Sky Area. Outside of the Little Girl's Heaven. It was already midnight and there were six naked men who were extremely attractive in front of the main gate of the club. Among them, there was a long-haired and graceful looking man flapping a feathered fan. “We’ve lost…”

He turned around to look at the neon hologram of every little girl. “It is indeed a terrifying place…”

The other five guys tried their best to cover their private parts and then looked at Lin Liang speechlessly. Hey, cover it with your feathered fan, would ya?! Why are you still flapping it?! Flap my ass!

A spare feathered fan then appeared out of nowhere and Lin Liang used it to cover his private part. 

Suddenly, a chill breeze blew and they walked down the memory lane. 

“Since we have the spirits, let's challenge the Little Girl's Heaven!”

“Uncle, let’s play some games. But there would be punishment if you lose ya~”

“What kind of punishment is it? Little girl~ Come on~ Tell me~” (Lin Liang)

“That’s a secret~”

“Let’s start with rock paper scissors. 3, 2, 1. Kerlo’s Lovely Punch! Hehe! You lost!”

“......what punch was that?!”

“You have to admit you lost, okay, uncle! A lost is a lost! Or else, Lil’Jia would be unhappy!” she said in a seducing tone.

“Alright, alright, I lost.”

“Take off your pants! I wanna punch your ass with my lovely punch!”

Terrifying thoughts flashed through their minds and made their blood run cold. All the girls may seem innocent but they’re actually worse than devils on the inside.

“It’s too difficult for us with our current strength. Those little devils are too hard to deal with. I remember seeing them stuffing something funny into AV’s butt…” Lil’Wang turned around and sighed. 

“*Cough* *Cough* Well, yeah… *Cough* *Cough* Actually, it feels…” Seeing the others staring at him with a weird look, AV decided to keep quiet. 

“I’m more concerned about how we are going to go back. There are so many people on the streets…” Covering his nipples and private part, SpyingBlade turned around to see Fang Ci blushing. Hey, don’t you try to think of anything stupid! 

AV thought, “By the way, should we cover our faces instead of our genitals, so people won’t know who they belong too, hmm…? Maybe not, to be safe.”

“We’ll fight again next year, Little Nilo! Wait for me!” Zhang Zhengxiong was recalling the fear of being screwed.

“*Cough* *Cough* I think we should retreat to the alley for now.” Fang Ci noticed SpyingBlade’s weird expression and realized that it was not good to stay there either. 

Everyone then used Zhang Zhengxiong’s enormous body to take cover while running at lightning’s pace to the dark alley. 

“Can you get someone to deliver some clothes?” SpyingBlade looked at Lil’Wang who stayed in this city. 

“They all went back to their hometowns.”

“Don’t tell me that the six of us are going home by hopping on rooftops on the third day of Chinese New Year like a pervert.”

Lin Liang could ask the Lin family for help but he was too embarrassed. 

“Alright, stop arguing! Why don’t we sacrifice one person to go to the bank to withdraw some money so we can buy some clothes?” AV suggested and stared at Lin Liang who was still flapping his feathered fan calmly. 

The others also looked at Lin Liang and thought the same. This is easy. It’s clear enough that you’re responsible for this, aren’t you?

“*Cough* *Cough* I usually don’t have much savings *Cough**Cough* and I’ve lost all of them just now...I’m sorry.” Lin Liang sweated. Hey, don’t you have some respect for the elder?! I was just a little too careless and didn’t think that the girls here are so incredible. Ruining our plan is easy for them as they don’t think like how an ordinary person does. They’re too problematic for us! Even if humans are the ones planning their strategies, God is the one who decides whether they work. No matter how enormous someone’s effort is, it could still be futile at the end of the day. 

“Let’s play a game then.” AV immediately pulled a handful of pubic hair from his armpit. “Whoever picks the longest one has to go! Vision ability is forbidden! Whoever that takes more than half a second to pick will also have to go! We’ll take turns clockwise! I’ll start!”

“God damn it! You might as well pull your hair from your private part! It’s disgusting a.f.!” Zhang Zhengxiong picked one reluctantly. 

The rest of them followed and they compared. Lin Liang sweated in cold the moment he saw all of the strands of hair they picked. “*Cough* *Cough* Regarding that…”

The five of them stared at him. You have no excuses now.

“Someone is coming!” Lin Liang suddenly shouted. 

