Even though her Wang Jian’s Brave Strategy ability was sealed, Little Qin immediately drew a card. “Activating Weakness of All! Taking away Xiang Yu’s Sky Dragon Halbert! Successful! Activating Strength of All! Successful! Adding the card - Battle Along with Father! And my turn ends.”

“It’s my turn.” With a swing of the feathered fan, a card flew into Lin Liang’s hand. Andor and the other girls were speechless. He sure knows how to act with his feathered fan. 

Looking at the card he got, Lin Liang recalled the moments when he went on a mission in Jiangdong, the song he sang at the small pavilion beside the pond and Gongjin’s manly manner when he was burning Red Cliff. Time sure flies in a blink of an eye. I wonder if he has met with Xiao Qiao. With a high pitch, he said, “Whenever someone makes a mistake during a performance, Zhou Yu will notice.”

Suddenly, a guqin that seemed to be burnt at its one end flew into Zhou Yu’s hand. “Equip the burnt instrument. Adding the Battle of Red Cliff into my hands and draw another song card. Activating The Long River Song! All my teammates get to draw a card. Equipping the Flaming Phoenix Robe and being immune to fire elemental and mental magic for two rounds. Also, adding Xiao Qiao into my hand! Activating Heroic Posture! Successful! Draw another card! Summoning Xiao Qiao! Adding another song card into my hand. Due to Xiao Qiao’s presence, for whatever song card that I activate, its effect would be doubled! Also, getting the chance to draw another card. Activating The Song of Strong Wind! Let the wind blow!”

Lin Liang pondered. Since Wang Jian’s ability is sealed off, there’s nothing I would have to bother about! Suddenly, he swung his feathered fan in a heroic posture like Zhou Yu. “Activating Sacrifice for Guilt Trip Strategy!”

“Successful! The second try! Serialized Strategy! Successful! 

“Steel chains connecting the boats! Only Wu’s strategist may be able to counter it!”

“Gongjin! Huang Gai is here! Beat me!”

On the chessboard, the scene involving Zhou Yu and Huang Gai appeared. Despite the fact that Huang Gai was heavily wounded, his eyes were filled with determination and he laughed out loud, “Hahahaha!”

Amidst the waves of laughter, Huang Gai who was engulfed by fire suddenly appeared before Wu Zetian and smiled wickedly, “Hahaha! Wentai! Bofu! Huang Gai fights for Jiangdong! Willing to sacrifice himself! Here I come!”

Flames started burning across the chessboard like an unstopped bushfire. Andor stared at Lin Liang. He’s going to use the Battle of Red Cliff. We’re gonna lose.

“Activating the Battle…” Lin Liang trembled when he saw the woman in black “Err… I’ll end my turn.”

AV and Lil’Wang stared at him in confusion. Hey, we can end it with just one shot! Use the Battle of Red Cliff and they’re gonna be dead meat! What are you doing?! Opponent, Huang Yueying had summoned the Sleeping Dragon! If we don’t kill her now, the Sleeping Dragon’s gonna set up a trigram and we’ll need to break it! It’s going to take us a long time! Zhang Zhengxiong was confused too. Suddenly, Lil’Wang realized something and stopped AV who was on the verge of asking Lin Liang why. “He is indeed a master! This move is so evil and inhumane! He is actually trying to gain favor from them. Everyone knows that if he activates the Battle of Red Cliff, the game will end. But he decided to let them go. Even if we lose the battle, the opponents are still shameless. It shows his personality of a gentleman.”

Through Lil’Wang’s explanation, AV understood the reason behind his move. “He may seem that he doesn’t want to kill them but he’s actually trying to gain their trust! Besides, with that card on hand, it’s impossible to lose. This is indeed a good move!”

The two of them immediately stared at Lin Liang with great respect. 

Meanwhile, SpyingBlade and Fang Ci were sweating in cold. Hey, aren’t you guys thinking too much? Maybe he spared them their lives just because he was gentleman enough?

Andor was also staring at Lin Liang with a doubtful look. He doesn’t seem like a person who would be kind towards his opponents. He didn’t look like a man when we were drinking just now. He used my words to go with the flow. I really can’t figure out his intention behind his smile. All I feel is a chill. She then frowned. What will his next move be?

