Ye Cang felt something was funny and heard a sudden wave of laughter all of a sudden. He stared at the two people in front of him.

“Big Brother! Drink again! Again!”

“Third Brother, Big Brother shouldn’t drink that much! It’s so rare that we get to gather around to enjoy one another’s company. Big Brother, about Jingzhou… I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too. Sorry that I couldn’t help Big Brother to rebuild the nation and get tricked by people with bad intentions. *sigh*”

“Oh, come on! Why bother apologizing? I didn’t manage to help you guys get your revenge! Actually, screw the dream of rebuilding the nation. I’ve actually understood everything when I reached White Emperor City. Screw that Oath in the Blossom Garden, that Yellow Turban Rebellion, those heroes from different nations and the Three Kingdoms. Yunchang, Yide, the three of us have gone through a lot of hardship together. Even though we didn’t get to achieve our goals, at least we didn’t waste our lives for living in this world! Let’s have a toast!”

“Big Brother!”

“All of us may not be born on the same day, in the same month and in the same year.”

“But we are willing to die on the same day, in the same month and in the same year!”


Blossoms filled the sky and the three of them held their weapons high with a smile written on their faces. Their weapons collided, once again, as the scorching sun shone brightly in the middle of the sky. 

Suddenly, Ye Cang recalled the saying, “You would rather be like the Three Brothers than Shan Xiongxin.”

As he came back to his senses, Ye Cang got out of the virtual realm and reached an unknown place. Standing under the street light in the middle of the night, he looked left and right and at last turned his gaze towards the clock on the clock tower. 12 a.m. Doesn’t this era seem a little too old? The time isn’t told through a hologram but through geared mechanisms. There are no signboards or holographic notice around. He turned around to stare at the advertisement stuck on the pillar of the lamppost. 

“Ancient Chinese medicine for those who can’t give birth or with any kind of STD… Tel: xxxxxxx” 

“......” Ye Cang was speechless as he took a look at his profile. 

Race: Artificial Human
Gender: Male
Class: Envoy. (other classes aren’t unlocked)
Specialty: Virtual Body (has an extremely recovery ability)
Special Out-of-Nation characteristic: A passionate lucky draw lover - Whenever he gets a reward, a lottery machine will appear and allow him to make lucky draw between 1-3 times. 
Strength: SS
Dexterity: SS
Constitution: SSS
Wisdom: C
Will: X
Luck: Could not detect any presence of luck from this person. It makes the system go wrong, retracting the description of luck. 
No skills. 

Ye Cang was stunned. Damn! My luck is so scary that even the system couldn’t detect it. Haha! I sure have the divine hand!

Hero Spirit Guardian: Liu Bei - Xuande, ???
Due to the level of your Will, 
Number of hero spirits able to obtain: 2 (does not include hero spirit guardian)
Random item along with birth: Half a bottle of mineral water

Ye Cang then took out a bottle of mineral water that was half-filled. He examined it carefully. Does it have any special effects or something? His curiosity prompted him to drink it. A few moments later, he destroyed the lamp post. “God damn it! This is just a f*cking ordinary mineral water! And it’s a fake one! I could even taste detergent in it!” I wonder what kind of power would the real one give.

He took a deep breath and stuffed the bottle into his backpack. After casually twisting the lamp post into an arrow-sign and placing it at the side of the main road, he walked towards a street that was lit up in the far end. 

Meanwhile, Lin Le was sitting in a sandpit in a random playground. Staring at the shover and mould, he stunned for a second and then started building a sandcastle. At the same time, sitting beside Lin Le, there was a copy of him with white hair and red eyes. The man got himself a packet of cigarettes out of nowhere and started smoking while sitting on the swing. “Ah! Feels so good to be me. I’ll go and look around to see if there are any envoys nearby, maybe I can have some fun by killing them…”

Moments after Lin Sen left, a virtual door appeared beside Lin Le. A blonde girl with high heels and blood veins surrounding her eyes and all over her face walked out. She tried very hard to speak. “Don’!”

