Under a steel tower. 

There was a muscular brown-haired man holding a giant blade. With many injuries, he stared at another man who had blood-red hair and eyes and radiated with bloody aura. 

“Slay of Nernaean Hydra!” The muscular man was actually Hercules. Immediately, he shot nine arrows at his opponent. With a halberd and a spear in each hand, the opponent did not bat an eyelid at the nine poisonous arrows that were sticking at his chest. The most he did was just shivering. He took a step forward, staring back at Hercules with a pair of eyes filled with hatred. Moments later, he threw a blood-red scroll into the sky, “I, Ran Min, will not fall before killing all of you bastards! Not even God can stop me! I would kill Him even if He comes! Ahh!”

“The Hu has been messing in Zhongyuan for decades. Today, I’m here to kill them all. I hope everyone will join me. The Hu has been bullying the Han for decades. They killed our citizens and snatched our shrine and temple. Today, I’m here to get revenge. The dignity of our race will be returned! Those who bully and kill the Han shall die! We will kill all the entire Hu race and rebuild the Han nation! Eliminating the Hu is the responsibility of the Hans! I, Ran Min will not be limited by God!”

Thousands of complaints were heard from the scroll. ‘The Han is treated as food.’, ‘Women and children died without a grave.’ This scroll, assembling everyone to eliminate an entire race was filled with blood and hatred. 

“With heaven above us, I, Ran Min volunteer to initiate the elimination of Hu! I swear to God that I will kill every single Hu in this world until they are all eliminated!”

Suddenly, the cries of teenage girls, babies, and men were heard from Ran Min’s body. The screams of the citizens were repeating and never-ending.

Knowing that Ran Min’s endless hatred was getting stronger every minute and every second, Hercules frowned. The poison did him no harm! He then dragged his giant blade and slashed at Ran Min. 

With a smooth motion, Ran Min blocked the attack with his spear and halberd. The sound of bones cracking was heard and the ground below him scattered. “Kill!”

Using the momentum of the attack, he swung his spear and halberd as if a blood lotus was blooming. To say that the battle was intense was an understatement.

A car stopped on the bridge and there was a green-haired man inside who frowned. “What kind of creature is that? Just by himself, he was able to kill Hercules 7 times! Lancelot, kill him.”

With a smile, a handsome guy with gold long hair pulled out his glorious sword and disappeared from the car. 

Ran Min was getting stronger and Hercules was getting weaker hearing the screams of the vengeful spirits. In a flash, he saw Lancelot. Even though he was not resigned, he stopped Ran Min from moving, enduring the pain of a spear and halbert stabbing at his heart. A slash flashed. 

Ran Min’s head flew out. 

At the side, Zhang Zhengxiong pondered. Shit! Does this mean I’m disqualified?! His mind turned black for a second. Humans are eating humans. There was a mother witnessing his own child being killed and cooked. There was also another child witnessing his own mother being killed right in front of his eyes. ‘The Hans are useless. All the Hans are domestic animals! It’s an honor to be eaten! Why did you choose to be of a low-class race?!’ No, it shouldn’t be like that! A teenager witnessed his friends turning into pots of food and in order to survive, he was forced to eat their flesh with a smile on his face. A bloody tear flowed into his heart. Is there a need for humanity?! Is there a need for kindness?! No, we don’t need all of that! Why are they eating our race? Why?! It’s because we’re not strong enough! We’re not cruel enough! There were too many who hold pens instead of blades! It’s not enough! Not enough! Not enough!!! Kill! Kill! Kill all the Hu! The Hu women must die! The children of Hu must die! Those who look like Hu must die too! Hahaha! Kill!

Zhang Zhengxiong came back to his senses and saw the head flying at the very next moment. 

Ran Min’s eyes gradually closed as he mumbled, “When would the chaos end…”

“A low-class servant dares to entitle himself as the king?!”

“Those cruel people could mess Zhongyuan up but why can’t I, a Chinese man be the king?!”

“Why not?!”

Moments later, waves of bloody water burst out as if the entire world had turned into a bloody place. Screams were everywhere to be heard. For some reasons, Ran Min’s lower body grabbed his own skull and held it in front of his chest as if the headless body was examining his own brain. Just then, the head was crushed by his own hands and the bloody qi once again flew back to the body and a new head is regrown. 

“Cowardness...must be eliminated because the blade would always slay at cowards…” Ran Min swung the blood away and turned around to look at Lancelot and Hercules who were both stunned. He picked up his spear and halberd and shouted at them fiercely, “The entire Hu race must die!”

“There is always a saying, ‘Heroes are born in chaos.’ However, in his chaos, it is either Hannibal or Rakshasa. They are evil and cruel. As for him, no one could tell whether he is still a hero or a Rakshasa. His inner thoughts have twisted his human aspect and he has fallen into a deep abyss, wanting to achieve what he thinks justice is. He would never be able to be human again… *sigh* Brother Zhengxiong’s hero spirit is a godly hero spirit. Even though he has extremely strong battle power, his wish of getting the Holy Cup would be scary too.” Standing on top of the clock tower, Lin Liang stared at the permanent barrier formed by the sea of blood. 

A random park. 


Lin Le got up all of a sudden and stared at the direction of the sea. “I sense a killing aura!”

He then casually took off his pants and pee at the sandcastle as if it would help the situation.

In the meantime, Lin Sen’s white hair was stained red with blood and so was his face. He was still holding a heart that was still pumping and the heart still had a connection to a ‘thing’ (person) that was being tortured badly. He turned around to stare at the sea again. “Hoho! The smell of blood...I like it…”

He then looked at the ‘thing’. “Oh, I’m sorry. Why speak Japanese? Worst still, you’re a hero spirit...Well, in short, I hate people from island nations the most!”

“Alright, alright, let’s continue with our human anatomy. So, the organ you are looking at is called the heart. The heart is made out of four chambers. The right atrium, left atrium, right ventricle, and left ventricle. Between the atrium and ventricle, there is a valve. Its function is to prevent the regurgitation of blood from the ventricle back into the atrium. Well, you’ll definitely say that you can’t see it. No worries. I’ll cut it apart for you to take a look!”

Lin Sen then took a knife and cut the heart into halves. 

“Is it clear now?! Let’s see how the heart functions. First, as the heart muscle contracts, oxygen-poor blood will flow from the superior vena cava into the right atrium and only then into the right ventricle through the tricuspid valve. Then, the right ventricle pumps the blood to the lungs through the pulmonary valve.” 

Lin Sen then grabbed the lungs to continue his lecture. “When the blood flows into the lungs, oxygen would diffuse into the haemoglobin in the red blood cells and then flow back into the left atrium through the pulmonary veins. It goes through the mitral valve to the left ventricle and the oxygen-rich blood is pumped to the rest of the body through the aorta. Can you see it?”

“Oh, I’m sorry again. I forgot that I’ve plucked your eyes out. But, I think you’ve listened well since I explained it so well. Don’t be scared. You’re an envoy, you won’t die. Let’s continue. This is the kidney. Many teenagers have kidney stones nowadays. Let me check whether you have it or not. Later then, I will explain the components of the kidney to you and also how kidney stones are formed and all the harm it brings you. Well, since we are talking about kidney, it’s impossible not to talk about the private part. But we can save that for last...Hmm… you’re lucky. You don’t have kidney stone…"