“Old Panty! Serve the juice to the Three Fillings!” Old Wang was done with the fillings. The ghostly eel bit the honey python’s tail and the other way round happened, representing the circle of life. Immediately, Panty Uncle tossed the bowl to him and Old Wang caught it. He placed the ice bird’s bile into the bowl and crushed it. Instantly, the juice froze. He pinched a handful and coated on the eel and python. “Open the mouth!”

Old Li poked the mouth of the abalone with the back of his knife. As the three fillings filled the mouth, the golden olive oil leaked out, moisturizing it. With the pattern of the Big Dipper, the closely arranged incisions looked as if they were stars in the night sky. From the side view through the incisions, one could see the two ‘dragons’ swallowing each other’s tails as the meat became to look translucent due to the oil. As the freezing sauce spread over, the incisions and oil formed an illumination of beautiful and shiny light. 

“Are...are...these food? They are so beautiful that I’m reluctant to eat it.” Everyone was amazed, especially that they could finish handling the Big Dipper and Three Extreme Fillings in such a short period of time. Some of the great chefs from abroad shook their heads in amazement. “They are true as the rumors said. What a wonderful Big Dipper and Three Extreme Fillings and the Colorful Shirt with Golden Rosette. Let’s go. Lin Hai’s chefs are crazy. Making the geoduck to shoot in seconds, the hand of a thousand knives, flame dance pinching, dragon-flower cutting, master of food decoration. Wait, the word ‘master’ itself is not enough to describe them. That figure is totally fabulous. They are all great chefs that you could only meet once in a lifetime. There are too many things for us to digest…”

“Quickly get back to your seats! The light is about to pass through the first star!” Old Wang shouted as he sat on his seat, wiping his sweat exhaustedly. 

Panty Uncle and Ye Cang immediately jumped back to their seats.

Meanwhile, Old Li was already in place. With a knife on his left, he cut off the first star and sliced the fresh abalone with his right hand. Then, he distributed all the slices onto the diners’ plate accurately while they were still in mid-air. “Enjoy your food.”

Wu Na was curious, “Well, when are we going to eat those two dragons?”

“When the light passes the seventh star and the dragons appear, that’s the best timing.” Lin Liang smiled as he picked up the abalone slices and ate them. He squinted his eyes. “The freshest and most delicious food in the world! The Big Dipper and the twin dragons. Lin Liang is extremely excited.”

“Are you exaggerating?” Wu Na then became speechless as she ate her slice. The food was so fresh that she dared not open her mouth, worrying that the aroma would leak out if she does so. 

Ye Cang ate it and said with a soft but proud tone, “It’s average, more or less the same as what I did. Next time, let me handle alone and I’ll make an enhanced version for all of you. I guarantee mine would taste better than this!”

Zhang Zhengxiong and the others who were enjoying the food immediately shook their heads in disagreement. 

Observing the process from the second star to the sixth star, the people were dumbfounded. At last, the light gradually approaches the seventh star and everyone felt a second passed more slowly than usual as the twin ‘dragons’ absorbed the juice. 

“Let’s start the steamboat since we might need to wait for the seventh star.” Old Li wiped his sweat with his towel.

“Meatball! Meatball!” Lin Le was excitedly swinging his legs. 

“Lil’White, please don’t let the meatballs fall from her…” Not waiting for Marilyn to finish her sentence, Ye Cang pierced his fingers into it. “What did you say?”

As he pulled out his fingers, all kinds of meatball fell from the butt of the goddess into the soup in an insulting manner.

“You just have to ruin such a nice dish.” Marilyn was speechless as she facepalmed.

“Why is the food so hot?” SpyingBlade stared at the dish on his plate. 

“Except that the Chilling Bamboo Shoot must be cooked in the white pot, Jealousy Mushroom in the black and not with more than five stirs, you can cook the others in any pot you like. It’s best for you to stir all the other thrice. Any additional stirs would reduce the taste by half.” Lin Liang flapped his feathered fan. 