“Because Mu Guiying is in jail for violating the law, she could only pass this round,” the sexy lady said speechlessly while doing a manicure. 

“It’s my nurse’s turn,” AV laughed. Seeing the hope and innocence in Nightingale’s eyes, AV stopped laughing evilly and smiled apologetically. He then drew a card. “Haha! Goddess Nightingale! I love you! Activating Status! The Lantern Angel! As long as Nightingale is alive, her teammates’ death will have to go through judgment to obtain the Nightingale’s lantern! I can draw an extra healing card! Placing it under ‘hidden’! Activating skill! Returning to the Village! No one can deal damage to me in this form! I end my turn with this!”

The girls were speechless. He is so lucky. Getting the Lantern Angel as his first card! Looks like we can’t kill anyone like how we hoped to anymore! Besides, they have the lantern too! That thing is so tricky!

“My turn! My turn!” Marlily drew a card. “Equipping Mixed Element Hammer! Activating Assault! Targeting Zhou Yu!”

“Successful! Zhou Yu died!”

“Due to the presence of Nightingale’s lantern, the death penalty goes into judgment again! Failed! Zhou Yu died!”

“......” Lin Liang was speechless and he turned to look at AV, Lil’Wang, and the others with great remorse. It’s all my fault. I ruined the plan due to my own emotions! I’ve violated the taboo! I’m sorry everyone. Even though it’s just a game, I know I’m really useless. *Sigh* Why does God treat me like this…

“Gongjin!” Huang Gai’s and Xiao Qiao’s voices faded. 

“Activating hidden card! The Kiss of the Shadow! Granting a lantern! Revive Zhou Yu! Let him draw three extra cards! I’ll lose my lantern angel status temporarily for two rounds. Disabling Returning to the Village’s effect. Losing another round…” AV flipped his hidden card. 

Lin Liang immediately stared at AV with much gratitude. I will not make another mistake! “I’m sorry, Brother Lil’AV.”

“I understand, Old Brother Liang! We’re good adventure brothers!” AV shook his head. 

Lin Liang nodded. He is kind and has the general aura! He is indeed the leader of our adventure team!

Staring at the sexy lady in front of him, Zhang Zhengxiong drew a card with a sigh but smiled instead less than a second later. Hehe. The opponent is surely unlucky. Let me end this quick and have some fun. “Activating Accurate Shooting! Targeting Mu Guiying! Failed! Never mind, activating Thief! Obtaining a card from Mu Guiying! The Blade of Phoenix! Equipping the weapon! Activating equipment’s effect, having the chance to activate another skill! Once again, activating Accurate Shooting! Targeting Wu Zetian! Successful! Shoot to kill! Since it is a success, activating Faceless! I’ll stay hidden until my next turn.”

Andor surrendered. They’re really too strong. We could have beaten them only if Zhou Yu was dead. She then asked her people to bring them 30 bottles of golden champagne. With a moan, Zhang Zhengxiong exclaimed that they were back to business. The girls used all their skills to act as their girlfriends. After having fun, AV and the others decided to challenge the SSS-ranked club. Andor gave each of them a discounting badge of The Girlfriend Transformation Club. Staring at their backs, the girls heaved a sigh of relief, “These people finally left.”

SpyingBlade and Fang Ci looked at the virtual badge and thought of something. A temple badge? Are we going on some XXX master competition after a few collections?

“They are going to Little Girl’s Heaven…” Little Qin was worried. 

“They sure are brave… I’ve something on so I’m going home…” Kena turned around and checked out to return home. 

“Alright, get home safe Kena.” Andor then shouted, “Quickly, go and get more customers! Coco! Go to the Human Resource Department of the Imperial City College, the Creditworthiness Department, the Art department, the Music department, and the Performing Arts Department to have a look! Get some lost girls to fill up the vacancy! Chinese New Year is the best time to earn! We can’t afford to waste a single day!”

But they sure are rushing over things. Little Girl’s Heaven isn’t a place that is easy to deal with. Andor turned around and returned to her office.