They turned their heads to look at the entrance one by one. They see a shadow of a person being knocked against the rubbish bin not far away from them. Trudging further forward allowed them to see that he looked like a student wearing a high school uniform of the Imperial City College. A few gangsters were slowly gathering around to surround him. The leader who had purple hair touched the piercing on his mouth. “Hey, aren’t you running?! Why did you stop?! How dare you run away when you made the Skeleton Ghost Crow gang mad! Regarding the 2 million federal coins! Forget…”

Not finishing his sentence, he kicked the student really hard. “...about it.”

“Brother Xiao! Brother Xiao!”

“What’s the matter?! Can’t you guys see I’m lecturing this kiddo…” Suddenly, Brother Xiao felt someone was tapping his shoulder and frustratedly turned around to have a look. What came into his sight was an enormous naked guy whose eyes were shiny red. Just when he was about to run away from the left, a long-haired middle-aged guy came over with two feathered fans. One was flapping and the other one was covering his private part. The man’s smile sent chills down Brother Xiao’s spine. Beside him were two naked men standing guard and staring at them. Immediately, he wanted to escape through the direction they came from. Just then, on the pathway, there was a naked man that looked like a watermelon taro, holding a brush. There was also another acting like a crane. We’re surrounded! The six of them smiled wickedly as they slowly approached the Skeleton Ghost Crow gang.

“You! You! What are you guys trying to do?! Don’t you dare do anything funny! Standing in front of you is the Skeleton Ghost Crow gang!” Brother Xiao covered his ass.

“That’s right! Don’t you cause any trouble! If Brother Dragon Tiger knows about it, you guys will definitely be unable to leave Imperial City!”

“The Secret Art of the Ink Brush! The Dance of Ink!”

“The Five Beasts Attack - Holy Crane!” AV shouted.

“You guys go ahead and fight, I’ll guard the pathway.” SpyingBlade shrugged his shoulders. I don’t have to go. They are more than capable of fighting these people.

Even though some managed to escape, SpyingBlade did not bother chasing because Lin Liang had already intelligently set up a barrier with a swing of his feathered fan. These kiddos don’t have the ability to break through that barrier. Staring at it at the entrance of the alley, a few of the rascals were shouting and banging on the barrier for help but they came to no avail. Zhang Zhengxiong went over and knocked them out casually. Hey, it’s a girl! Damn! Why does she look so scary! He then grabbed the other two and dragged them back.

As all the gangsters were knocked out, the six of them walked towards the injured teenager who was staring at them, not knowing what to say. Six naked men. There’s one that is tall and muscular, one that looks like watermelon taro, one that is graceful, one that is almost the same age as me and some other ordinary but naked men. 

“Are you alright, young man?” Lin Liang immediately helped him get up and healed him with some energy. You came just in time! You saved us, young man! I’ve unblocked all your veins and nerves.

“I’m...I’m alright…” the teenager felt that his wounds were all recovered and he discovered that there was some extra strength in him. Staring at the rowdy men lying on the ground, he expressed his gratitude to the party of six. Fang Ci walked towards him. “Whenever you encounter any trouble, don’t run towards the alley, run to somewhere where there are a lot of people.”

The six of them then started choosing and removing the clothes from the gangsters. Lin Liang sighed. What kind of fashion sense is this? He wore a T-shirt with a skeleton design, a large bright red jacket, a denim sweatpants, and matched a pair of boots. Meanwhile, SpyingBlade randomly stripped the clothes off from one of the gangsters and put them on. He got a jacket and a pair of jeans. The others also get some clothes on. Fang Ci then stared at the female gangster in front of him. Super short pants, crop top and a singlet. Realizing that the others were done, he was speechless. “You guys did it on purpose, huh.” 

“You’re the one who’s slow in choosing! Quickly wear it and let’s get going!” AV replied. 

Fang Ci then took off the woman’s clothes with trembling hands. It’s not that I’m embarrassed to take off a woman’s clothes but she doesn’t look like a human at all. She is a little similar to Nana’s funky style but just a little more boring. He quickly removed her clothes, making her as naked as he is. Oh, the perfume smell is so strong. Btw, doesn’t she feel cold wearing these? Not like she’s some superhero or anything. Maybe she’s a demi-god…? Just then, Fang Ci saw a heat pad sticking at her back. Hey, this is useful! He instantly tore it off and stuck it on to himself. Ah, this feels more comfortable. As he got up, he saw everyone staring at him with a weird look. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Lil’Wang shook his head. This fella...