The handsome man was Skilful Star - Yan Qing. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Ye Cang dashing towards him. He’s not a hero spirit?! He is an envoy! This is interesting! “Hey, Miyamoto, here’s your new opponent!”

The man called Miyamoto was Miyamoto Musashi. He did not go over to protect Yan Qing but instead, he turned to face the swordsman who was rushing towards him with twin blades. He looks heroic and his arms are quite long! He must be a master in swordsmanship! Besides, he is even using two blades! As a samurai, he was excited to face an opponent who was a swordsman that used two blades. He dropped low, like a leopard preparing to welcome its prey. 

Liu Bei did not let his guard down too. The swordsman that looks like a beggar sure has the aura of a grandmaster. He doesn’t look like he has any fancy moves but I’m sure that once I stepped into his attacking range, there would be thousands of slashes waiting for me. He gradually closed his eyes and reopened them. His eyes then shined like a golden dragon eyes. 

Miyamoto smirked. Oh?! Attacking me head-on?! A dark red slash was sent towards Liu Bei. 

On the other hand, Ye Cang pulled his cooking knife and slashed at Yan Qing’s throat.

He was a little disappointed. This guy’s attack is too obvious. With a smooth motion, he turned to dodge. However, Ye Cang’s knee was on its way. There was no way for him to dodge that this time.


Even though Yan Qing activated mixed-elemental shield to block Ye Cang’s hidden attack, he was still knocked away and his face was still damaged. 

“Your martial art skills are not bad.” Ye Cang brushed away the blood on his knee with a smile. 

Ye Cang did not wait for him to recover and continued to attack, getting close with his cooking knife. Yan Qing was shocked. My mixed-elemental shield did not knock him away but it was cut off by his cooking knife! What kind of blade is that?! He took a step back and shot tens of sleeves arrows at him. 

Facing the rain of arrows, Ye Cang did not back off but dashed into it directly instead. Like a pond loach, he dodged all the arrows and pointed his blade at Yan Qing’s throat, not giving him a chance to take a breath.

With such a clean and sharp attack coming at him, Yan Qing could only grab Ye Cang’s wrist and pulled him over. Penetrating Mixed-elemental Punch! Instantly, a hole was formed at Ye Cang’s chest as a result of the punch. He was then stunned. It’s over. 

However, the feeling of unease was gradually burning bigger in him. He looked up to see Ye Cang’s lifeless eyes and chills went down his spine. Quickly, he pushed Ye Cang away and jumped backwards. 

Ye Cang got up from a pile of bricks slowly as the wound on his chest was healing fast. He stared at Yan Qing. “Indeed, a hero spirit.”

Yan Qing gradually lowered his head to see his wound on his chest. His rib cages were visible. His blade was fast. Did I get this when I sent him flying? His knife could penetrate through my shield without me knowing about it. He then squinted his eyes as his wound was healing with spiritual energy. “Come again!”

On the other side, slashes of blades were everywhere to be seen. 

“Roar of Dragon and Phoenix!”

Niten Ichi-ryū!”

Dragon on the left and phoenix on the right. Both of them roared as the thunder struck. 

As the sky shone, Ye Cang dashed at Yan Qing too. 

“Chef Ting Dismantling A Cow!”

“Mixed-elemental Power Shot - Skilful Star Shot!”

When the shine was over, Ye Cang had only half of his body left whereas Yan Qing did not suffer much. Meanwhile, Liu Bei kept his twin blades into the scabbard and took out a cigarette. Staring at the moon, he heaved a cloud of smoke. “You’re way weaker than Lu Bu.”

Upon finishing, Yan Qing’s body shattered into pieces as all his flesh fell on the ground, leaving only his skeleton left and Miyamoto Musashi’s head slowly dropped. “You sure have good skills…”

On Liu Bei’s chest and right leg, he had two deep wounds.

Ye Cang turned around to see his left hand hanging on the wall. He slowly went to take his hand and joined it back, allowing the cells to regroup. “So risky.”

“Although the difference was small, the outcome could be totally different. This is strength. Although this fella’s strength is strong, it’s sad that he met me. Even Lu Bu could barely have a draw with me.” Liu Bei started to heal himself with spiritual energy. “Not chasing after the envoys? Even though I have some injuries…”

“No need for that…” Ye Cang cut him out, shook his head and dug into his pocket to get the six coins. He could not wait to make the lucky draw. 

“Congratulations! You’ve received Wild - Revolver.”

“Congratulations! You’ve received Really New Village Summer Camp original shorts.”

“Congratulations! You’ve received a piece of hero spirit item.”

“Due to the fact that you’ve reached the limit of the Bad Luck Lottery Machine, the machine will auto-destruct and will be gone."


The Bad Luck Lottery Machine then disappeared and it became a normal lottery machine again. “Cha-ching-ching-ching.”

“Congratulations! You’ve got nothing.”

“Congratulations! You’ve got nothing.”

“Congratulations! You’ve got nothing.”

Wild - Revolver 
Category: Imagination hero spirit treasure
Rank: EX
This item can penetrate through any magic defense barrier.
The Time Has Come: Lock on six people’s head in the user’s vision. Once finished, all six will be shot dead. It requires a lot of spiritual energy to lock on. 

Really New Village Summer Camp original shorts
Category: Imaginary hero spirit treasure
Rank: SSS
Dexterity is leveled up. 
When the user is being restrained, it will reduce the effect of restraining for a fixed period of time 
Huang Yueying’s Handkerchief: 
A hero spirit’s item. This item can only be used when summoning hero spirit. 


Ye Cang examined the silver revolver. The quality is excellent and it looks nice too. He then made himself a shoulder pistol holster and put on the short pants. 

Killing Yan Qing gave Ye Cang a chance to spin the wheel for rewards. 

He then spun it. 

“Congratulations! You’ve got a letter!”

Ye Cang was speechless as he stared at the spinning wheel. Out of so many items such as Donghuang Clock[1] and Pangu’s Axe, all you gave me is a letter?!

A letter: It is just a normal letter. 

Suddenly, Liu Bei said something. 

“Oh! It’s Mengde’s (Cao Cao’s courtesy name) New Book. I’m gonna keep it. It might be useful someday. Well, what have you got there young man?”

“About that...” Ye Cang hesitated for a second and pulled out his revolver. “A heavenly gun!”

“Not bad, young man.”

“Of course! My luck is no joke.”

Seeing Liu Bei sitting on the bricks and flipping through the book, Ye Cang quietly took out the letter and opened it

The letter disappeared into nothingness and a voice was heard instead.

“I’ll not give up on hope until the very last moment. I will return home one day!”

Isn’t that my voice?! What does this mean?! Ye Cang felt the determination and concern in the voice. What’s wrong with this letter?! He was confused. ‘I’ll not give up on hope until the very last moment. I will return home one day!’ When the hell did I say this?! What’s happening?!

Staring at Ye Cang’s expression, Liu Bei sighed and flickered his cigarette. “*Sigh* More often than not, I usually don’t agree with having some fun after a battle but… *sigh* Let’s go. Find a good place to hang out. The trouble of being young...I understand…”

“.....” Ye Cang stared at Liu Bei who continued smoking. I bet this fella only has cigarettes and women in his mind.


  1. ^ it is one of the ancient divine artifacts. it has the ability to create the world.