Ye Cang, Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le who just escaped from the pursuit were sitting down on the floor, patting. 

“What do we do now? That guy is too overpowered. Who knows what’s waiting for us at the next gate. Would it be Goku who turned Super Saiyan 3?” Zhang Zhengxiong turned around to see the Red Hare whose eyes rolled back due to exhaustion. 

“It might be Frieza...I sort of remember…” Upon hearing what Lin Le said, the two of them immediately got up. Ye Cang brushed his hands and said, “Let’s go home.”

“I feel like eating ramen. Brother, shall have a drink or two?” Zhang Zhengxiong threw his Green Dragon Crescent Blade away. 

“Good idea. Old Li was preparing supper anyway.” Ye Cang dumped his swords. 

“I want to rape Diao Chan!” 

“Who is it to blame?!”

“Little Tian?” 

“Blame yourself?!”

Just when they were arguing, Wu Na rushed over, panting. “Stop. I realized my apple isa God’s Golden Apple. A small bite is enough to either cause death or make you a god-like warrior. Chances are almost equal.”

“The benefits outweigh the risks. Divide it into four parts. Whoever dies is unlucky.” Just when Ye Cang was about to cut the Golden Apple, a gigantic mouth snatched it away. The four of them stunned as they stared at it. It was the Red Hare who wanted to die just so badly.

Ye Cang then regained his senses. “A’Xiong, Lele, make a fire. I think we might get some buff if we eat the horse too.”

“......” The Red Hare sweated in cold as Ye Cang walked towards it with the Green Dragon Crescent Blade.

On the other side, Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle who were having an intense fight turned to look somewhere afar. A flow of spiritual energy went skyrocket and exploded out of a sudden. Their expressions turned serious when the sky was covered with a red storm. 

“Neigh!” The horse sounded like a roaring dragon.

Moments later, a red godly horse flew in from the sky and rushed towards them with white flames at its heels. There were signs of storms wherever it passed. It was so enormous that carrying three men and a woman would still leave extra space. As it was gradually descending, Ye Cang and the others could be seen. 

Not waiting for Flasher Uncle and Panty Uncle to react, the Red Hare sped up and dashed through the sky full of demons. The hurricane behind it twisted the time-space, killing all lives in the vicinity. Once again, it sped up and passed through the two uncles. Without any chance to make a counterattack, they were crushed into pieces. In the storm, Panty Uncle mumbled, “The Azure Sky is already dead. So is the Yellow Sky. The…”

"What kind of horse is that?!” Flasher Uncle turned into pieces.

“Director! Cut the scene, would ya?! What happened to the Red Hare?!”

Director Zhang immediately rewound the scenes. This was what he saw. Ye Cang was sweating in cold as he stared at the Red Hare’s muscles getting strengthened and burst with holy flames in the end. Ye Cang even made the air turn blue. “WTF! It evolves!”

“Brother, I think we’re here just to be tricked. I feel that even the Red Hare is stronger than us. Luckily, we are on the same team.” Zhang Zhengxiong stared at the Red Hare as it evolved, getting stronger and stronger. 

“Brother Lil’White, I think our Harey Harey horse is about to fly.” Lin Le saw the Red Hare stand up like how spiritual energy explodes as gods descend.

“That’s my war horse. Indeed, extraordinary.” Ye Cang pinched his chin as he threw away the Green Dragon Crescent Blade which he wanted to use to chop the horse meat.

“I was the one who tamed it…” Zhang Zhengxiong rolled his eyes.

They then rode on the Red Hare which was in the form of gods. Swiftly, they arrived at the next city gate and saw Zuo Yiyi’s Frieza was the one guarding the gate. Just when she was accumulating energy to perform the Death Ball, the Red Hare bit her head away. As Zhang Zhengxiong pulled the flamy lead, they returned to Li Ru who was eventually being tortured to death and this was what happened. 

“What horse is that?”

“The Red Hare?”

