Just when Ye Cang was about to go to bed to have a rest or to wander around in the virtual world, Wu Na asked him with an exciting look. “Have you got this year’s plan done?”

“Have you got an example of a plan?”

“Get married or something?”


Without a word, Ye Cang stared at the ceiling. Oh yeah, marriage! Regardless of Qin Zhen or Nana, they are now my future. They are the people that I’ve tried so hard to love even though I’m not sure whether my feelings are the definition of true love. This feeling is strange. Ever since Xinxue died, all I’ve been feeling was pain and responsibility. On the Three Lives Stone, there’s no me. So, it doesn’t matter to me now. As long as we met each other and had some memories together, that’s enough. Sometimes, letting go is a better option so I won’t leave those who love me worried. Upon thinking about it, Ye Cang smiled. “How about this year’s Christmas Eve?”

“Really?!” Wu Na got close to Ye Cang. 

“Yes. But you and that b*tch would still be responsible for it.”

“What about the marriage proposal?”

“Didn’t I already talk about it that day?! You still want me as an emperor for a second round?! I’ve already lowered myself and forgave you and that b*tch by agreeing to marry the two of you together, forgetting about my revenge Is that not enough?! Don’t you go overboard! Hey!”

“......” Wu Na stared at the mad Ye Cang, speechless. “Alright, alright, alright. I know you’ve suffered alright, Acting Emperor?!”

“Hmph!” Ye Cang turned around and faced Wu Na with his back. Moments later, Wu Na gave him tight hug from behind. 

A few days later, everything seemed perfectly fine except for the fact that the Holy Elephant Religion was getting more famous, Little Tong was being worshipped as the Saintess and Fang Ci being sad over it. After knowing that Ye Cang had decided on the date of their marriage. Why am I not the one who gets to decide?! Even though she complained much, she still gets everything done. When Father Qin and Mother Qin knew about it, they hugged each other and cried. 

“Zhen’er is finally getting married! *Cries* *Cries* Oh God! You finally managed to treat her successfully” Father Qin said. 

“All thanks to the holy medicine I got from the Lin family!” Mother Qin exclaimed. “Even though the action is a little owing to Xinxue, at least I’m closer to getting a grandchild! Ever since I saw our white-haired son-in-law, I knew our Zhen’er could be married to this handsome young man!”

“......” ThornyRose stared at Ye Cang. A handsome young man?! Do you how I met this fella?! With a sigh, she looked at FrozenBlood’s message. “Husband has decided on the marriage date?”

“F*ck off!” ThornyRose shouted at the phone. 

The ninth day of CNY. Lin Liang came over. 


Lin Liang’s hippie clothing style and ear piercings left Ye Cang speechless. “......”

Wu Na was shocked too, “Hey, you’ve got a good fashion sense! The matchup is kinda freestyled! It makes you look like a street poet.”

“Thanks for the compliment. Thank you. It’s just a change of style. Are you ready?” Lin Liang flapped his feathered fan although it seemed weird and did not match with his new fashion sense. 

“Yeap.” Ye Cang asked Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le to his room. 

“Entering the virtual realm. Coordinates: DiFeng City, XXX. Come on.” Lin Liang then went into the virtual realm. Ye Cang then led the two of them who were confused to enter as well and caught up to Lin Liang. 

“Have you told them?” Lin Liang stared at Ye Cang. 

Ye Cang shook his head. 

“Oh, so it’s very simple. Just treat it as a game that would grant you rewards in reality! Your opponents may be anyone from any era. When I open the door with a key, you would see a sea of hero spirits. Each vortex represents a hero spirit. Touching any one of it would grant you its blessing and protection. However, the destination and location would be random too. So, try to assemble as fast as possible! We must reach the destination to obtain the Holy Cup’s water before it appears! As for how to get to the Holy Cup destination, well, you would only know when you enter one of the vortexes,” Lin Liang explained. 

“What about you, Old Brother Liang?” Zhang Zhengxiong asked.

“I’ll go in too but my target isn’t the Holy Cup. It doesn’t have any conflict with y’all.” 

“I see,” Lin Le nodded with his arms crossed. 

“Why don’t you guys ask what happens when you guys lose?” Lin Liang reminded them. 

“What would happen?” Zhang Zhengxiong asked. 

“You won’t be able to enter into any virtual world,” Lin Liang’s words made Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le feel that what he mentioned sounded more like a reward rather than a punishment as they recalled Ye Cang’s dishes. 

“Well, we’ll think about that after we go in,” Ye Cang nodded.

Lin Liang then took out a golden key from his pocket and pushed it into thin air. Moments later, a golden vortex door opened. “Get in. I’ll assist you guys when it’s necessary. I only need one thing. I hope that you guys can give it to me when the time comes.” 

“What’s that?” Ye Cang frowned. 

“Items left behind by Yueying. Well, we’ll talk about it when you get it,” Lin Liang signaled them to go in. 

Upon passing through the golden door, they arrived at a place that looked like the galaxy. Blue vortex doors were everywhere. 

“Brother, which to choose? There’re too many of them,” Zhang Zhengxiong seemed to have a hard time choosing.

“Let’s make a random choice. Once we’ve entered, think of a way to gather! You can try to leave any hidden message. Then, listen to my orders,” Ye Cang reminded them.

“Alright, I got it, Brother Lil’White.” Immediately, Lin Le closed his eyes and swam around. He decided to go to whichever door he collides with. Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong swam around and chose randomly. On the other hand, Ye Cang saw a vortex door which was peach in color, different from the others. It was as if he heard someone calling him. “Hey, young man. Over here. Come on in…”

The familiar voice rang a bell and Ye Cang flew towards it with curiosity. 

“Young man, it’s me. It seems that we are destined.”

“Who are you?”

“Liu Xuande!”


“Hold on! I’m one of the top hero spirits!”

“Zhuge Liang said that you’re good at nothing but escaping.”

“Bullsh*t! That strategist is wicked! How could you believe his words?! I’m good at martial arts and planning! I’m one of the top hero spirits that can conduct tactics well! My chances of winning Lu Bu in a one-on-one combat is 50:50! You have to believe me!”

Subconsciously, Ye Cang touched the vortex door. 

“Congratulations! You’ve obtained Liu Bei - Liu Xuande as your guardian of hero spirit!”

“......” Ye Cang came back to his senses only then. You damned liar!

Liu Bei - Xuande
Hero spirit status: Han Emperor
Hero spirit level: X-
Strength: X-
Dexterity: X-
Wisdom: X-
Will: EX
Luck: GX
Hero spirit item: Real - Twin Blade of Dragon and Pheonix (consists of Heavenly Dragon Sword and Hell Pheonix Sword)
Hero spirit special characteristic: Taunting (X rank), Fooling (X rank), Escape (GX rank), Flirting (EX rank)
Hero spirit skill: The Three Kingdoms - Shu, Roar of the Dragon and Phoenix, Descend of Real Dragon, Acting
Hero spirit sealed skill (required conditions to be met): The Oath of the Blossom Garden, Dumping Ah Dou and Earning Shangxiang’s Heart.