“Since it’s our first adventure together, let’s take a photo!” AV summoned a virtual camera and had it set up. *Flash* The six of them took a photo with their hippy clothes. 

“Let’s go! Let’s go to my house!” Lil’Wang put his arm around Lin Liang’s shoulders. Looking at the photo made him laugh at his funny costume. 

Earth Area. Li’Wang’s Accomodation. 


“Just tonight, a strange incident happened at the valley behind Little Girl’s Heaven. A high school student Xiao Ming was being bullied by a group of gangsters but was saved by six mysterious people who appeared out of a sudden. Xiao Ming, could you describe what happened back then?”

“Sure. Just when I thought I was about to get hit, six naked men descended from the sky and among them, there was one using two feathered fans! In a blink of an eye, they knocked out the gangsters. To be honest, I feel guilty because I once thought that they would rape me due to their perversive appearance. Thinking of it now makes me feel embarrassed. They resemble justice! They resemble nakedness! They have given me a new power! I wanted to be a naked hero too! To fight for justice! Argh!”

After finished explaining, Xiao Ming tore his own clothes into pieces and ran away like a monkey, leaving the speechless female reporter behind. “I guess he had gotten crazy. *Cough* *Cough* Let’s move on to the next news report. Could everyone see the crystal tower on the Sky Soul Mountain behind me? That’s right. The Imperial City’s 7th Light Energy Tower is about to be completed. Since the construction was financed by the Imperial City’s biggest patron - the Ji family, the building is named as ‘The Light of Ji Xuanyuan’. It is one of the biggest light energy tower besides the Star of Wishes. Its functions are… Hold on! Hold on! There’s another shocking news! In the Sky Area, the Brother Tiger Dragon of the Night Dancing Street was defeated by a naked teenager! The teenager helped the citizens to remove that scumbag! However, due to the fact that he exposed his private part and his actions offended the public, he was brought to the police station… Let’s go and have a look! Come on!” 

Upon arriving, the female reporter came to her realization that a naked teenager was standing on the roof. It was Xiao Ming. He covered himself with a white curtain with the words ‘Fight For Justice - Xiao Ming!’. For some reason, he was not even afraid of the guards standing below him. He then suddenly flew into the sky like a dragon. “Naked Hero has descended! Fight for justice!”

Staring at the heroic posture, the female reporter mumbled, “Curtain Naked Crouch Hero…”

“......” Everyone was speechless.

The six of them who were watching the news in Lil’Wang’s house were too. “......”

Seeing Xiao Ming flying in the sky like a dancing dragon with a roar appearing wherever he passed by, Lin Liang pondered. It seems like I just helped an incredible person to unblock his nerves…

On the next day, Zhang Zhengxiong, Fang Ci, and SpyingBlade returned to Lin Hai in the early morning. 

Upon stepping into the house, the news was on TV again. 

“Brother Lil’Xiong! There’s a Curtain Naked Crouch Hero in the Imperial City! He seems very strong! He punished a lot of villains in just one night. Whenever he defeated them, he would take off their clothes and put them in the nearest donation box,” Lin Le found it amusing. 

“Even the Lin Hai Newspaper reported this incident. The Holy Elephant Religion has entitled him as the Holy Elephant’s Guardian,” Ye Cang continued. 

“There’s another latest news, he has received the entitlement, officially becoming the first guardian of the Holy Elephant Religion. Nickname - The Guardian Elephant of the Imperial City.”

“......” The three of them were beyond speechless and amused at the same time.

“Good morning everyone, what are you guys looking at?” Flasher Uncle came down from his room upstairs. “Huh? What are you guys looking at?”

“Your new guardian of the Holy Elephant Religion. You even entitled him as the Guardian Elephant of the Imperial City…OMG!” Ye Cang laughed. 

“What?! When did this happen?! Why didn’t I know about it?”

“You’re the founder of the Holy Elephant Religion but you don’t know anything about it?!”

“Actually...I’m not the one who established the religion...To be honest, I don’t even know what it’s about. I’ve only heard them saying about it and I just so happen to be the founder.”

“......” Everyone was even speechless. What on earth...

“Founder! Founder! Let’s go to the Imperial City! Today is Guardian Xiao Ming’s installation ceremony! Our Holy Elephant Religion has a new strong believer! Besides, there’s a branch of our Religion in the Imperial City teaching its dogma!” Little Tong quickly dashed out from her room and dragged Flasher Uncle away.

Meanwhile, the others, including Fang Ci were stunned, standing there blindly as the sea breeze blew. 

“Is that Little Tong?” SpyingBlade stared at the two of them.

“I think...so…” Fang Ci also stared at her sister’s back, unsure whether she was actually her sister anymore. 

“As long as Little Tong is happy. *Sigh*” Fang Ci shook his head with a bitter smile. “By the way, what’s the Holy Elephant Religion’s dogma?”

“Who knows? We’ll look it up on the internet later and we’ll surely find something since the religion is so popular now,” SpyingBlade shrugged his shoulder. 

“What about Elder Lin Liang?” Ye Cang asked as he saw Lin Liang was nowhere to be found. 

“At Lil’Wang’s house. He said he has something to do so he would be staying back at home for a couple of days. I remember him saying he would come over on the ninth day.” Zhang Zhengxiong sat on the sofa. 

Without any verbal reply, Ye Cang nodded. 

“Hey, where’s Sister Rose?” 

“There seems to be some problems in the Imperial Capital. I saw her covering her butt and disappearing on the beach…” Lin Le’s words made Wu Na recall the incident yesterday. These two fellas... 

Upon walking out of the house, Zhao Xiangyu shivered when she saw Lin Le smiling at her. 

“Let’s go. Today, Master Unce Lele is going to teach you some practical battle techniques again. Pay attention and look carefully. Alright?” Lin Le dragged the diffident Zhao Xiangyu to the beach. Seeing such a scene, Ye Cang sighed. This guy sure got her frightened yesterday. Looks like he is working well with Lin Sen. 

Recalling what happened the day before, Zhao Xiangyu trembled. The hands that wanted to dig my eyes. Those blood-red eyes. And that extremely evil smile. 

“What a pair of beautiful eyes~ Let me play with it~ I can teach you something else too…”

“Damn it! Don’t you make my apprentice afraid!”

“Aww... it’s nothing. My healing skills aren’t that bad too. Once I dig it out, I can just replace it back for her. Not a big deal.”


“Of course.”

“......” Staring at the master uncle who was talking to himself, Zhao Xiangyu was trembling. She felt as if the sky turned dark. 

“You liar! Go away! You idiot! Alright, Lil’Yuyu, let’s continue!”

Suddenly, the sky returned to its usual blue. Only then, Zhao Xiangyu was relieved even though she was still afraid of Lin Le. 

As Zhao Xiangyu came back to her senses, she saw that Lin Le had gotten into his posture. Seeing her hands trembling, Ye Cang said, “Are you afraid? Use this fear. Every emotion has its own strength. You must obtain the resisting power when going against your fear. Or else, you’ll get lost in the midst of fear and you’ll be unable to move forward. There are a lot of things waiting for you in the future…”

Zhao Xiangyu calmed herself down and took a deep breath. With a compulsive shout, she attacked but was expectedly defeated by Lin Le in the end. Well, at the very least, she has the courage to counterattack even though it made no difference.