“There are no extra conditions to negotiate with! If you want to be bossy with me, ask the permission of the axe in my hand! Then, ask whether my elephant agrees!” Flasher Uncle then swung his elephant madly. 

With streams of bright red blood running on his cheek, Lin Le walked out from the tree. A gentle and apologetic smile was on his face as he reached out his shaking hands, trying to grab Diao Chan. “Feifei might not be able to fulfill his dream. I’m sorry...I didn’t get to rape you in the end...I’m sorry…”

“No! Get up! Feifei! Come and rape me! Quick! Get up now! Don’t fall down! Get up quickly! *Cries* *Cries*” Diao Chan was shouting as she sobbed. 

“Why am I tearing?” 

“Me too. Their conversation was supposed to be creepy…”

“Feifei! Get up quickly! Diao Chan is waiting for you! You can’t fall there! Get up!”

“Get up! Get up! Rape her! Rape her! Get up right now! You can’t give up on your dream so easily!”

The audience was shouting and cheering for Lin Le with tears in their eyes. 

“*Sigh* It looks like we have no choice but to fight. A’Xiong, let’s go.” Ye Cang drew his swords, preparing to charge. 

“Alright!”  Zhang Zhengxiong pressured his Red Hare in preparation for a dash.


Lin Le was struck by lightning out of a sudden. 

“The Azure Sky is already dead! The Yellow Sky will soon rise!”

Ye Cang turned around to see a lightning flash and Lin Le got up. Beside him was a middle-aged man. Panty Uncle is here...It feels like he is acting Zhang Jue.

All eyes were fixed on a long-haired man in a robe designed with fulu. A yellow turban was tied on to his arms. One hand was holding a pale yellow religious flag with the words ‘The Heavenly King is Here, Nothing Cannot be Solved’ and another hand had a swirl of lightning. “Even though I pretended to die in the chaos, completing the last elegy for the Han dynasty, I was touched by your dream! Kid! Dong Zhuo is evil! I, Zhang Jue will now join you and aid you in this fight!”As Panty Uncle stomped the flag on the ground, his long hair swayed and lightning flashed. “The Azure Sky is already dead! The Yellow Sky will soon rise! Brothers! Lend me your strengths once again!”

Suddenly, a strong wind was blowing and the ground was ignited and burning with fire. Panty Uncle was standing in the middle with beads and a spear in his hands. 

“Announcing the arrival of The General of Land and The General of People[1]!”

Flasher Uncle frowned. “Damn it! Bring it on!” 

“Nine Thunderstrikes!”

“Ground Explosion!”

“Reaper of the Godly Wind!”

“Just in time! Shield of the Heavenly Demon! Activate!”

“Oh? You’re serious, huh? The Book of Flames! The Book of Earth! The Book of Lightning! Activate!”

“Eye of the War Demon! Rage of Xingtian! Activate!”

“Elements of Three - Chibaku Tensei!”

“The Royal Slash of Heaven and Earth Demons!”

“Brother, why do I feel that their characters in the Three Kingdoms are different from what we know? I feel that Flasher Uncle is from Dragon Ball and Panty Uncle is from Journey To The West… Their levels are godly. Are you sure we won’t be killed by their AOE skills by accident if we insist on going into Luoyang?”

“That’s right. That’s right, Brother Lil’White, have a look yourself. There are lava, lightning and even energy bombs outside the city gates. I think we’d find ourselves dead  even before stepping in.”

“We’ll take a tour. Be quick! I’m afraid that the entire Luoyang will be destroyed if they continue to fight like that.”

The three of them immediately rode the Red Hare and got to the back gate with the battle going on.

“Hey, have you forgotten about me?” Wu Na sweated as she stared at the three of them who rode Red Hare away.

“Damn, this Dong Zhuo is way too scary. No wonder the 18 warlords wanted to kill him.”

“No, no, I think it doesn’t matter how many warlords want to kill him. He can kill the whole civilization from Eastern Han Empire to Western Han Empire all by himself.”

