On the night of the second day of Chinese New Year, Ye Cang was shocked upon Lin Liang’s visit. Isn’t the adventure on the ninth day of CNY?

Ye Cang was curious about why he was here but Zhang Zhengxiong signaled him through eye contact. At the side, Lin Liang smiled without saying anything. Ye Cang then opened the drawer beside his bed and smiled coldly. “Rose, hmph. You shall know what a double payback is. Hmph.”

Wu Na who was standing at the door saw the vibrator in the drawer and felt that the man she loved was evil. 

Chills then ran down ThornyRose’s spine as she was playing mahjong with FrozenCloud, Gongsun Qian, and Zuo Yiyi.

“My lovely girls, when will it be my turn to play ya?” Wu Na shouted. 

“Not so early. We are still in a game!” FrozenCloud and ThornyRose replied hastily. 

“When this woman gets her hands on mahjong, she’s way scarier than Goku’s Super Saiyan 4 mode. Her character’s setting will be totally ruined,” FrozenCloud wiped the cold sweat. 

“Are you serious?” Gongsun Qian was curious.

“You’ll know later,” ThornyRose sighed. “White Dragon.”

“Hold on a second!” The three of them revealed their pieces together. 

Thirteen Orphans!” 

“Hey?! Same here!” 

“Same here too!”

“......” ThornyRose stunned for a second and slowly got up. “Nana, it’s your turn.”

“It’s time to face reality…” FrozenCloud was prepared to face the greatest enemy. 

Meanwhile, Ye Cang was lying on the sofa, watching a drama. The clacks of shuffling mahjong tiles were heard. 

“Hey, you middle-part-haired rough eyebrowed girl! Discard your tile quickly! What are you waiting for?! Old Zhao didn’t give you enough sex?! So, you don’t have enough energy to play mahjong?!”

“......” The other two were speechless as Gongsun Qian was about to cry.

“Kong! Rooster! Rooster! Oh, damn you motherf*cker @$$hole! (Wu Na placed a Two-myriad  Character) F*ck you!”


Lounging beside Ye Cang, ThornyRose was doing a manicure. With a smile, Ye Cang asked, “You’re not going to play?”

“Nahh, gambling is a bad habit,” ThornyRose shrugged her shoulders. 

In the early morning of the third day of CNY. 


Lin Le who was coaching Zhao Xiangyu saw Zhang Zhengxiong, SpyingBlade, Fang Ci, and Lin Liang leaving the house. “I have a feeling that they’re going to play some immoral games…”

“I don’t think so? Well, it might be the case for Master Uncle Xiong but maybe not Elder Liang? He looks quite righteous and elegant. I think it must be some serious business.” Zhang Xiangyu was doing warm-ups. 

Suddenly, Lin Le smiled coldly and said in a strange voice. “You’re so innocent. That fella is really evil and wicked.”

“Go away! How dare you interrupt me again?! It’s so annoying!” Lin Le stomped his feet. “Lil’Yu, let Master Uncle teach you some practical moves today.”

He’s arguing with himself again. Zhao Xiangyu pondered. Staring at Lin Le’s innocent smile, she felt that she might suffer more than what she had during her training with Zhang Zhengxiong. This short master uncle has schizophrenia... Quietly, she swallowed. 

Ye Cang was casually drinking his glass of hot milk at the balcony as Wu Na stared at ThornyRose who was covering her butt and whose eyes were filled with hatred. *Sigh* What’s this for? Revenge is a never-ending cycle. She then saw Gongsun Qian and Zuo Yiyi having a morning tea session. “Sister Qian, Yiyi, let’s play another game of mahjong again tonight!”

Gongsun Qian and Zuo Yiyi immediately flinched. 

“Er...I need to return to the Imperial Capital. How about next time? Next time,” Gongsun Qian quickly replied. 

“I’m trying to spend most of my time polishing my dancing skills. I've got a tour to go for next month,” Zuo Yiyi answered.

Imperial City. The ‘Sky’ Train Station. 


Lil’Wang and AV were already waiting for them. 

“First stop, Earth Area. 215 Earth Street. The Transformation of Girlfriend Club.” Acting like a commander, AV led the others to the subway station quickly. 

“I have a question…” Just when Lin Liang was about to say something, Lil’Wang interrupted him as he saw the subway had arrived. “Ask again after we get on the train. It’s about to leave! Quick! The later we are, the higher the chances of getting low-class ones! We must keep up with the pace! Got it?!”

Lin Liang suddenly agreed to what he said. That’s right. Just like during battles, we can’t be late. The later we are, the higher the chances of changes. We must arrive early to have a better understanding of the entire situation. Since my adventurous skills are not as good as him, I must learn. With a nod, he followed tight. 

They then got into a small coach and sat accordingly. 

With a signal from AV, everyone came closer. AV spoke in a low tone as his fingers crossed. 

“This club is an S-ranked club. Our first priority is to target the main girlfriend - Miss Andore. Her kitty voice is so precious that even money wouldn’t buy you the chance to hear it. No one ever gets the chance of choosing because she’s always the one picking customers to talk to. Besides, she’s also the lady boss. So, show all your skills, my friends. We must let her notice us and have her admit our adventure skills while we are having fun.” 

“I guess it’s time to reveal my true skill,” Lil’Wang brushed his hair. 

“Heh. It’s only interesting when there are challenges,” Zhang Zhengxiong smiled. 

SpyingBlade and Fang Ci cold-shouldered the two who were rubbing their hands. Hey, you guys are the characters the girls hated most. 

“The Strategy of Gaining One’s Heart?” Lin Le wondered. Even though it’s a little low-class, it is indeed useful when it comes to training one’s observation skills. Legend has it that gaining one’s liking comes first and conquering cities comes second. Do know that it’s hard to guess what a woman is actually thinking. There’s a Chinese saying that goes “a woman’s heart is just like a needle under the sea”. The training for this sole purpose is not easy. However, it is easier to train one’s determination and ability in the lower class of society. Just like my lord, Emperor Liu who had trained himself in the normal class society. All women like him for various reasons. Sadly, I’m not that good at this skill. Quietly, he then took out his feathered fan and flapped it, imagining the possible situations.

The others were staring at Lin Liang who closed his eyes, calculating something with one hand and flapping his feathered fan with another. 

“I’ve got a feeling that he’d be doing something reckless,” Zhang Zhengxiong had goosebumps. 

“Oh, you still have the time to be concerned about others? Do know that our opponents are those who are very experienced. Just a little carelessness and you will re-live my moments,” Lil’Wang said in a serious manner. 

“Oh, your experience of hopping back in naked?” SpyingBlade sneered at. 

Lil’Wang did not object but patted his shoulder and said in a serious tone. “Hope you can do it.”

He then leaned on the chair to give it a thought. Even AV lowered his head to think about it. The entire coach was filled with silence as if a war was about to start. 

Hey, hey, hey, is it really that serious? Fang Ci and SpyingBlade were speechless. 

“We’re here,” Lil’Wang got up. 

AV immediately opened his eyes and they looked fierce. “Warriors, our adventure is about to start…”

“Liang is here for battle!” Lin Liang stabbed his feathered fan into his belt. 

“......” SpyingBlade and Fang Ci stared at the four of them who were well prepared and seemed like they were about to engage in a battle.” 

“Is it just me or they look perverted…” SpyingBlade had goosebumps when he heard what Lin Liang said. 

“Most importantly...they’re feeling good about it…” Fang Ci gradually stood up.