Suddenly, a pair of pale white hands hugged Lin Le. Her fingernails were as sharp as a razor. 

“Who are you?!”


“Congratulations! You’ve received absolute loyalty from the Death Witch - Little Beauty.”

“......” Three questions popped out and triggered Lin Le’s mind. Who is Little Beauty? Where am I? What am I doing? Feeling that this insane girl had no bad intention, he continued building his sandcastle.

Though he was not with Lin Le, Lin Sen felt the emotions from Little Beauty. She must be one of Lin Lin’s side chick. With a shrug of his shoulders, he decided to enjoy his massacre. 

The scene then moved to Zhang Zhengxiong. Staring at the endless sea, he turned around to look at the city. “Heavenly King of Wudao - Ran Min. I remember he was really good at killing people. Not sure whether it’s true or not. *sigh* Imma go find brother and Lele first.”

“Emperor Liu, Ran Min, Lin Sen.” Standing on top of a building, Lin Liang mumbled to himself as he flapped his feathered fan, “Can’t believe Gongjin and Shan’er are here too…”

As Ye Cang walked on the street, he realized that did not have a single cent with him. The vast number of passers-by gave him the idea of folding a paper box by using a piece of newspaper from a random dustbin and dancing at an empty space. 

His dance moves gathered a lot of people and everyone was enjoying it. They dared not make a sound to disturb the dancer and interrupt the performance. After finishing, he contentedly shoved all the money into his backpack. 

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully obtained dancing skills! (rank - SSS) You have a new class - a dancer. Activating the effect of A Passionate Lucky Draw Lover, summoning the lottery machine. You’ve received three coins! Please make the lucky draw!”

Excitedly, he placed the coins into the machine but got nothing from his three chances unfortunately. He had started to doubt whether the machine was a fake one. Not giving up his luck, he went to the market to buy some groceries and started cooking, obtaining the class - chef. Similarly, another three chances were given to him but they were to no avail again. Ye Cang was furious at this point as he went around to search for rewards but up until his tenth time, the lottery machine gave him nothing. Staring at the two remaining coins in his hand, he ground his teeth. I would definitely get a divine artifact!

“Congratulations! Due to the fact that you didn’t get anything for ten times consecutively, you’ve obtained the Bad Luck Lottery Machine. Do you want to activate it?”

Bad Luck Lottery Machine? What’s that? After much hesitation, Ye Cang decided to give it a try. Well, let’s try it even though I think it might be a waste. For a person who is so lucky like me, this machine should be unsuitable. Since the system is wrong, there is no harm trying anyway. He then placed a coin. 

The lucky lottery machine’s sound effect went ‘Cha-ching-ching-ching’ but the bad luck lottery machine’s sound effect was a burst of evil skeleton laughter ‘Ka-ka-ka’ instead.

“Congratulations! You’ve received a hero spirit focus ring.”

Hero Spirit Focus Ring
Category: Hero spirit treasure
Rank: X
Effects: Once equipped, the user’s and hero spirit’s attributes would be increased. Spiritual energy would be recovered quickly in order to replenish the hero spirit. Once activated, effects are doubled. 

Staring at the sea blue ring in his hand, Ye Cang equipped it. Immediately, his Wisdom increased to B and the other attributes had a ‘+’ sign behind the letters. Not bad. Let’s try again. 


“Congratulations! You’ve received Chef Ting’s Lost Blade.”

Chef Ting’s Lost Blade
Category: Hero spirit treasure
Rank: EX (could be leveled up)
Effects: Such a blade is extremely sharp. It could penetrate through any barrier defense. The higher the rank of a chef, the greater the blade and the more the skills for unlocking the treasure.

Ye Cang hung the blade at his waist. Come again. Come again.“Damn! I’ve no more coins!”

Ye Cang who received the rare equipment was wandering around, looking for all possible options that could allow him to make a lucky draw again like a drug addict looking high and low for the slightest speck of marijuana.