“Flapping a fan in the middle of winter, are you stupid and perverted or you just like put on an act?!” Lin Le turned around and scolded Lin Liang when he got in contact with the wind. 

“......” Lin Liang sighed and stuck the fan back to his waist. Calm down. Calm down.

“Never thought that you’re a good taster.” Old Wang smiled. 

“Not a real taster, to be precise. I just happen to know a little. I’m just embarrassing myself in front of all these master chefs.” Lin Liang said humbly. 

“Nah, we aren’t masters. These are just practical work for us. As long as the customers are happy and satisfied with the food, we are good. Didn’t we choose to be chefs because of this reason?” Old Wang smiled as he swung his hands. Lin Liang instantly respected him. One must respect every career. 

“Can’t believe Old Wang shares the same thought as I do. Indeed a great chef.” With a nod, Ye Cang praised him. 

“No, no, no, the two of you are totally different. What he does is real cooking but yours are biological experiments. He is a chef but you are at most a mad scientist, worst still, a master ranked mad and wicked scientist.” On the side, FrozenCloud and the others shook their heads and pondered. 

“Alright, alright, stop the nonsense and start eating.” Flasher Uncle started to cook his food. 

Suddenly, Lin Liang and Lin Le picked the same intestine of the sky bird coincidentally. Both of them glared at each other. Lin Le’s left eye turned red in an instance. “Stupid cobbler, give it to him.”

“Butcher Lin, why do you always go against me?” Lin Liang talked to Lin Sen through telepathy conveniently. 

“Damn it. Originally, you people said that I’m just going to be separated from my body but in the end, I turned out guarding my own bloodline. Such a wicked idea! Don’t you dare say that you aren’t the one who gave that fella this hell of an idea!”

“I was only giving a suggestion. It was Wudi and Wutian who chose the idea. (They are LinLin’s uncles)”

“Bullsh*t! I was drinking with Lin Wudi and Lin Wutian the day before! Nevermind, I’m not going to deal with you now. The three hundred years promise! I can go out after three hundred years and you would have to stay here since you are willing to.”

“We’ll discuss that some other time when Brother Lin comes back. Actually, I’m getting bored these days and there are still tens of years until the three hundred promise is fulfilled. It might be too early to discuss…”

“Hmph! Let go!”

Lin Le snatched the intestine and his eyes returned to normal. “Hehe, I won!”

*Sigh* Lin Liang sighed deeply and took another one. After three stirs and a blow, he ate it. Food is the best medicine for all problems. Suddenly, he took out a jar of blue wine. “How can we not have wine to pair with such nice food? I, Lin Liang humbly present you a jar of wine.”

“What wine is that? Let me smell.” Flasher Uncle casually opened the lit and smelt it. A warm smell filled the atmosphere and the sensation was just beyond description. By just smelling it, even a non-drinker would be eager to give it a try. 

“Purplish Gold Begonia, Lycoris, and Iced Crystal Lily. The main ingredient is Void Flower. Yu’s Wine of the Hundreds Flowers - the Void Brew.” Panty Uncle closed his eyes and smiled. 

“Wow, not bad. Can’t believe you’re so generous, feathered fan guy.” Flasher Uncle immediately poured himself a bowl and for the others too. The portion was perfect as each of them had a bowl, not a drop more and not a drop less 

“The Void Brew…sounds cool. What is it?” Zhang Zhengxiong whispered to FrozenCloud. 

“One of the specialties of the Hundred Flower Yu Family. I’ve only heard dad mention it once. Those who can collect such great wine are not any ordinary person.” FrozenCloud replied while being curious and scared of Lin Liang’s background at the same time. Which big family does he come from?! His surname is Lin. Don’t tell me…

 “It is indeed a good wine.” Ye Cang took a smell, being retardedly a step behind the others. It’s so tempting. “You didn’t put any weird stuff inside, did you? Like aphrodisiac or any kind. There was once when I drank someone’s good wine and I ended up being raped. *sigh* What a horrible memory that I don’t want to remember…” Scenes of his trauma with an ill-intentioned  woman flashed through his mind again.

“......” Everyone was speechless.