isn’t that how it works. It’s not that they are stupid but they are just overly smart to differentiate who is good and who is evil. However, those who can differentiate accurately with their instincts are maniacs and unpredictable. Hmm…both of them are part of the Yin Yang Divine Trigram. Not bad, not bad…

“Brother Lil’White, Brother Lil’White, I feel like the man with a feathered fan sticking out of the back of his butt is very disgusting. He keeps staring at me with a weird smile…” Lin Le pulled Ye Cang over and whispered with a cringe on his face. 

“......” Lin Liang was speechless.

“Alright, alright, let the dinner begin. Feathered fan man, let’s sit together.” Flasher Uncle walked proudly to the main table and the others took their seats. The first level of the inner circle of the dinner was designated for the players who won the Great Christmas War; the second part was for players who joined the War and lastly, the outer part was for limited citizens. The food served to the inner circle definitely needs to be cooked by the top 3 chefs of Yuerong Street. 

“This year, the East District Night Market is famous because of them. So, Old Li, Marilyn, and I have decided to put our hands together to cook a creative dish! White-haired, what you said the last time was fair and I’ve thought about your comments. It looks like you’re not losing out on your cooking skills either. Besides, since you, Zhang Zhengxiong, and Lele are the heroes of the East District, we must somewhat ask you to join us. Old Panty, I’ve witnessed how good you are too. Don’t be humble, come on!” Ye Cang stood up all of a sudden after listening to what Old Wang said. “You’re right!”

Zhang Zhengxiong and the others immediately stood up. “Uncle Old Wang! Don’t!”

“Cutting skills! Just cutting skills! Don’t ever let him touch others!” Wu Na immediately slammed the table and shouted. 

“Oh, come on guys. Don’t worry. I wouldn’t steal their spotlights. Just like what Nana said, I’ll just be responsible for the cutting. It’s not good to do that anyway.”  Surprisingly, Ye Cang was humbled. Wu Na and the others sat down quietly and heaved a sigh of relief. 

On the other hand, Panty Uncle took off his top hat, his blazer and tie to roll up his sleeves. With a teddy bear apron, he came to the cooking stage. All the females shouted and screamed upon his entrance. 

“Panty Uncle is so handsome! Definitely a household husband material! He even knows how to cook! Judging from Uncle Old Wang’s words, it seems like Panty Uncle’s cooking skills are on par with him! OMG! I’m dying!”

“It’s a pity that Panty Uncle is still single right now. He hasn’t moved on after his wife passed away…”

“It must be a lovely thing to be his wife…” a girl in the audience started daydreaming and became unaware of her surroundings.

Ye Cang also went up the stage. With a headband and an apron, he stabbed his cooking knife on the chopping board. “Just throw me whatever you wanted to cut!”

“Hmm...he looks quite cool but I’m not sure whether you’re good enough! How about this! Thin Slices of the Wings of Cicadidae!” Old Li immediately threw a Silver Dragon Fish at Ye Cang. In that split second, Ye Cang picked up the knife and the fish landed on the plate as if it was not being cut. Some of the audience gave a sneer, “Such a stupid act…”

The sentence was not finished and Ye Cang stabbed the knife back on the chopping board. Instantly, the fish bloomed into slices as thin as the Cicadidae’s wings. Old Li stunned for a second. “Well done. This cutting skill is a hundred times better than mine!”

Wu Na and the others shook their heads at the same time and mumbled. “No, no, no! He’s just good at his cutting skills! But when it comes to cooking, it’s like him giving us a ticket to hell!”

Everyone cheered. 

“The God of Dance isn’t only good at dancing but also…damn, such refined cutting skills!”

“Able to be on the same level as Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle, he is indeed impressive as the last man of the Three Heroes of the East.”

Flasher Uncle smiled. “That cutting speed is so fast.”

Zuo Yiyi who just came smiled as well. “Master, how many years of experience in masturbation do you need to get such speed?”

“Brother Lil’White once told me that he learnt how to masturbate at the age of seven. He is the earliest among us.” Lin Le’s words caused Wu Na and the others to laugh. 

Meanwhile, Lin Liang did not comment much. Yet, he noticed the silent Little Ye Tian was avoiding him indirectly. This girl is also an artificial human. Through her eyes, I can tell she is calculating. He then showed her a question on his feathered fan and asked her. “How do you solve this question?”

“There are 36 solutions.” Little Ye Tian answered. 

Lin Liang stunned for a second and smiled. “Indeed impressive.”

He then turned around to watch the five people working together.

Little Ye Tian was shocked. The question was difficult. It includes Qimen Dunjia, I Ching, and calculations involving two reverse secret codes. Even I used a whole second to solve it. There aren’t many who are able to reach such a level as humans. But, this person in front of me may not solve the question as fast as me but the way he understands and thinks is not what I’m capable of for now. She then talked to Ye Cang through telepathy. “Father, be careful of this man. He might be someone very scary…”

“No worries. He’s just a guest for now. We’ll see.” Ye Cang glanced at Lin Liang and continued to cut his ingredients. 

The atmosphere of the dinner was cheerful and everyone enjoyed themselves. Ye Cang carved a big sculpture of fish slices and Marilyn baked various figures with different ingredients. Meanwhile, Old Wang and Old Li were taking their time to demonstrate their own specialties as Panty Uncle made food that looked like trinkets and accessories such as Buddhist prayer beads (nine colorful meatballs). 

“Done!” Ye Cang placed his fish slices around the plate in the shape of a rosette. In the middle, there was a 2-in-1 steamboat pot. A beautiful faceless woman was being placed in the center of the pot and Panty Uncle carefully hung the nine-colored Buddhist prayer beads on her neck and covered her with sugar-coated clothing. There was a fly-whisk on her left hand and a cross on her right. It was as if a goddess has descended.