From the corner of his eyes, Zhang Zhengxiong saw Coco and the others were on their way. “They’re here.”

“The second round of battle is about to start…” Lil’Wang flicked his cigar to get rid of the ashes. 

Andor carefully stared at Lin Liang’s sitting position and smile, not wanting to let him leave his sight for even a second. I should test him out first. She then slowly lifted her dress to reveal her smooth leg, trying to arouse him in a way.

Meanwhile, Lin Liang realized something was amiss. A seducing strategy? Oh, women are indeed women. Looking simple and plain does not mean they don’t know how to secure a man’s heart! This move is able to test a person’s sexuality and personality. Anyone who looks at it definitely can’t control himself. And if you don’t look at it, there must be something wrong with you. With a smooth wave of his fan, Lin Liang blocked his view. “Miss An, you don’t have to be like this. Sincerity is the best policy.”

Andor pondered. This person is impressive. Just when I was about to move, he immediately blocked it without saying a word. Hmph. Sincerity is the best policy. So, it means that he doesn’t plan to spend a single cent here! This man is hard to deal with! No! I must do something! She once again revealed her other sexy and smooth leg. Do know that everyone in the entire Imperial City is willing to queue just to see my legs. The cost to see it starts from at least a hundred million.

Lin Liang frowned. This pair of legs is indeed beautiful. It doesn’t look like those skinny ones but it’s a chubby one. It shows prosperity. I suddenly feel my spirits are high! This move is not a wise one. If I touch it, I will be despised. One fan cannot block the two of them but you’ve underestimated me! He then took out another feathered fan from his pocket and blocked the tempting legs. “Sincerity. Sincerity.” 

Andor was surprised at the spare feathered fan Lin Liang had. This man! I’m getting goosebumps because of him. I can deal with any of those perverts but this… is my first time seeing such a person. She then took a glass of beer and pretended to accidentally pour at Lin Liang’s crouch. Lin Liang gave nothing but a cold smile and continued swinging his feathered fan. The beer returned to the glass. 

Andor squinted and pretended, “Oh! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Let me wipe it for you! Oh dear! It’s all wet!”

Lin Liang pondered. Shit! This is bad! My entire body is already wet! She is trying to fish in troubled water! Immediately, he covered his private part. “Oh, it’s alright! It’s alright! I will get changed later!”

“Oh! I’m terribly sorry. But still, let me wipe that for you! It’ll be quick!” Andor was forcing her way but Lin Liang resisted. 

“Let me wipe!”

“It’s alright!”

“I’m going to wipe!”


The two of them were in a battle with each other. Meanwhile, AV and the others were envious. 

“If I were him, I would just let her wipe.” AV said with jealousy.

“And that’s why you can be an expert like Old Brother Liang.” Lil’Wang put down his cigar. “Coco!”

“Brother Lil’Wang~ Let’s play some games~” Coco said softly. We’ll let Big Sis deal with the feathered fan hentai. It’s time to show what the best sales girl is made of!

“Brother~ Let’s drink~” Kena smiled innocently and Fang Ci almost lost his cool. If it wasn’t for fun, Fang Ci could surely keep his kindness. Just like how he camouflaged himself and killed all the ‘innocent’ people back at the playground. However, Fang Ci was shy when he looked at the girl who was about the same age as his sister. It was the same when he faced Little Ye Tian. Fang Ci then asked out of curiosity, “Are you sure you’re legal to drink?"

“Of course! I’m 18 this year, brother~” Kena said.

Fang Ci blushed slightly. 18 years old. Which means… *Cough* *Cough* But why did she come here to work? “Old Zhao, get me a bottle of champagne.”

SpyingBlade immediately ordered a bottle of golden champagne from the waitress without any hesitation. He then turned over to see Lil’Wang, AV, and Zhang Zhengxiong looking at him with a weird look. 

“ I saw Sister Qian staring at Lil’Fang’s back with a doubtful expression yesterday and she even sighed…” Zhang Zhengxiong whispered.

“I bet she must have found out but she pretended not to be okay,” AV said. 

“I kinda feel sorry for Sister Qian for a second but Lil’Fang is our brother. *Sigh* All we can hope for is that Old Zhao isn’t some cruel man and that the three of them can have a happy ending together,” Lil’Wang said. 

The voices of the three of them made SpyingBlade and Fang Ci furious. They took a deep breath and decided to keep their mouths shut because replying would just make them talk more. Fang Ci then turned around to see Kena staring at him, which was something he thought to be unbelievable. Even though it was just a split second, he could see Kena’s expression. “No, it’s not what you think it is.”

“Brother~ Nana doesn’t care much about your sexuality. As long as you pamper Nana, that’s enough. Brother~ Nana loves you so much~” Kena’s words made Fang Ci feel glad and weird at the same time. What do you mean by ‘doesn’t care about your sexuality’?

“Never thought that the senior is actually…” Little Qin made a two-way hand sign. 

“......” SpyingBlade stunned for a second and poured himself a glass of beer. Just when he was about to clarify that he was not like what she thinks, he was interrupted. 

“Actually...I’m… too, senior…” Little Qin whispered to SpyingBlade’s ear. 

“You’re what?” Zhang Zhengxiong became curious. The girls are back in business. That’s what we call fun. 

“He’s a multifunctional plug and I’m his socket! Coincidentally!” Little Qin answered while acting cute.

“Owh! *Cough* *Cough*” SpyingBlade wiped his lips and poured himself another glass. It feels like my life has become weirder ever since the team leader helped me and Qian get together.

Staring at Coco who was lying on his chest, Lil’Wang pondered. It’s the bunhead and lace combo! Shit! I’m about to lose my cool! My secret weapon - the Ink Art Technique - Heart of Ink is not going to work anymore!

“Brother Lil’Wang~ By just one glance, I could tell that you’re a student of the Imperial College. Only a student of that prestigious college will have such a manly manner and such a handsome face. Oh no! I get a little wet inside every time I look at you. I wanna drink some beer. I’m afraid I wouldn’t get to see you anymore after you leave today…” Coco was seducing Lil’Wang in an incredibly awkward manner shamelessly. 

Seeing his friends slowly falling into their traps and the waitress smiling, Lin Liang pondered. I couldn’t clone myself to help them! The boss’ attacks are so hard to deal with. Don’t forget our initial purpose! Don’t forget! We must defend at all costs! Just when he was about to remind them, Andor took a bottle of golden champagne and imitated Lin Liang’s accent, “Uncle, are you looking down on me? If so, I apologize…”

In only a single gulp, she finished the entire bottle of champagne and wiped her mouth. “A man should wield the swords and take on the responsibility of making contributions to the nation! It’s just a bottle of champagne. Uncle, don’t tell me that you’re not compatible with me…”

However, deep inside her heart, she was thinking. This fella must be some hardcore fan of some ancient dynasty. I must use the same accent when speaking to him. 

Provoking me? Hmph! Not so easy! No one can ever provoke me because it’s always me that provokes! ‘Defense is the best offense’ they say. With a humble smile, he said, “Miss An’s alcohol tolerance is indeed impressive! Sadly, I’m not a good drinker so I couldn’t offer much. But, I have no intention of discriminating Miss An’s sincerity. Give three more bottles to Miss An, please!”

Trying to make me drunk? How can such a middle-aged man be such a coward? He doesn’t even care that I laughed at him for not being manly and let me drink myself? Damn it! This fella is gonna get his hair bald. But he is indeed hard to deal with.