Sadly, Ye Cang sat on the bench on the hill. Why couldn’t I trigger the effect?! I want the rewards! “Old Liu! Old Liu!”

Liu Bei walked out of the virtual door.

“Is there any way for me to get rewards quickly? Fast!” Ye Cang asked him directly. 

“Of course! You can kill other hero spirits for that.” Liu Bei sat beside Ye Cang and pulled out a cigarette. 

“Oh yeah! I almost forgot about it. Where did you get that cigarette from?” Ye Cang was curious. 

“I grabbed it when you were in the market.” Liu Bei handed the box over to Ye Cang. “Do you want one?”

“I made a promise to someone that I won’t smoke,” Ye Cang shook his head and Liu Bei kept away the packet of cigarettes. 

The two of them were staring at the street below them. 

“It looks like there’s a fight over there. Let’s go.” Ye Cang stared at the smoke rising from the factory at the bottom right. 

Liu Bei heaved a cloud of smoke out from his mouth. “No rush. Let me finish this cigarette first. *sigh* It would be good if I can take this back.”

“......” Ye Cang suddenly felt that Liu Bei came over just because he wanted to smoke.

Ye Cang’s pupils contracted as he observed. “I saw a guy who looked like you in the building. He looks a little weird and he’s also looking at the fight.”

“Is he holding a bowl with a lid?” Liu Bei extinguished the cigarette. 

“I think so…” Ye Cang nodded. 

Quietly, Liu Bei took out another cigarette and lit it. He took a deep breath and sighed. As the cloud of smoke surrounded his face, he said in an emotional tone, “Why did Zilong save him that day?!”

“Your son?”

Liu Bei nodded and shook his head.

“I suspected that Old Cao had done something bad to me since he isn’t a good person like me. He is always evil and has weird thoughts about other people’s wives, including mine,” Liu Bei shook his cigarette. 

“So, is he your son or not?” Ye Cang asked.

“There is a possibility that it might be his.” 

“But he looks a lot more like you.” 

“He looks a little like Old Cao from the side view. Besides, I’m so strong. How would I have such a retarded son?”


“But, it doesn’t seem to be like that though. In many of those Three Kingdoms games, your stats are lower than Cao Cao…”

“Oh, come on. They are just taunting at me. Do know that I’m the man who went head-on with Lu Bu while the Old Cao was beaten up really bad by Lu Bu,” Liu Bei once again heaved a cloud of smoke. 

“......” Ye Cang was speechless. Hey, you and the other two grouped together to fight Lu Bu. Besides, you got defeated by him a few times. However, he knew that it was futile to try to reason with the man in front of him because he was good at fooling others. He then snatched Liu Bei’s cigarette, threw it on the floor, and gave it a hard step “Let’s go already.”

“Young man, how could you… didn’t you see the dustbin is just beside you? *sigh* Oh, never mind. Remember to be more civilized next time. Damn it,” Liu Bei picked up the cigarette bud and threw it into the dustbin. Staring at Liu Bei’s back, Ye Cang felt like killing him for some reason. 

Swiftly, the two of them rushed over to the factory by hopping through rooftops. 

With a frown, Liu Shan shouted, “Incoming! Sister Lil’La! Hide behind me! Quick! Brother will protect you!”

“Who’s there?!” Liu Shan’s body shivered and a blonde little girl around the age of 10 quickly hid behind Liu Shan.

“Your father!”

“......” Liu Shan’s face crumbled when hearing the voice and looking at who appeared before him. “Before confirming you’re not a monster pretending to be human, I can’t say that you’re my…”

Not waiting for him to finish his sentence, Liu Bei reached out his hand and clenched. Suddenly, Liu Shan flew towards Liu Bei. “You filthy son! I’ll smash you to death!”

Moments later, Ye Cang saw Liu Bei smashing Liu Shan up and down and the blonde little girl was sweating in cold. “Didn’t you say you’re very strong? You said that you’re able to survive until the end of the Holy Cup…”

“Yea! You have to believe me! Lil’La!” Despite having bruises all over his face, Liu Shan did not forget to answer. 

Staring at the frightened little girl, Ye Cang said, “I’m sorry.”

He immediately swung his hand at the girl and yet he felt he hit nothing.

Ye Cang was stunned and stared at the little girl who was not affected. He once again hit her throat with another swing. Similarly, he hit nothing. Eh?!

“It’s useless! This fella has Life of Ease. Unless he is knocked down, you wouldn’t be able to touch his envoy! I could only hit him but I couldn’t kill him.” Panting for air, Liu Bei let go of Liu Shan, “You little bastard, don’t you run away. Let me rest for a second and I’ll hit you again.”

“Father, am I really your son?!”

“Of course! Come over and let your father hit you for another round!”

“Having fun in a new environment! Lil’La! Let’s go!” Liu Shan pressed the ground with his left hand and a gold shockwave sent the two of them flying. 

Liu Shan immediately grabbed Lil’La and escaped with a jump. 

“Stop chasing! You can’t even move your leg.” Liu Bei sat down and took out another cigarette. 

Ye Cang tried to move his leg but he couldn’t. “How long more?”

“About the time to finish a cigarette.” Liu Bei shook his cigarette to get rid of the ashes. “Even if you manage to chase him, he still has a lot of ways to escape.”

“......” Ye Cang was speechless. “He is indeed your son…”

“Young man, remember that if you want to achieve something big, you must first know how and when to escaping. As long as you live, there will always be a chance to make a comeback.” Liu Bei shrugged his shoulders casually. 

Ye Can then nodded. Indeed.

“That bastard… *cough* *cough* is lucky to get a cute little girl… I wonder if her mother is  as cute as her?”


“We can move now.” Liu Bei pulled out his sword and a dragon roar was heard. 

The two of them rushed to the factory where the fight happened. 

Upon their arrival, Ye Cang saw a shadow flickering through the slashes of blades. There was a rude man carrying tachi swords which were not at equal length. Island nation hero spirit? On the other side, there was a man who looked Chinese and was extremely good looking. As he swung his sleeves, the hero spirit slashed another enemy and went after another. 

“Each of us takes one. I’ll go kill that handsome guy and you’ll get another one! No problem, right?!” Knowing that he could get rewards after killing them, Ye Cang eagerly laid his hands on the cooking knife and went forward.

“Hey, are you sure?!” Liu Bei was shocked when he knew Ye Cang was planning on having a battle with just a small weapon. Hey, if you die, it’s the end. But if I die, you might be able to find another chance. “Can’ just… sit back and watch…”

Not waiting for him to finish his sentence, Ye Cang dashed towards the enemies at lightning’s pace. Staring at his back, Liu Bei felt as if Ye Cang had some supernatural powers. Reluctantly, he pulled out his twin blades and shouted, “Hey, white young man! Don’t go so fast! Wait up!”

“Aren’t you good at running too?!”

“*Cough* *Cough* It’s just an old habit of mine. Usually, I’m always the last one dashing towards the enemy but the first one to escape…”

“.....” Ye Cang was speechless. What a coward.