“Regarding that...I think Eastern Han comes after Western Han, am I right?”

“So, that’s why I said it shows Dong Zhuo’s presence! I bet even Zhang Jue can battle with Jiang Ziya now, being listed on the Gods Rank!”

“How actually did the Yellow Turban Rebellion fail…”

“They were betrayed. The timing to rebel was exposed, causing them to bring everything forward. If they have more time, I bet the entire Eastern Han Empire will be conquered by Zhang Jue. They took a long time to plan this rebellion.”

“I don’t think so. The people in that era were too fierce and strong. The Yellow Turban would just be some extra bonuses for the warlords.”

“My utmost concern, for now, is what if Luoyang City and the Han Dynasty are destroyed during the battle?’

Not knowing what had happened, ThornyRose who just revived randomly picked a character. Acting as Sun Ce, she rushed to Luoyang. “I’m the King of the East River, Sun…”

Before finishing the sentence, a meteor fell on her and she died. Again. 

“They would have to randomly pick a character out from Luoyang City. It’s already a disaster here…”

“Do you really think you can get into the city limits? Diao Chan is mine…”

There was a person standing in front of the city gate, holding a few books. He was skinny. This man was Li Ru, played by Fang Ci. “I’m sorry. You can’t pass this route.”

“Damn it! This fella has followed the Dragon Ball version of Dong Zhuo! He’s so arrogant!” Zhang Zhengxiong ground his teeth. 

“Get into our formation! We’ll dash in!” Ye Cang then jumped to sit on Zhang Zhengxiong’s shoulder while Lin Le hopped onto Ye Cang’s, forming a tower.

Fang Ci swung his books. “Magic Circle of Taming Demon - The Dance of Demons!”

The city gate opened but it turned into a virtual portal.

Demons, devils, and monsters rushed out. 

“......” The Red Hare, Zhang Zhengxiong, Ye Cang, and Lin Le were stunned.

“Brother, are we being tricked?” Zhang Zhengxiong stared at the sky full of demons. 

“If I’m not mistaken, I think so…” Ye Cang thought about it with his arms crossed. 

“Brother Lil’White, I remember now! When we were setting the level of difficulty, I think I accidentally pressed something...I wanted to tell you guys but I forgot when Little Ye Tian wanted me to tell me something…” Lin Le smacked his head. 

“I knew it! It was you, Lele!” The two of them shouted. Zhang Zhengxiong immediately rode the Red Hare away, trying to find other means to enter the city. 

“I didn’t do it on purpose, I was just curious about those ‘Search’, ‘Enter’, ‘Damage’ buttons…” Lin Le said with guilt and remorse.

“No wonder my Liu Bei doesn’t have the Sword of the Heavenly Dragon and the Sword of the Resentment Pheonix! I remember that I set them to be in my basket of sandals. I was going to use that to kill them instantly.”

“WTF, brother! You added those stuff for yourself?!”

“Can the main character still be the main character if he didn’t give himself some cheats?!”


“Look what happens now. The enemies are overpowered! Run!”

“*Sigh* Why is it that hard to rape Diao Chan in Chinese New Year? It’s all Little Tian’s fault…”

“Shut up! Blame yourself!” The two of them scolded Lin Le. 

Outside the battlefield.

“I think I just saw something creepy...the Acting Emperor wanted to give himself some cheats…”

“And it turns out the Root Emperor messed up the settings.”

“Is this part of the act?”

I’m curious about something. With the three of them riding on it, four different weapons, a basket of sandals which Emperor Liu wanted to sell on the market, the end-of-the-world battle and the Dance of Demons behind them, how exactly does the Red Hare feel?”

“I think it’s cursing them or somewhat…”

Wu Na was helpless. The original script is already messy and now… She turned around to see the end-of-the-world battle and the demons invading. Indeed, when the three of them are together,  nothing is normal! 


  1. ^ General of Land = Zhang BaoGeneral of People = Zhang Liangboth are Zhang Jue's brothers