“Even your Frieza could be killed by theRed Hare in an instance?! This is obviously the power of Super Saiyan 4!”

“I see...the Red Hare is the real winner in this chaos…”


Just then, the narrator’s voice popped out of nowhere. “And so, Zhang Yide successfully saved Diao Chan and raped her. The childhood dream from years ago was finally fulfilled and his sexual needs were finally satisfied. Luoyang City has suffered many casualties and the unfortunate regicide of Emperor Xian of Han . With the help of the three heroes and the love of the citizens, the Red Hare was ascended the throne, becoming the new monarch of the entire empire. It was entitled, Red - The Great Emperor Red Hare.”

Donning the emperor’s robe and crown, the Red Hare sat on the throne and all the officials bowed in respect. Seeing such a scene, the audience was dumbfounded. 

“With a basket of sandals, warrior Xuande successfully got his business listed, became a millionaire and built his own sandal industry. After the battle of Luoyang, he was entitled as Grand Marshal, one of the Three Ducal Ministers and lived a life of luxury above the law with the Black Queen at the expense of peasants.”

“As for warrior Yide, he monopolized the entire pork industry and provided all citizens with fresh meat every day. His reputation has surpassed the Great Emperor Red Hare. After the battle of Luoyang, he was entitled as Ministers of the Masses which is also one of the Three Ducal Ministers. He then lived on an evil life with Diao Chan with regular raping sessions.”

“Lastly, the police in Luoyang decided to reduce warrior Yunchang’s sentence to 10 years for being cooperative and surrendering himself. Even though he was entitled as Minister of Works, one of the Three Ducal Ministers, he was still to serve his sentence. His title would remain after 10 years but he would have to be re-educated in prison for now.”

“So, what is the moral of the story?”

“......” Everyone was speechless. 

“That’s right. It’s the responsibility of every citizen to obey the law.”

“I’m just furious. All I can think of are just profanities right now.”

“I’ll give a 10 out of 10 for the forceful ending.”

“I’m starting to doubt my life after watching this drama. The Red Hare had its own dynasty - The Red Dynasty…”

“I think the ending was pretty much a good one, except for Elder Guan. Besides, it’s highly educational.”

“For having a dream of raping Diao Chan?”

The venue was filled with whispers as everyone was discussing the drama. 

“X-hero is going to include China’s exclusive GX-ranked beast spirit - The Terminator of Chaos - The Great Emperor Red Hare! There would only be 100 limited cards this April!”

Suddenly, a horse’s roar was heard and the sky turned red.

“All hail Red Hare! All hail the Three Brothers who rebuilt the country!”

“I’ll not wash my hand until April!”

The stage then returned to normal. With Ye Cang and Zuo Yiyi dance performances, the Gala ended. 

Despite the requests for bonus performances, Ye Cang and the group extended their greetings and logged out. 

“Do you think the Three Brothers will come back next year?”

“I’m not sure, their performance this year is just a gesture to the organizers so they might not come again next year. Even Flame Emperor only came here once. All he did was singing an old classic song.”

“I believe they will return! Let’s make a petition!”

The first day of Chinese New Year had arrived. 

Ye Cang opened his eyes to see ThornyRose and Wu Na in his embrace. He was not used to it. He then buttoned up his pajamas and walked to the balcony. Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le were practicing in the wee hours of the morning on such an occasional day. Zhao Xianyu was there too, brushing her messy white hair. “New Year’s Day. It’s so troublesome. I need to pay a visit to my boss. Damn that crazy woman Rose. She always likes to finger my asshole. I can still feel the pain from last year.”

“Isn’t this karma?” Wu Na placed her face on his back, hugging him from behind.

“I’ve gotten my revenge. Haha. Haha.” The two of them turned around to see ThornyRose sleep-talking. Ye Cang sighed. “There goes my reputation. *sigh* I need to travel to somewhere far today. Take care of Lele and the others for me, please.”

“Okay.” Wu Na smiled as she stared at ThornyRose’s offensive sleeping position.